Update Log - Island Luxury Tycoon (Jan 12)

Big updates are starting to roll out for this game, and we’re excited for them. To see any past update history, feel free to scroll through our (limited) past update logs:

Past Update Logs

December 29
January 2

After a successful first week under our belts, we have exciting things in store! As always, there were unexpected bugs and glitches that are more than annoying, but we are working feverishly to fix everything and make it all run smoothly. Please be patient with us and remember this is a fresh-Beta game, and bugs are to be expected! We are definitely still trying to tackle all outstanding bugs. However, that did not stop us from rolling out a couple very specific, but exciting new updates!

  • Our third method of transportation has arrived! After building your taxiway, get ready to construct your own, smaller private runway and take off in a brand new private plane! No pilot’s license required… Oh, and it is mobile compatible :wink: To fly, just click and hold on your screen to increase throttle and fly using WASD/arrow keys.
  • After a couple of weeks of grinding for copper, your fears can be put to rest. Introducing Copper Drills! These bad boys drill for copper so that you don’t have to! Build two to get started harvesting that sweet, sweet, copper goodness.
  • To make room for your autonomous copper machines, three new Copper Silos are now available! These dramatically increase the storage available for your copper.
  • This is not a necessarily big update, but after watching Tofuu hopelessly get stranded in one of our beautiful condos, we finally decided to implement a door that functions like, well, a door! Almost all doors in every condo are now operable! Sliding doors and light adjustments coming soon!
Upcoming Updates!
  • Seaside resort condos!
  • Customizable home mansions!
  • Downtown business area, with skyscrapers!

Exciting things are on the way, be sure to play the game if you haven’t given it a play in awhile! Also, congratulations to our Top 10 Weekly Net Worth and Pets Found winners! Your custom badge and chat tag will be awarded upon joining the server :slightly_smiling_face:

As always, if you need anything at all, please message me @iamaespect. I am happy to be of service!