Weaponry Update Log Archive (2021 - 2022)

This is an Archived Update Log (2021-2022)
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4/23: Slug Shotgun: UTS-15



The Turkish UTAS Bullpup Pump Action Shotgun. It fires a single distanced slug-shot that can reach a longer range than typical shotguns. Aim Down Sights for perfect accuracy.

Kar-98K has received animations improvements:

  • New equip animation;
  • Reduced camera shake;
  • Increased First & Third person ADS FOV

Weapons Adjustments:
Bullet Drop: 0.063 > 0.09 Studs per second

Bullet Drop: 0.071 > 0.12 Studs per second

Bug fixes & Improvements:

  • Scope UI reticles have been improved with HD UIs.
  • VSS has received its own scope reticle UI.
  • Bullet drop data will now be shown in the Weaponry UI.
  • Updated bullet casings model.
  • Some bug fixes idk.

3/5: New Game Mode: Double Shot


Introducing a new Game Mode: Double Shot!
If you know, you know…

2 Shotguns, 2 Shots!

Only Semi-Automatic shotguns are allowed in this game mode.
You spawn with 2 shotguns and they swap automatically upon firing!

Since there are 3 game modes now, Standard will always appear in voting, plus 2 game modes.
Similar to maps, a same game mode can not be played again right after it was played.

Round1: Double Shot
Round2: Standard (Compulsory)
Round3: Double Shot will not appear on vote.
Round4: Double Shot will appear on vote unless it is a Standard Only Round (Another game mode played in Round 3)

Melee Hitboxes:

Melees have received their own separated hitbox! They are slightly larger than typical hitboxes to make melee hits way easier than ever.


I would still like to have melee to be a skillful and challenging weapon, requiring the player to at least aim at the target at close and tight ranges. The effectiveness of melees should be significantly increased after this update!

Changes to Melee Range:

  • Primary Attack Range: 3.8 > 4.5 Studs
  • Secondary Attack Range: 3.8 > 3.6 Studs

Weapon Adjustments:


With the previous introduction of Model-1887, all shotguns have received a slight adjustments to align with the current shotgun meta.

Revamped animations:

SPAS-12, Mossberg-500, Chargeberg-500 has received revamped animations. The reload time of these weapons have also been decreased.

Model 1887:

  • Headshot Multiplier: 2.33 > 2 (294 > 252)
  • Spread: 2 > 2.5
  • Fire-Rate: 0.99 > 1.01
  • Damage Drop Off Range: 27 > 20
  • Equip Time: 0.45 > 0.64


  • Damage: 8.4 > 9.27 (92 > 102)
  • Headshot Multiplier: 2.67 > 2.43 (246 > 246)
  • Damage Drop Off Range: 24 > 27
  • Fire-Rate: 0.83 > 0.85


  • Damage: 10.3 > 11.2 (103 > 116)
  • Headshot Multiplier: 2.21 > 2.125 (228 > 238)
  • Fire-Rate: 0.87 > 0.78


  • Time to Max Charge: 1 > 0.7 seconds
  • Damage: 7.9 > 9.5 (79 > 95) (Full Charge: 158 > 190)
  • Headshot Multiplier: 2.11 > 1.82
  • Fire-Rate: 0.79 > 0.73


  • Headshot Multiplier: 1.35 > 1.54 (119 > 136)


  • Headshot Multiplier: 1.3 > 1.36
  • Base Accuracy: 3.4 > 3.2
  • Bloom Reset Time: 0.09 > 0.06
  • Max Bloom: 4.8 > 4.5

Other Weapons:

All SMGs:

  • Increased Damage Drop Off Range


  • Fire-Rate: 0.83 > 0.94


  • Rocket Speed: 58 > 65

Desert Eagle:

  • Recoil: Increased
  • Bloom Reset Time: 0.09 > 0

M1 Garand:

  • Damage Drop Off Range: 205 > 256

Bug fixes & Improvements:

  • Fixed unequipping / quick-swapping a weapon allows sprint after firing.
  • Fixed unable to jump with keyboard after connecting a controller.
  • Fixed some pellets in static shotgun spread were not evenly distributed.
  • Fixed “No-Scoped” label not appearing on kill card.
  • Replaced the number “7” with another font in damage number tags due to how similar “7” and “1” look like with the original font.

2/4: Lever Action Shotgun: Model-1887


Introducing the Model-1887 Lever Action Shotgun!

The Winchester Model 1887 is a lever action shotgun known for it’s lever spinning action. It fires a numerous amount of pellets which is capable of outputting strong damage.

Changes to the Weapon Accuracy System:

  • Jumping now gives more weapon inaccuracy when firing, previously, jumping and moving were treated to have the same firing inaccuracy.
  • Weapon Accuracy is now less tied with the framerate now.

Changes to Aim Down Sights Bloom:

  • Previously, there will be less Bloom Per Shot when aimed down sights:
    Now, the Total Bloom will be reduced by ~50% when aimed down sights.
  • This change can be visualized in third person lock camera, you will see the crosshair shrinks when ADS during firing.
  • This also means the weapon will not reach Max Bloom when aimed down sights since the total accuracy is discounted. Resulting aiming down sights to be more accurate than before.
  • Increased Aim Down Sights Recoil Multiplier across all weapons.

