Warp - very fast & powerful networking library

I do know why you & others ping are so high,

it’s because of warp speeding up everytime a player joins so basically it runs another event of what you send to double the speed which is doubling the ping every time a player joins, and this can cause multiple things to happen like for example if u sent a text containing ‘hello world’ with 1 player in the game it wil send, but with 2 players it would duplicate like this ‘hello worldhelloworld’ or it can get messed up and print ‘hhheeellooworroldd’.

id recommend to use a networking library that doesnt rely on the players for performance.

Like which?

I was initially thinking this is the go-to networking library for low ping and bandwidth because it was better stats than the other libraries. But after experiencing the bug with 1.0.8 literally firing every single remote, it suggests that this library may not be tested, and therefore this library may not be reliable.

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I’m going to switch to a different networking library until this becomes more reliable.

I first used version 1.0.8, but it is broken. When i called event:Fire(), it fired to every single event, not just the event i wanted it to.

Then, I switched to version 1.0.7, and it had 2 warnings in Script Analysis:

The thing is that both of these issues could have been avoided if the creator actually took some time to test the module, and take a look at script analysis before publishing the update.

Reliability is more important than performance.

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this issue been patched, updated to github & roblox creator.

you can update with new patch to fixes this, and 1.0.7 that u shown is just a type issue where it fixed on 1.0.8.

if you cant found .rbxm file, click here to download directly.

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I know, but the problems are too frequent. You made a patch in 1.0.7 to introduce another bug in 1.0.8

Please test it yourself before releasing a patch. I want to be able to update my libraries without worrying about whether it will work or not.


I fully agree, this bug was a very clear message to us, users, that this is not being tested thoroughly before release, which is a huge source of distrust.

I like using this library, but I might need to keep it to the side until it gets reliable enough to be used in production efficiently, regardless of player count.

For now I will be using something else while keeping an eye on the progress here. :sweat_smile:


What are you using in the meantime…?
I downgraded to 1.0.6
How did you notice the remote duplication? I haven’t seen any of it as of yet.

It happens when there is more than 1 players in a game like 2 then it would duplicate it.

duplication remote events bug that happens before update 1.0.4, that mean it already been patched for long time ago.

Yes, but how do you all test for duplication bug?

I have tested multiple times on 1.0.8, no duplication occurring…
I really like Warp, with its simple interface and fast setup.
I cannot replicate any of the bugs mentioned above, if there were any at all they were probably squashed.

This only works in STUDIO and not in the actual game

Sorry for late response. Currently we switched back to standard remotes. There was no remote duplication, only ping increase (+1000ms).

what you mean if it only works in STUDIO?

i dont know and not sure for newer version that fixes ur issue or not because u said it happens when 100+ players active. its 100 players each server or total?

Server size is 100. Average number of players for each server is 70. I’ll give another try to your library on our upcoming game, haven’t tested new version yet

It just doesnt work IN-GAME it only works in STUDIO PLAYTESTS, ran a few tests with roblox remote events and warp seemed to be the problem so I switched back to them. Basically the FIRE only worked in studio playtests and never in-game… got no errors

its works for me on my game, i think it might be ur issue how u use it.

hey! just wanted to make sure this got to your attention so im replying here

the wally package seems to be broken for warp, ive made an issue on github detailing everything!

i dont think so, everything is fine in studio but they never work in game, no fire no data recieve nothing