Weird Crash Screen

Hello there,
I have had this weird issue where I would just be playing a Roblox game and all of a sudden the whole screen goes white, I thought it was the Fps Unblocker so I tried playing without it and it still happened.
I checked the logs and found this.

1604251790.12866,13f8,6 D3D11 FATAL ERROR: Device removed with reason 887a0006

I can’t post on the Bugs Forum so I posted here thanks for any help!

What device were you using? It might be a device that is not compatible with Roblox.

I am using a Mac, but with Windows 10 on it’s completely updated

Check this to make sure your device has met the requirements of Roblox.

I do I have been playing on this pc for years now it works fine but now it just randomyl gives me this white screen.

Could this have anything to do with it?

I am on Windows 10 not mac plus 10.10 is older

Please be more clear, are you using a mac or are you using windows.

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I am Using a Mac That has Windows Installed onto it

I don’t think you can play Roblox on a Mac that has Windows 10 installed onto it.
@dollychun Never knew about Bootcamp, sorry about that.

No, please do not provide unclear information.
You can play Roblox on Windows installed with Bootcamp.

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Yes, I think the issuie has gone away I installed the latest drivers and I haven’t had a issuie yet