VSS Changes:

Fire Rate: 0.17 > 0.15
Headshot Multiplier: 1.7 > 2

Accuracy Changes:

  • VSS no longer uses RNG Accuracy system (like other snipers), it uses Bloom Per Shot system just like other weapons, however it still behaves similar to Sniper RNG Accuracy.
  • Scope in will reduce Bloom Per Shot by 100% (no bloom)
  • Except when jumping, there will be bloom when jumping even if scoped in. (Similar to Snipers RNG accuracy)

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

  • Third Person Mouse Lock Camera Mode no longer clips through walls.
  • When picking up weapons, Pointing a weapon directly now focuses on the weapon instead of the nearest weapon.

  • Fixed lobby targets sometimes not registering hits (?)
  • Fixed hitmarker not appearing when scoped in.
  • Fixed missing camera impulse when taking damage.
  • MVP Screen displays game mode and team mode now.
  • Improved Benelli-M4 animations, reload animations no longer blocks the center of the screen.
  • Improved Kill Feed UI resizing.

Gun Game Fixes (Deployed previously):

  • Gun Game winner will now become MVP regardless on how many eliminations the winner has.
  • MVP / Top Players (Most Assists, Most Deaths) will now be prioritized with K/D if more than one players has the same values.
    E.g: Both players have 30 eliminations, the one with higher K/D will become MVP.
  • Fixed Gun Game demoting a player twice sometimes when getting eliminated with a melee weapon.
  • Fixed Gun Game ending at 35 eliminations if the 34th elimination is a melee elimination.
  • Added a “You” indicator on the Gun Game UI for distinguishing yourself.
  • Hovering the mouse (hold and tap for mobile) to a player on the Gun Game UI will show their player name.

1/8: Gun Game Gamemode!


New Game Mode: Gun Game!

A Highly requested and popular game mode - Introducing Gun Game to Weaponry!

Each elimination / assist will grant you a new weapon. Be the first one to reach the final weapon!


  • 35 randomized weapons;
  • Lasts for 15 minutes at most;
  • First to 36 eliminations win, last elimination must be a melee elimination;
  • Assist counts as a promotion to the next weapon;
  • Getting eliminated with a melee weapon will demote you to the previous weapon.
  • Note: 1 round of standard must be played after a non-standard game mode was played.

Let me know what you think about the game mode in Weaponry!

Weapon Adjustments:

Headshot Multiplayer: 2 > 1.67

Damage: 93 > 100
Direct Hit Damage: 140 > 150

Reload Time: 0.8 > 0.47
Fire-Rate: 0.9 > 0.8
Bloom Reset Time: 0.1 > 0
Bloom Per Shot 2.04 > 1.93

Bloom Per Shot: 0.35 > 0.3
Damage: 17 > 19

Headshot Damage: 1.77 > 2

Fire-Rate: 0.147 > 0.136

Damage Drop Off Range: 165 > 220

Damage Drop Off Range: 145 > 190

Bug Fixes / Misc:

  • Networking Improvements (WIP)
    Networking has been improved significantly to enhance the efficiency of data transmission between client and server.
    Players with low-end internet should experience a lower ping in general, especially when firing weapons.

  • Weapon Reticle Improvement:
    Weapons with reticles (such as red dot sights) have received an improvement.
    The reticle no longer sways along with the weapon, when aimed down sights, the reticle will stay in the middle of your screen.
    Weapons with this improvement enabled:
    UMP-45, G11, AUG-A1, SAR-21, MG36

  • Map Changes:
    The Yacht: The big roof glasses are now breakable to discourage roof campers.
    Few paths to the roof has also been adjusted.

  • Aim Down Sights can now cancel subsequent reloads.

  • Fixed unable to scope in if “Use Q button as weapon aim” setting is on.

  • Fixed various issues on votekicking.

  • Bullet Trail representation improvements. (again)

  • Fixed Map ambient sounds not playing sometimes.

  • Reduced intermission and game starting duration.

  • Reduced music volume.

  • Anticheat fixes.

  • Fixed minor animation issues on MP5 and AWP. (Thanks to strigiformed)


  • All Christmas Content, including Christmas Scar, Presents Launcher and Snow themed maps.

12/19: Christmas 2022 :christmas_tree:


:christmas_tree:Happy Holidays! It is the time of the year again :gift:

BOTH Christmas Scar and Presents Launcher returns for this year!

The Christmas Scar from 2020 Christmas Update has returned with an appearance improvements!
It is avaliable to unlock with 1225 lifetime eliminations.

EVERYONE spawns with a Presents Launcher as an extra weapon!
It can also be equipped as your primary weapon through the Weaponry menu.

Snow Themed Maps:
Some maps are now snow themed!

12/4: New Map: The Yacht


New Map: Yacht!

Sail aboard the boundless ocean and enjoy a luxury cruise on this gorgeous yacht.
Everyone is expected to have an enjoyable journey and experience here… Right?

