What are you working on currently? (2021)

Could I get some insight on how it’s done if you’re willing to share in PM’s? And would that be capable of doing a video with colors?

Sorry if I’m asking a lot of questions, it’s because I’m excited and could utilize this very heavily (I’m an editor)

All I can say is doing color would be pretty difficult. I barely managed getting just 8 shades of gray using numerous compression methods. Without getting into super complicated video compression algorithms, adding true color would increase the data size exponentially. (That bad apple demo alone was 30mb, 1.3gb without compression)

New York City Brown Stone Housing Unit Commission


Possible Upcoming Showcase… (In early development)


250x250 pixels
62500 data points
843 data points after compression
951 block render

Trying to get it to a single union in timely fashion.
Adjustable FoV and pixel density.



1 union per color

putting them all together makes it funky


Found some time to tidy-up/redo some renders and presentations (all were made for roblox)


Some animation test with shake.


Yay! Just made my first model with Blender.
y x

No need of tutorials - Blender is super intuitive!
Almost 4 hours and over 84k tris is way too much for a simple model though, there’s a lot to learn yet! Hopefully one day I’ll be able to make cool models like those you post here.


im done with those scripts im working on this one now


I’m currently working on making some cool 3D models, just finished up a hat and a sword!
i will say, im new to creating models for Roblox but it seems its exactly the same way as Unity in a way. I use Blender 2.79 as the latest version of Blender breaks my laptop.

(This is the sword in beta)

And here is a Top Hat i created!

(Kitty Top hat)


Have posted before my three house builds but I just finished my fourth! This one is modern and highly realistic, extremely proud of this one, my best build so far :

There’s more but I don’t want to spam this reply with screenshots, if interested click below :wink:


I have been practicing my animation skills with r6, here is a funny Crash Dance for my joke of a game


Sprite headshot detection for a game


the sky background and baseplate looks so good to work on. May I ask what did you do to achieve this

Welcome to new york it’s been waiting for you welcome to new york welcome to new york! Haha I love new york and I think this is an awesome build :smiley:

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also it looks cool can’t wait to see whats coming after

Thanks for asking!

Skybox: Plain Blue Sky - Roblox

Grid Material Plugin: Better Baseplate [UPDATE] - Roblox

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Thanks you very much.
This is quite neat to work on a project on thank you :grin:

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Thanks for taking the time to reply!

Turn based combat system which I’ve optimized to the extreme. I’ll be making it so that the damage indicators are damage amounts are rounded a bit to remove the decimals. The weapons have damage values + base damage values and can be picked up and swapped with your current weapon along with them being on your back. I’ll be refining it to the extreme but since it’s ready to go in a basic form I’ll start working on the home town in my RPG.

Latest Video on the Combat System:

I’m very happy with how efficient to use and to update I created it.