Warp - very fast & powerful networking library

its fully working fine for me even its on real game or studio. try use latest version from github.

Could we get better documentation? It’s extremely barebones and honestly quite insufficient. That said, cool lib!

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What is the security against remote spies and stuff like that with this network library?

I heard of validation, how do you do that?


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How do you protect your remotes, what are the securities in Warp against the remote exploiters?

i have said this before. click the replied


there’s no way to invoke signal from different scripts? (invoke signal requires key which must be in the same script)

I’m unable to load Warp on the client for some reason. On further inspection it seems to be the Index module. Is this happening to anyone else?

Am I supposed to switch to an older version?

EDIT: I got it loading but it’s firing the event multiple times from the server, using version 1.0.6

1.0.6 is outdated though, check the changes from 1.0.6 to 1.0.9 to see if your issue got fixed in any of the updates past 1.0.6

okay I’ll try out 1.0.9 :+1:


It works now, turns out I forgot to pass a boolean as the first arg which is why I thought it was ‘reversed’ should’ve read the documentation :skull:

Im having a issue where events fired from the server sometimes are not received on the client side (yes I am using reliable events). I have checked and made sure that the event is properly fired with :fire and that the client side has the listener ready using :Connect, yet it sometimes fails to receive the signal on the client side.

Really cool networking module, but it’s quite buggy with receiving data. I think I’ll stick to remote events for know until this module is completely compatible.

Commit - v1.0.10

Hello! I would love to know more about the RateLimit and how it works behind the scenes.

If we set maxEntrances to 100 and interval of 2 secs.

Does it limit to 100 calls in a span of 2 seconds? or does it limit 100 calls and have to wait 2 secs before it can receive 100 calls again?

After using Warp for over a month, I am extremely positively surprised. It makes work much easier and faster—I would estimate around 35% faster.

So far, I haven’t encountered any problems and would highly recommend it to every developer, whether beginner or professional. It turns development (events) into child’s play and is wonderful for organized scripters. A 100% recommendation. :heart_eyes:

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I agree. It was really easy switching from default RemoteEvents to Warp.

from what i’ve seen, it does the 2nd one

when the first call is received, a counter is added by one and this counter only resets to 0 after (interval) seconds (using task.delay)

subsequent calls also add said counter by 1

when counter reaches (maxEntrances), no further calls are allowed until the counter resets to 0

I see! Thanks for clarifying I wasn’t sure at first. I’m using it to replicate playing sounds and right now I’m using unreliable events through Warp. Unreliable works great but I’m having an issue with the small payload limit that you can send and sometimes my events get way pass the limit and drops and It drops at the moment I want to stop the sound and now the sound is still playing for other players.

With the RateLimit It can probably fix it since I can pass more data and also avoid too many calls. Because some of the sound’s properties are being manipulated every frame eg. Volume, Playback speed. I want it to replicate to other clients.