Map Build by: C9Z9.
Available in: FFA, TDM

Weapon Adjustment:

  • AN94: Bloom Per Shot 0.41 > 0.5

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

  • Improved melee backstabbing hitbox, allowing backstab will be counted from a border angle.

11/13: AN-94!


The AN-94 has returned with a completely rebranded appearance!

The Russian “Avtomat Nikonova 1994” Assault Rifle. It fires in a 2 quick burst rounds mode, allowing it to instantaneously sting a stack of damage to the opponents.

Weapon Stats Adjustments:
Headshot Multiplier: 2 > 1.8

Bug Fixes / Improvements:

  • Fixed minor weapon accuracy issues when aiming down sights with shotguns.
  • Static Crosshair setting now respect shotgun aiming down sights accuracy (This will be useful in the future!).
  • Reduced Melee Madness Game Mode Duration: 7 Minutes :arrow_right: 5 Minutes.

10/30: First Game Mode: Melee Madness!


Introducing the First Game Mode to Weaponry:
Melee Madness!

Weaponry without guns. Who needs a gun nowadays? Fight your opponents with melee weapons only!


  • Melee Madness can only be played every 1 round of Standard. Which means 1 round of standard must be played after Melee Madness.
  • Melee Madness lasts for 7 minutes for now.

More Game Modes?
Definitely! Currently exploring the possibility of different game modes to spice up Weaponry’s gameplay variety. Stay tuned to more Working In Progress Game Modes!


New VIP Privilege: Weaponry Sword

Introducing the first publicly obtainable melee: Weaponry Sword!

Own the illustrious and the impulse power on your hands.

Purchase VIP to own this melee!

With the additional privilege, the price of the VIP Gamepass will increase as stated.

However, you can now catch up with the LIMITED TIME 40% OFF offer to purchase VIP with 292 Robux! (Original 488).

Offer ends in a week. (7th November).

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

  • Fixed infinite healing glitch by headshotting with the Headstackk Weapon.

10/8 Crosshair Update!


Introducing the Crosshair Settings to Weaponry!

The crosshair can now be customized through the settings menu! From it’s length, width, color, transparency, outlines and more. It is all on your preferences! Your crosshair will also be saved automatically.

Crosshair Reworks:

  • The spreadness of the crosshair will now respect the spread / accuracy of the weapon more accurately than before.
  • Fixed crosshair pixel issues (Where crosshair lines may be invisible on certain aspect ratios)
  • Revamped hitmarker to be more dynamic.

Settings Save… Finally!
Your settings will now be saved! Saved settings will be automatically be applied upon joining the game.

With this change, Weaponry has switched to a new player data framework.
If you have encountered issues such as data loss / stuck on loading screen, please contact Headstackk through the socials.
Your data is always safe as there is a backup while the game switches to the new framework.

New Weapon: M1911:
The medium-classed pistol Colt 1911, chambered with only 7 .45 ACP cartridges but it is able to deal a moderate amount of damage with decent accuracy.

Shotgun Improvements:

Weaponry Shotguns have undergone multiple improvements to make them to be more viable and comparing to other weapons.

Static Spread:
Shotgun’s spread are no longer random! Each shotgun has a uniformed spread. Reducing the damage output randomness and improve shotgun’s overall stability and effectiveness.

Bloom and firing inaccuracy:
Shotguns now have Bloom Per Shot and Bloom Reset Time stats just like other weapons. Which means the crosshair will spread when firing them.

Aiming Accuracy:
The spread will now be tightened when aiming down sights. Focus your shots on a single target.

Slow Down Factor (Read below for context)
Players are able to sprint a bit earlier before then shotgun finishes firing, making evading from close quarters and tight situations easier.

Shotgun Crosshair:
New Shotgun Crosshair Type: Circle
The spreadness of the crosshair will now respect the shotgun spread more accurately than before.
Fixed issues such as comically oversized crosshairs on large spread shotguns such as Sawed Off.

Settings UI rework:

Settings have received visual improvements and a backend overhaul.
A “Reset To Default” button has been added for each setting category.

New Game Loading and Intro system:

There will be a short loading screen for your data and game assets to load when initially joining the game.
Players will not spawn during the loading screen, until the player clicked off the initial notice UI.
This should result in less players being “AFK” at spawn after joining the game.

Weapon Stats Changes:

  • UMP45:
    Bloom Per Shot 0.53 > 0.46

  • Sten:
    Bloom Per Shot 0.52 > 0.48

  • M82:
    Recoil: Reduced

  • M249:
    Bloom Per Shot: 0.49 > 0.42
    Headshot Damage: 1.78 > 1.86

Private Server Command Changes:
The command prefix has been changed prefix from “:” to “/”.
E.g: Before: “:force map crossroads”
Now: “/force map crossroads”

  • New Command: /pausetimer
  • Allow the game timer to be paused. Can be used during in lobby.
  • Changed “/team” command to “/setteam” to avoid collisions with the default Roblox command.
  • E.g:/setteam Player1 Red

Bug Fixes / Improvements:

- Improved Bullet Path Casting:
– Fixed a bug where hitting a player will slow down the bullet for a very tiny period of time;
– Eliminated the delay between input weapon firing and sending the bullet out;
– Collaterals are now more instantaneous when targets are close together;
– Greatly optimized and reduced memory usage for bullet path casting.

