Updated Verified Badge Criteria for Contributing Developers

Hi creators,

Starting today, we will update how followers are counted when assessing if a user who is contributing to a top experience (one with playtime exceeding 1M hours in the last 90 days) has met the criteria to gain the Verified Badge. Specifically, we will only include genuine followers and exclude any followers our systems have identified as bots. The threshold for the number of followers required will remain at 10,000.

As a reminder, users who have violated the Roblox Community Standards or Terms of Use may have their Verified Badge removed, and may also be blocked from receiving the Verified Badge in the future.

The Verified Badge is a visual indicator that allows users to easily identify notable and authentic creators, developers, groups, and off-platform figures. Recipients of a Verified Badge must adhere to our guidelines to ensure that Roblox remains a safe, civil, and fun platform for everyone.

These changes aim to uphold the integrity of this program and protect the reputation of all developers with this recognition.

Please visit our Help Center for more information on Verified Badge.

Thank you.


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Will Roblox be kicking out developers who already have the verified tick but do not have 10,000 genuine followers?


Finally, a long awaited change. I’ve seen so many people bot their followers to get the badge so hopefully this solves the issue, will people who botted their followers have their verified badge revoked too?


I get the point of the change, but I don’t think this is enough. In theory, verification should get easier, but nothing changes with the goal of making it easier. You still need an insane amount of followers - which as a reminder, following people basically has no purpose - and now you just don’t know how far you are with this requirement. When are requirements going to be reduced for other developers to get it? When will I start to not be alone with my flashy badge (that I can’t turn off in games, by the way) while my peers still have no clear path to getting it?


“10,000 legitimate followers” although half of the people verified are botted anyways… Its pretty much to late to do this, and there are still people that will get verified in the future by botting. An example can be looked at through this guys profile just from the 5th page: zynicade - Roblox

and the bots follow all his verified friends too.


That’s great, I’ve seen quite a few people that have the Verified Badge with nothing but botted followers.


So how do I delete all the followers that you’ve identified as a bot, if you can internally flag them, why cant I remove them automatically?

A “Remove botted followers”, even if I have to go through support for it would be beneficial here.


Hopefully this will prevent the “buy a checkmark” black market services.


I have a game with more than 1 million hours playtime and I haven’t got the verified Badges on any of my accounts nor the group. Any clarification?

Edit: I guess I need to be ID verified, which I won’t be able to do until 2032… Allow age changes with ID verification even when account is underaged


Followers serve no use for developers, why should a player “follow” another player? There’s nothing that connects anything. If anything sending a friend request should automatically “follow” the player.

All I see on the site are user ads asking people to follow them.


If my plugins and assets are selling well, then it would be nice for potential customers to see that I am verified when they see my assets for sale in the marketplace, but there is currently no criteria for developers who make plugins and assets to get a verified badge.

Are there any plans for allowing asset and tool makers to become verified, with the fast approaching Creator Store release?


Yes! Hopefully this will deter at least some people from begging for followers using Roblox advertisements. Those ones are really annoying.


Those arent botted though? Its just in your face a bit, which isnt really that bad.

But I feel like this update is kinda late. So what now, will random people get their verified badge taken away suddenly?? Kinda sucks that this wasnt done earlier.


Why are followers, a feature that is essentially useless on the website, being used to gauge notability in the first place? I’ve barely gained any followers over the past few years despite owning a group with over 300k members, which includes games with hundreds of millions of visits combined. Our Discord has tens of thousands of users. Our Twitter has tens of thousands of followers.

Requesting people to follow me and the other developers of my group’s games through those stupid advertisements I’ve seen all over the website, or through some in-game verification system, are both just gaming the system. How is having edit access (for a reasonable amount of time) under a verified group with games that meet the requirements not enough by itself? How does having followers provide any more validity?


Why is the requirement so absolutely high for the badge? I’ve been on the devforum for 3-4 years giving out inexperienced builders guides and tips/tricks to their own knowledge and I made a couple of games in the past (with my friend as the owner of the project, since there can’t be two owners).

I really am surprised that this verified badge does not apply to me as I’ve had a share of experience and I’m somewhat a trustable source. I know some of you assume I may not be because everyone is just a stranger, but that still applies to how it is now, you can’t just say that people who spread ads to get followers is just insane since they’re also just random players.

This is like a rant, but it’s something that should be considered to be honest.


I hope this is valuated carefully depending on the violation, and perhaps room for temporary block depending on how severe the violation has to be in the first place. (By temporary I’m imagining something like 2 years for this), continued good standing following a block might also help.


Advertising for followers (doesn’t on it’s own I believe), contribute to a true representation of one’s notability or authenticity in general. If all one cares about is getting a verified badge, from advertising for follower purposes, rather than being more of a contributor to an experience (which is what it should be mainly about), then they aren’t really being authentic at all.


Because these requirements are designed first for what Roblox developers are first and foremost. Actually creating content for the platform that gets Roblox metrics.

The verified badge is for people who “notable and authentic creators”, developers like us are not at that same level of risk most of the time and are not the priority of this system. There are developers above you who need the badge more than you and they should get it.

When the requirements for developers who are notable but work in the community rather than on experiences come, I wouldn’t personally expect it to be a low bar.


Yes, but then why are followers the requirement in the first place? They mean pretty much nothing. And by extension, why is the verified badge even a thing? Roblox already states that just because someone has it, doesnt mean they are specifically endorsed, so why should it even exist?