(Update Post) Untitled Story Game

Untitled Story Game

Hello developers :wave:,

I recently came back to Roblox after a year break and had the sudden urge to make a Roblox game. The reason for this break was that I was burned out and it also caused me to stop every other language I done.

I’m coming back to Roblox development and recently I started working on a game that I feel like it’s been running smoothly so far. it is a solo project to test my skill to see if I still got it, I’m hoping to finish it and full release it for everyone to play. I’m using this project to be used for my portfolio so I can get gigs in the future.

I’m making my game public for now so people can watch the progress of the game until I get far enough where I don’t want to spoil the story. This game also has a little horror in it!

Cool Details
  • The radio has songs that play throughout the story if you go inside that general area.

  • On every join you are assigned a random room number that way you’re not going to the same room every time.

DevelopingForLife - YouTube
( ✦ ) Untitled Story Game - Roblox
Instead of the screen going black when you open your room door I’m planning on making it a whole animation where you put your key in and everything. (In the future)

Please give your thoughts and you can tell me anything that you disklike or should be different.
I want as much feedback as possible so don’t be afraid to comment!

  • Added rain ending after waking up with birds chirping. (5/29/24)
  • Added a small texture on walls (5/29/24)
  • Full game script structure redo (5/30/24)
  • Added Computer (5/30/24)
  • Added Save System (5/30/24)
  • Added Icon (5/30/24)
  • Added Thumbnails (5/30/24)
  • Added Not fully finished Avatar Changer
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Please keep in mind the game is not near finish, so you won’t get far into the game.

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I sat down on the chair after sleeping and… Where’s my computer? Was it unanchored??

I haven’t got that far yet in the game. I started making this game around Sunday and development is semi slow because I don’t really stay inside alot. As i said this is still in development and its not meant for a full release its just open so people can watch progress of the game development.

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Hello! I have a few generic suggestions to improve the overall quality of the game!
Consider using Some of these resources to enhance your game

To Improve Textures:

Goofy Character kinematics:

3D Sound Enhancer:

Lamplights to improve lighting quality:

Cutscene Animations:

Preloading assets:

Basic Movement System:

Character Sounds v2 to get rid of the annoying jump sound or change it:

Reflection Lighting Engine:

Random Loot Generation:

Literal Vending Machine:

Interactive Procedurally generated system:


Thanks for this! Will be sure to look into these and potentially add a couple.