- Slow Down Factor on Semi-Automatic Weapons:
– Players can no longer sprint by unequipping the weapon after firing;
– Most of the semi-automatic weapons have a slow down factor of 1 (Remain unchanged);
– However close-quarter weapons like semi-automatic shotguns have a lower slow down factor, which means players can sprint a bit earlier before the weapon finishes firing.

- Improved both local and replicated bullet trails’ representation.
– Note: Bullet trails are now much more accurate than before but they are still never 100% accurate.
– As the bullet visual starts from the weapon’s barrel while the actual bullet starts from your camera.

  • Local weapon sounds are now being played locally instead of being a 3D sound.
  • Fixed MP5 / MP5SD’s reload time does not sync with the reload animation.
  • Fixed the previous weapon animation will not stop in first person after respawning sometimes.
  • Fixed a bug where player will have no weapons equipped when swapping weapons on high ping.
  • Fixed mobile camera issues when scoped with a weapon.
  • First Person Viewmodel moves inversely along the camera animations now.
  • Improved AA-12, Glocks, AKs’ Animations.

9/3: G11!


:+1: NEXT UPDATE AT 100K LIKES! It is not just a regular new weapon update! :eyes:

The Heckler & Koch’s G11 arrived to The Weaponry! It’s extraordinary boxy appearance and
rotatable charging handle makes it stand out from other typical rifles.

This weapon also adapts a caseless ammunition technology which emits no bullet casings when firing.

Bug Fixes / Improvements:

  • Improved Melee logic: Your melee attacks now land exactly on where your mouse hit. Where previously it offsets and hits higher than where your mouse points at.
  • Fixed :team command not working in Private Servers.
  • Updated Team Modes Icon.
  • Minor Crossroads Map optimizations.

8/7: SAR 21!


The SAR 21, Singapore Assault Rifle 21st Century has arrived to Weaponry!

The SAR 21, is a bullpup rifle manufactured by ST Kinetics. Unlike other assault rifles, it fires in semi-automatic mode. It is also mounted with a stock equipped scope.

7/9: M249 + MG36 LMG update!



Be Mounted and Loaded. The LMG Update is here!

The MG36 is a Light Machine Gun comes with a drum magazine and a scope. With greater fire rate, it comes with greater recoil. Who’s idea is it to mount a scope on this intractable LMG?

The M249 has finally got a revamp! Forget about the old blocky look, with new model, animations, sounds and the details, the M249 has never look so great!

I am also proud to announce that after 1.5 years, ALL un-revamped weapons have been revamped in Weaponry!
The game will focus on more gameplay aspect updates in the future, stay tuned!

Bug fixes / improvements:

  • Player Heads are no longer collidable. It was previously collidable for easier ladder climbing. Now Only Ladders will clip through heads.
  • (Possibly) patched the headless exploit.
  • This update is experimenting with soft shutdown, players are not required to rejoin the game manually when the server shuts down.
  • The respawn transaction screen no longer overlaps the Weaponry UI.
  • The voting UI will no longer close the Weaponry UI when it pops up.
  • The Camera is now closer to the weapon’s sight when ADSing with FAL in first person.
  • Fixed FPS dependant viewmodel swaying.
  • Revamped Lobby’s shooting range’s lighting to make the lobby brighter.

7/4: Part 3 Hotfix: (new servers only)

  • Fixed an anti-cheat bug (again) which falsely detects infinite ammo for shotguns.
  • Fixed a bug where some players can “fly” when looking down in first person.
  • Fixed a bug where there is no camera recoil in first person on very high FPS. (~500 FPS)
  • Fixed a bug where there is no camera tilting recoil on high FPS.
  • Fixed Debugger’s duplicated spawns and added 2 new spawn locations.
  • Fixed an issue where the mouse will “teleport” to the center when respawning / initially joining the game.
  • Fixed UMP-45 model’s missing bullet projectile model.
  • Fixed a bug where weapons can not be dropped or picked.
  • Fixed melee weapon casting bullet holes on characters.
  • Player hitboxes have also been reworked. Fixed a hitbox gap and overlapping issues. The size of the hitbox is generally reduced by a tiny bit.

6/25: PART 3!!


The Big Update: Part 3 is finally here! One of the BIGGEST Weaponry update, this update comes with new weapons, new map, VIP server commands, a VIP pass and bunch of QoL game improvements!

New weapon: FAL

The FAL 50.00 is the newest Battle Rifle to Weaponry!
Meanwhile, this weapon has replaced the AN-94. Say goodbye to AN-94’s legacy and blocky model, which does not even look like the AN-94.

The FAL has used most of the AN-94 stats with multiple changes:

  • Minimal drop-off damage: 28 > 30
  • Bloom Per Shot: 0.83 > 0.76
  • +Other minor stat changes.

New weapon: UMP-45

A new SMG joins the Weaponry! The UMP-45 has a a hybrid like performance between an AR and a SMG. With it’s equipped red-dot sight, it can perform with precise accuracy and range.

