[V. 1.2.1] UI Tools - The only UI plugin you need

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Amazing plugin! But how do use it to scale a UI for all devices?

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In Roblox, to make an UI scale on all devices there is Scale and Offset value, the Scale value is for scaling, to scale UI using my plugin you need to scale position and scale size, and then add UIAspectRatioConstraint to the main frame, but I’ve made a function called fast scale, you just need to select all the UI objects you need to scale and then click on it. This is being shown here

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This is literally the best UI plugin.

I’m not much of a ui designer :laughing:


Just one question: does it need script injection permissions. I’m a bit skeptical on getting plugins that require this.

No, if it would inject scripts there would be a popup that would ask to allow or deny script injecting permissions for UI Tools plugin. You just need to allow HTTP requests if you want to get update notifications.

Alright. I will certainly get this then!


V. 1.1

  • Fixed 1 bug, where if you hide some containers, scrollbar disappears and scrollbar background is still visible.


  • Better performance - almost all button functions are being executed by finding the function from a table, without using if statements.

  • Added click animation.


Is there a way to disable errors? It’s really annoying.

Are there plugin errors? Could you please send me full output log in private messages? If these aren’t errors, just update notifications or update checking fails, you can disable these notifications in preferences. The preference is called Output Messages.

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No errors, just messages that were getting really annoying.

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This is a great plugin! I disabled all of my other UI plugins, as I no longer have any need for them anymore.

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V. 1.2

Finally! This version comes with full plugin rewriting (again) and many new features and improvements.
There are now 25 buttons, 6 new elements, 15 new gradients and 18 new colors.

The plugin now has better look, and the interface is now being created by scripts. And for me, it is so easy to add new features now.

Some screenshots



Yo this plug-in seems like it would make my life so much easier. The only problem is that I cant afford it. Is it possible you could make a a little bit cheaper? If not, no worries.

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This plugin seems amazing but what worries me is that will the UI have the watermark “made by ui tools” even when you purchased the plugin.

Because paying for something that has a watermark seems to be pointless.

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I do not require any watermarks or credits. If you want to credit me, feel free to do that :wink:

According from the picture here it has a watermark so just wondering if all designs have this image

That’s just what @zCrxtix did. It’s not required.

Seems overpriced for what is showcased in the video. All of this seems like it could be remade and put in a free plugin. I see nothing special about this plugin for it to cost R$250. Even the pretty unique gradient feature can be remade by using different gradient images at different aspect ratios.

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Oh Alright I see thanks I will definitely use it.

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