What are you working on currently? (2021)

made a big fan (approx. 25 studs tall) in an underground tunnel. it spins quite fast, so touching it tends to launch you out of the map


Yes, I’m planning to, I’m working on better generation, own noise for x,y,z axes, more details like flowers, grass, etc., and fixing the water.

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English Brick house.

I finished it on a Sunday afternoon and thought, what better a name for this project than Sunday Afternoon

The house on the right is just to fill the space :slight_smile:


Also made this yesterday


Making a laaarge open-world game. Atmosphere density is 0.25


Sword fighting game under construction.

Link: [INDEV] Sword Fighting game - Roblox

Portfolio: THULiCORE's portfolio

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Working on remaking a map


2 more of my art! Thumbnails this time.

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“John Wick reference?!?!??!?!?!?!”

Besides that joke of a comment the game looks very fun and interesting, pretty cool idea I haven’t seen on Roblox.

Working on a slight comedy-first person shooter game called “lowest quality”.

The game consist of low quality game models on purpose, for the humor part, as well as some popular references from some animes and video games. The weapon system is the ACS 1.7.5, I’m not a scripter, but more of an artist. Another part is me using free models in some areas on purpose to add onto the humor.

Game Icons and Thumbnails


First game icon

Second game icon (kind of, although I never decided to use it, doesn’t match Roblox very well.

Second game icon2

Third game icon (this icon is currently being used for the game)

Fourth game icon

First game thumbnail

Second game thumbnail

The game icons with anime girls and guns (Raifu) was a pretty bad joke I made on purpose, while the game thumbnails are supposed to look good for a visually bad game, which adds onto the humor again.

Studio Screenshots


The vault has not been furnished with items yet, but I will most likely add a center table with collectable money, as well as non interactive displays such as deposit boxes. The safes and vault require a code, of which the codes are scattered across the map, so players will have to search around to obtain them. The vault has a 6 digit code, while the rest of the safes only have a 4 digit code. All NPC’s and vehicles in the game move or are animated. Vehicles can collide with NPC vehicles and break apart, while NPC vehicles instant kill when the player gets ran over, making the streets more dangerous.
Most of the map isn’t done considering I’ve been making this game for about 1-2 weeks.

The gun models themselves are super low poly meshes, with no movable parts to add onto the low quality part.

Images and details

In the game this is referred to as a “Colt”, and deals the most damage for pistols (25-64 damage depending if either headshot, torso shot, or limb shot), but also has the smallest magazine capacity of 7 bullets, which relates to real life in a sense. Has a relatively high fire rate of 750 rounds per minute, although it is semi-automatic.
In the game this is referred to as an “Assault Rifle”, and deals moderate damage (34-74 damage depending if either headshot, torso shot, or limb shot), with a high rate of fire of 900 rounds per minute. Has burst or semi-automatic firing modes. Has a high magazine capacity of 30 bullets.
Assault Rifle
In this game this is referred to as a “Pistol”, and deals low damage (14-43 damage depending if either headshot, torso shot, or limb shot), with a high rate of fire of 900 rounds per minute, although this gun is semi-automatic. Has a magazine capacity of 17 bullets.
In this game this is referred to as a “Bullpup”, and deals moderate damage (21-55 damage depending if either headshot, torso shot, or limb shot), with a very high rate of fire of 1100 rounds per minute. Has fully-automatic, burst, and semi-automatic firing modes. Has a high magazine capacity of 30 bullets.
In the game this is referred to as a “Shotgun”, and deals moderate damage (11-41 damage depending if either headshot, torso shot, or limb shot, although the damage is multiplied by how many pellets hit the target. Deals 88-328 damage if every pellet hits the enemy), with a slow fire rate of 1-2 rounds per second (60-120 rounds per minute). Has a pump-action firing mode. Has a low magazine capacity of 7 shells.

The gun sights are very poor. The shotgun has practically no sights, which isn’t too much of a problem considering most shotguns in real life barely have a sight at all, but the Assault Rifle and Bullpup have basically no sight, just a block in the way. This was on purpose, as I was going to plan to add some form of sight but decided otherwise. The Colt has basically a cube as a sight, while the Pistol has actual sights, making it the most accurate sight-wise.

The gameplay does not allow third person for using the guns, although if melee is added, they could be used in third person.

The point of the game is to defeat enemies, find money, buy new items, complete some tasks, and explore the game. Very basic and simple game idea.


Finished the Bag End project after some weeks of it sitting still. Just added some minor terrain fixes and scenery.


Wow, can’t wait for this to come out!

Expanded terrain, road alike


This gives me Subnautica vibes, I love it!

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Guys tell me what do add to this event place


Making an ease-of-access third-person character controller for use in any future projects.


There’s a lot behind the scenes that I need to unpack, but the gist is that most parts of the tool controllers are separated in a way that allows for more control without causing spaghetti code or an intense amount of coding. There’s a central module that controls the most basic things, like the actual equipping of different items and the creation of the tool rig, and its translation functions that allows it to do any ‘use’ function from a preselected keybind, such as the two mouse buttons, some keyboard buttons like R and F, and other buttons. Still working on mobile support.

I also intended on making everything translate very well over the client and server boundary. Your movements will always instantaneously appear on the client, but it will translate properly for other players as well.


What makes this more interesting is that the keybind system is completely customizable aswell. This makes it easier for players to set keybinds, along with making it a bit easier to update on other platforms.

The main things I want to show up is the animation work I’ve been doing. Primarily, it’s a system that uses two different animations to create a very neat looking animation for looking at your mouse. Because this is all preset from premade animations, it adds a bit more customizability and flavor to your weapon of choice.

Small note that the character you’re seeing right now isn’t a the default character. I’ve adjusted the default Roblox rig a bit so that I have more customizability on how different parts of it react to movement, like the arms and the torso.

The main magic behind this is that I have two different client-sided AnimationControllers on the side, and I give them the different spin animations. I set the time position depending on what direction the mouse is from the player, and then I translate the transform property over to the joints C0/C1 properties. It’s hacky, but it works well. If the arm has to extend too far to reach the mouse position (simple angle check), then the root part will adjust the cframe aswell.

(Made visible as an example. This normally isn’t visible in-game.)

I’ve also been practicing my animation a bit, and I think it reflects over with the gun that I used as an example. Model was made by another person I’m working with, though.

I’ve also been making 4-direction animations for movement, with blending on the side. It results in a somewhat realistic looking strafe system.



This sword isn’t nearly finished, but I thought it would be cool enough to share. Shows off customizability in the player’s idle and movement animations.


just used messed with archimedes 2 and made this… somehow


Mm2 thumbnail creation!

With fire effects

Normal version

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Why not put an invisible part spanning across its surface, and turn the fan cancollide off? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


working on revamping my old game with @SplashModel

JToH+wallrunning & dashing + more speedrunning focused is basically the game lol