New weapon: STEN

A legacy World War II weapon joins the Weaponry as well!
The British Sten gun MK2, a recognizable weapon with it’s magazine being mounted on the left.

New map: Construction Site

The Construction site as a legacy map from Weaponry’s “ancestor game” Double Shot, has been revamped and make it’s return to Weaponry.

Watch your step and be-careful while sprinting through this constructing area, we don’t want another accident here.

The Gate: opens!

It has been closed and sealed since the release of Part 1’s Big Update. Written “Coming Soon” and no-one knew what was behind.
After 6 whole months, it has been uncovered! Introducing the Weaponry!

A new area in the lobby allows you change your weapons, have a close look to the Weaponry or just simply chill. You can also purchase merchandises and the VIP gamepass here.

More features will also be added to this area in the future!



Introducing Weaponry VIP! This gamepass will instantly grant you:

  • An exclusive Weaponry-3000 Pulse Rifle
  • A VIP chat tag
  • a VIP player list tag
  • +more (planned) perks coming soon!

The price of the VIP Gamepass will be raised when more perks are being added in the future.

Weaponry-3000: The Pulse Rifle full of glowing energy, coruscating a golden power. Exclusive weapon for Weaponry VIP members.

50% SALE!
For the First Week (until 7/2) of the initial release of the VIP Gamepass, the Pass will be 50% off! (399 Robux > 199 Robux)

The items included in the VIP gamepass (for now, the Weaponry-3000, and including the future ones) will be closely monitored to make sure purchasing monetization item(s) will not grant a significant advantages over other players.

Weaponry has been out for nearly 2 years without a single monetization item, any form of support is always appreciated.

Break them: Glasses!
Some maps have breakable glass now! You can break them with any weapons with 1 shot. However, they do not penetrate at the moment.

Image from Gyazo

Private server commands are finally here!
Private server owners can now customize your game! Basic commands such as choosing maps, ending a round, changing teams has been added.
Weaponry Private Server Commands
Bug fixes / improvements:

Game state logic rewrite:
The code that is responsible for handling the game’s state such as starting a round, handling votes, player spawning has been rewritten! This facilitates the implementation of certain features such as the highly-requested - game modes!

It is possible (but very unlikely) that the game will appear to be unstable and buggy upon initial release of the new system. If the game round appears to be breaking, such as the timer not counting down, the game does not progress, please report it as a bug through the links in the game’s social tab. Thanks!

Player spawn logic rewrite:
Spawning has more variety now. Previously player will only spawn at the spawn that is the furthest away from the enemy team. Now player will spawn among top few furthest spawns.

Fixed various spawning issues including:

  • Rare occasions where player will be stuck inside a spawn room.
  • Sometimes players will not be teleported back to lobby when a round is over.
  • Each player has their own assigned spawn during “Game Starting” session now:
  • Previously:
    in Team Deathmatch, player spawn randomly among the team spawns. Now every Team Spawn is being utilized for spawning;
    in Free For All, each player will share one spawn. However if a player joins / resets, the player will
    spawn randomly, resulting a chance where a player will spawn next to another player at the start of a Free for All round. This issue should be resolved.

Spawn with weapon:
Players will now spawn with weapons and have them immediately equipped now, however you won’t be able to fire your them until you move.

Change weapon in spawn:
A heavily requested feature: Players are also allowed to change their equipped weapon at their spawn without resetting now! The weapon will be immediately granted after equipping the weapon from the Weaponry Menu. As long as you don’t move a single inch away from your spawn.

Map Changes:

  • Altitude has received spawning improvements to prevent spawn-camping.
  • Container Docks has received optimization and multiple map changes.

Deaths counting improvement:
Deaths will no longer be counted in:

  • any other game state except the game round (including pre-game, intermission… etc.)
  • when the player is force-fielded (right after spawning);
  • when the server has 1 player only.

Rewrote Weapon Picking / Dropping logic:
Fixed various issues including being able to pick up 3+ weapons on high ping.

Game Over Scene:

  • The scene will now use the weapon that has the most eliminations in the round instead of the player’s equipped weapon.
    which means if you get most eliminations with a knife, you will be holding a knife during MVP cutscene!

  • With the new game over screen UI positions, the chat is no longer hidden during the game over cutscenes.

Game Starting Scene:

  • Rewrote game starting / over screen with new UI designs and transactions.

New Voting UI:

  • The Voting UI has been redesigned. Votes can be casted on one-click, you can also change or unvote anytime.

Weapon Fire-Rate synchronization:

  • Weapon’s fire-rate used to be inconsistent, the weapon cooldown time when firing might be delayed for < 4 frames on certain weapons.
    This has now been resolved, at constant framerate, weapons will fire at a synchronized rate.

  • Due to the change in this system, most of the weapon’s fire-rate value has been readjusted.
    This does NOT affect the actual weapon behavior. The weapon will still fire at an exact same rate as before, except the rate is now constant.

