Update Log - Build a Private Island (Jan 27)

To see any past update history, feel free to scroll through our past update logs:

Past Update Logs

December 29
January 2
January 12

The past two weeks have been full of a lot of smaller updates and fixes, but also some big ones. We greatly appreciate your patience as we work to fix the current bugs, while still rolling out new updates. We are definitely still trying to tackle all outstanding bugs. With that being said, there were some important updates that will set the stage for big updates coming soon…

  • Some users had reported recurring data loss. This quickly became my #1 concern and, after doing lots of research, decided to migrate from DataStore2 system to loleris’ ProfileService module. So far, it looks like data leaks are no longer happening. Data should automatically transfer to this new data system, but if it does not, reach out to me and I will work on making that right.
  • The resort expansion is under full bloom. There are a full four new resorts to rent out to your guests, located in a beautiful new seaside expansion area! Smaller resort updates included customizable lighting in all rooms. This is just a fun update to play around with different aesthetics, but it does indeed look great. Also, the sliding door in the back of the condos now opens!
  • With this recent update, you will never have to worry about powering your island again. Three windmills can be added in the area between the airport and resort. These generate electricity at amazing levels. To contain this electricity, there is a new lithium storage area next to the windmills. The electric capacity these cells can hold is incredible!
  • Your island may not be as alone as you originally thought… You can now construct a bridge where the copper silos used to be. Where does this bridge lead? One can only wonder…
  • Mobile compatibility for the Cart is (finally) here! Control it using buttons that appear in the bottom-middle of your screen.
  • Things have been moved around throughout the island. This shouldn’t cause any problems. It is more of rearranging to make necessity for future plans.
  • Some more fixes that were implemented along the way.
Upcoming Updates!
  • Downtown business area, with skyscrapers!
  • Customizable home mansions!
  • More :shushing_face:

We are just getting started to unravel the potential for this game. Make sure to give it a play if you haven’t done so in awhile! I am getting incredibly excited for what we have planned for release very soon!

As always, if you need anything at all, please message me @iamaespect. I am happy to help!