Other bug fixes / improvements:

  • First Person View Model has received proper and improved animations.
  • Fixed various minors issues on aiming down sights.
  • Reduced the length of the overhead Health Bar.
  • Fixed a potential small memory leak on weapons with random animations.
  • Fixed bullet holes not replicating on melee weapons.
  • The Votekick UI has been redesigned.
  • Repositioned the reload bar UI to the Crosshair. The UI can always be disabled in the game settings.
  • Footsteps and bullet hit sounds will now respect the hit object’s material even with “Disable Map Materials” on.
  • The ammo count of your weapon will now respect weapons that has a visible bullet model, such as the SSG-08, FAL, RPG-7.

Thanks for the patience to this update and all the support!

If you found a bug / glitch, please report them through the game’s social links tab.

// Stacky

6/3: New SSG-08!


The NEW SSG-08 Sniper Rifle!
Behold the second scoped bolt-action sniper rifle to Weaponry! The Austrian Steyr Sniper rifle comes with quick fire-rate and relatively high muzzle velocity.
Shots after shots, don’t let it stop!

Bug Fixes / improvement:

  • AWP has received new equip and inspect animations.
  • Fixed MP40 sometimes not playing equip animation.

:eyes: Visit the game’s social links below for more info about the Big Update’s Part 3!

5/14 Thompson M1A1 + Tommy Gun Revamp!


The New Thompson M1A1 submachine gun!

The Tommy Gun has also been revamped, with new model, improved stats and animations!

Base Accuracy 0.3 > 0.27
Bloom Per Shot: 0.5 > 0.35
Bloom Reset Time: 0.039 > 0.04
Max Bloom: 2.5 > 2.6
Headshot Multiplier: 1.6 > 1.8

MP40 Stats change:
Bloom Per Shot: 0.46 > 0.41

Bug fixes / improvements:

  • Fixed a potential serious memory leak on damage number tags.
  • Unbanned Neo Classic and Classic female bundles, Blocky Mech and Blocky Lil Nas X.
    (Neo Classic and Classic male bundles does not have a R6 version.)
  • More content updates are working in progress! Thanks for your patience and support.:heart:

4/16 Aug Sight Fix + Patches: (new servers only)


AUG-A1’s scope has finally been fixed! It has a proper and clear vision while aiming down sights. Go for your long range shots!

Bug fixes and patches:

- Anti cheat patches:

  • Fixed incorrectly detecting infinite ammo exploit and kicking innocent players when swapping weapons on high ping.
  • An anti-cheat that detects illegal collateral multiple players has been implemented.
  • More backend anti-cheat improvements.

- Shotgun UI improvements:

  • Fixed shotgun hitmarkers positioning out of the crosshair when hitting far shots.
  • Fixed shotgun not dealing full damage when eliminator / eliminated player dies.
  • Shotgun hitmarkers no longer stack between each shot.
  • Shotgun crosshair and hitmarkers visual improvements.
  • Increased all shotguns’ Muzzle velocity in general.
  • New stat display for burst weapons: Burst Rate. It shows the time (in seconds) between each shots for burst weapon.
  • Nostalgia Forest has been heavily optimized for performance.

- Weapon Stat Changes:

There are both buffs and nerfs (the majority of them are buffs) and most of these changes are quite minor.
Including some ARs minor accuracy buff, underpower / underused weapons buff etc.
Weapons will be monitored constantly and their stats are subject to change in anytime.

Famas F1:
Damage: 28 > 26
Bloom Per Shot: 0.44 > 0.46
Bloom Reset Time: 0.3 > 0.028

Famas G2:
Bloom Per shot: 0.33 > 0.31
Bloom Reset Time: 0.4 > 0.41

R8 and Desert Eagle has received adjustment to allow the weapon to restore it’s perfect accuracy faster.
Desert Eagle:
Bloom Per Shot: 2.05 > 1.86
Bloom Reset Time: 0.1 > 0.09

Bloom Per shot: 2.1 > 1.69
Bloon Reset Time: 0.08 > 0.06
Muzzle Velocity: 1000 > 1150

Akimbo USP-S:
Bloom Per Shot: 0.49 > 0.46

Bloom Per Shot: 0.87 > 0.83

Bloom Per Shot: 0.95 > 0.88
Recoil: Reduced

Muzzle Velocity: 880 > 810

Bloom Per Shot: 0.48 > 0.46
Bloom Reset Time: 0.08 > 0.07

Bloom Per Shot: 0.55 > 0.53

Bloom Per shot: 0.23 > 0.21

Bloom Per Shot: 0.62 > 0.61

Bloom Per Shot: 0.52 > 0.5

Bloom Per Shot: 0.55 > 0.53
Recoil: reduced

Bloom Per Shot: 0.5 > 0.49

Bloom Per Shot: 0.45 > 0.43
Bloom Reset Time: 0.05 > 0.04

Big Update Part 3 is still under work in progress, thanks for your patience! :pray:

3/27 Famasss’!


New Famas variant: Famas F1!

French bullpup burst assault rifle, this F1 variant features a lower carrying handle and can only be fired in automatic mode.

The original 3 round burst Famas has been renamed into Famas G2, with the following changes applied:

  • Fixed the wrong bullpup handle and magazine model;
  • All Burst weapons have a progressive trigger behavior now, meaning it can’t be fired just by holding down the fire button.

Weapon Stats Change:

Famas G2:

  • Fire Rate: 0.49 > 0.5
  • Bloom Per Shot: 0.28 > 0.33
  • Bloom Reset Time: 0.35 > 0.4
  • Max Ammo: 25 > 30
  • Damage Drop Off Range: 163 > 164 studs


  • Headshot Multiplier: 1.8 > 2
  • Bloom Per Shot: 0.48 > 0.43


  • Damage: 48 > 58
  • Primary Attack Time: 0.43 > 0.34
  • Secondary Attack Time: 1.21 > 1.25
  • Primary Attack Backstab Multipliuer: 2.77 > 2.29

:warning: Big Update Part 3​:question:

Part 3 is still working in progress. Part 3 will mainly focuses on the game’s server sided code rewrite, game logic rewrite, such as game rounds, player spawning etc.

What does this mean? All you need to know is this will allow more updates that are highly requested to be added easily, such as gamemodes!

I don’t have an exact timeline on when will Part 3 comes out, it will take some time as it changes most of the game’s stuff.
Stay tuned! And thanks for the support recently. :pray:

3/5 Big Update Part 2 Hotfix: :hammer_and_wrench:


3/8 Minifix:

  • Fixed a bug where the kill card shows “using third person” instead of “using t hid person (locak camera)”.
  • Fixed character not able to climb stairs when looking downwards.
  • Fixed unclimable stairs on the map Throwback.
  • Crossroads has received minor spawn improvements and map changes.
  • All shotguns have got their damage drop off range increased. Drop off starts at around ~20-30 studs now (used to be ~10-20) meaning most shotguns can now deal full damage when all pellets hit at ~ 20 studs.
  • AA-12 Stat changes:
    Spread 3.6 > 3.4
    Headshot Multiplier 1.2 > 1.5

PSG1 Stat changes:
Damage: Body: 66 > 71, Headshot: 96 > 102, Leg: 53 > 57;
Fire rate: 0.27 > 0.23.

Altitude Map Changes:

  • Tires are now bouncy!
  • Performance Optimization and map improvements, including improved spawns.

Throwback Map changes:

  • Heavy performance optimizations;
  • Minor spawn improvements;
  • Added back missing Game over scene (finally, after a year lol).

New option: Remove map material textures:

The map material textures can now be removed through the in-game settings! Disabling them might help with improving your framerate.

Image from Gyazo

Expect a minor lag spike when toggling this setting! The game has to scan through every map parts and change it’s material. Therefore this setting has a ~1 second cooldown.

Game automatic settings for optimization:

  • (Already present before this hotfix) Disable Bullet holes and local ejected bullet casing on mobile device and when the initial graphics level is lower than 4;
  • When a player is suffering on lower than 25 FPS for over consecutive 15 seconds, the game will disable the above, shadows, map materials, global muzzle flashes and explosions.
  • This automatic disable progress will only happen ONCE and you can ALWAYS change back to your desired settings!

Fixes and changes to the hit-reg system:

  • Anti-kill trade system has been disabled. However:
  • When the server receives a shot and the shooter is dead, the shot will not be counted regardless if it hits anything.
  • Previously, the server will decline the hit-reg request when the shot HITS if the shooter is dead.
  • For instance, if the player died while the bullet is traveling, the shot will still COUNT, while previously, it won’t.
  • The shot will still be declined if the player hit is already dead (like damaging a dead body). It will no longer spam the output since it always happen with high fire-rate weapons with high ping.

"The error “Server Weapon Profile of {Weapon} is missing” which leads to the “shot declined” error has been “temporary” fixed.

Explanation on why it is "temporary"


This bug happens is due to ping and server delays. When a weapon is being removed on the server, there will be a short amount of period where the weapon is still visible on the client.
And ANY shots that was fired during that period will be declined because the server no longer sees the weapon.

And to clarify: “Shot Declined” error does NOT only refer to hitting an enemy. It refers to EVERYTHING.
So if you see a lot of “Shot declined” errors, not all of them are shots that hit an enemy.

Anyways, this should be “fixed”… by caching the server weapon profile for few seconds… If you understand what I mean. (i hate this inconsistent fix)
You shouldn’t see this error that often unless you are lagging real bad.


Based off a feedback that was collected previously, a lot of players would like to have kill trade disabled. I will constantly monitor the behavior and evaluate the overall gameplay after this system is disabled.


Expect kill-trades to happen quite often as Weaponry is a fast-paced shooter game!

UI message improvements:
(The UI at the center of your screen that indicates weapon picked, camera lock enabled etc.)

  • The UI Message will now also resize horizontally instead of only resizing vertically.
  • The streak displayer UI has been resized to be smaller.
  • Fixed streak displayer showing a player is on a killstreak of 0 / displaying the same player twice at the same time.

RNG accuracy weapons changes (Most snipers with RNG accuracy):

  • RNG accuracy weapons are now 100% accurate when scoped in and moving. Previously moving while scoped in will still result in Random accuracy.
  • Jumping / freefalling remains unchanged. It will still result in a RNG bloom inaccuracy.’

For a full overview, please read the image below:

Bug fixes / improvements:

  • Fixed weapon animation sounds still playing even if the animation was canceled to play.
  • Fixed not able to move the mouse when a UI is opened in high framerate.
  • Added movement sounds to G3 & PSG1.
  • Reduced name tag size on smaller screen devices.
  • Enlarged mobile movement joystick, jumping button and moved most of the buttons upwards for easy accessibility.
  • Improved Weaponry UI weapon stats readability.

:construction:Part 3 of the Big Update is in the work! Stay tuned. :construction:

2/18 Big Update Part 2: Double barrels!


:+1: Thank you all for helping the game to reach 77k likes! It only took 2 days and it grows much faster than I have expected. Enjoy Part 2! :grinning:

Double barrel shotguns:

Another highly-requested weapon has arrived to Weaponry! Along with the shotty version - Sawed off.
Yes, you can perform weapon jump boosts with it! It boosts you to the opposite direction that the gun was fired at. Boosting while jumping will grant a stronger boost than idle!

This kind of new weapon will be constantly monitored and changes will be done to them when necessary.

New sniper rifle: PSG1

The Heckler & Koch PSG1, Semi-automatic snpier rifle with decent damage and precision but only have a small magazine capacity of 5.

Make sure you don’t miss your precious shots. You will regret it.

New M4A1 variant: M4A1-S:

Introducing a suppressed variant of the M4A1. Performs similar to the M4A1 except it’s silenced! Just like how Scar has a Scar-S variant.

Doomspire returns: :tokyo_tower:
The Doomspire map has returned along with QoL improvements. Feel free to give us feedback on the map!

Sandstorm changes: :desert:

Sandstorm has received various changes and improvements to spike up the gameplay!

Sandstorm has also been heavily optimized in terms of performance, lower-end devices should be able to run this map with better framerate! :up:

Bug fixes / improvement:

  • Fixed able to cancel weapon reload by firing if reload was initiated during equipping.
  • Fixed the camera zooming delay when scoping in with third person lock cam.
  • Fixed third person lock cam camera offsetting after scoped in.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to go into first person when switching weapons while scoped in.
  • Fixed a potential bug causing weapon equip buttons not being removed even if the weapon does not exist.
  • Fixed a potential bug causing players to respawn twice sometimes.
  • The Headstackk weapon is now correctly displayed and orientated behind a player’s back.
  • Fixed RPG-7 not firing rockets as intended.
  • Fixed M4A1’s bolt clipping through the stock.
  • Fixed M16 & M4A1’s model slight alignment
  • Fixed Glock-17 having a switch selector and concaved hole on the bolt.
  • The low ammo audio effects are now more audible.
  • The game has been fully translated to Chinese (Traditional).

Special thanks to:
LoganKnox - Weapon animations
C9Z9 - PSG1
Nickibreeki - Doomspire improvements
TrafficoneOrange - Sandstorm optimization
Kitzure - Translation

2/13 Big update hotfix: (new servers only)

  • Fixed potential game-breaking bug that causes game not to proceed and stuck in “Handling votes…” state.

  • Fixed mouse being locked at center when some UIs are active, causing player not able to click anything on the UI. Crosshair will also be disabled when UI is active.

  • Fixed the character’s back Akimbo-USPS’s.

  • Fixed character accessories’ particles are not being removed.

  • Fixed RThro Packs / Kroblox Deathspeaker legs not being removed.

  • Fixed character’s torso “breaking” when ragdolling.

  • Fixed XBox / Controller players not being able to navigate in the Weaponry weapon selection UI.

  • Fixed bullet ricochet sounds not playing if the bullet travels too fast.

  • Fixed kill streak notifier not resizing correctly.

  • Invisible walls adjustment on the Nuketown map.

  • Famas, M16, MAC-10 stats minor adjustment. Both burst weapons have been adjusted to be more competeable. Famas propositions to have higher firerate but compensation in accuracy, while the M16 is precises in accuracy with a slightly slower firerate.

  • Pistols are now being sidearmed on the left side of the character.

  • Weapon model performance optimization on the Chargeberg-500.

  • Some optimized settings will be applied when initially joining the game if the user’s graphics level is low. This has been a feature on mobile previosuly, now this feature also includes low-graphics users. These settings can be always changed in the settings menu.

  • Anti-exploit measures on sound playing and replication has been implemented.

  • All weapon models have received a backend optimization.


1/9 KAR-98K Revamp!


Christmas 2021 Update has been concluded! Hope you enjoyed using the presents to blow up your enemies.
And Happy New Years! Hope you have been enjoying 2022 so far.

The Kar98K has been revamped!

Bug fixes / improvements:

  • Fixed weapon is able to fire faster than intended when quick-swapping:
  • Previously the weapon is able to fire after it’s fire-rate cooldown. Neglecting the equipping time.
  • Now the weapon will not be able to fire until BOTH the equip and fire-rate cooldown time elapse. Depending on which one is longer / which one finishes first.
  • Please report any potential bug regarding this change (E.g: Weapon not being able to fire / reload, drop and repick the weapon if it does happen.)

The BIG UPDATE is scheduled to release within this month! Thanks for your patience.