What game ideas do you have? How do you come up with them?

So I’m in a bit of a situation and I’d like to know how others on the platform go about designing the general idea of their game, what inspires them and what the thought process is like.

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Read this it would help you out.


I get my ideas from other games that I really enjoy. Whenever I play a really good game I get the strong feeling of making something like this but with mechanics that I would like to be improved. However if you make something that hasn’t been done before you should think of what the normal player would enjoy and what would make them play the game. Hope it helps you.


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My method is strange. Bomb a canvas(randomly generating ideas) with something(imagination or physical tools for design).

Pick one that is reasonably easy to replicate.

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I gain my game ideas through a multitude of mediums. I’m not currently up for writing a whole essay so I can give you a list of my methods of conjuring up ideas:

  • Looking at my profile for old games I threw together in the past
  • Looking through my favourites bar to see games I liked
  • Looking through the front page for inspiration and ideas
  • Searching for uncopylocked or open sourced games to remaster
  • Scrambling the net for genre ideas and fantasizing a game of that genre
  • Getting inspiration from other works (artwork, existing games, movies, television shows and other forms of media)

You can come up with game ideas in any number of ways, really.

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This post is gonna help you!

EDIT: I made a little guide to use:

Step 1

  • Think what the build is, should I make I realistic or give it a diffrent style?
  • Would players like this build? What should I add to please them?
  • How would this affect the other builds?

Step 2

  • Plan the building size. See if it will be enough space between all the buildings
  • Find a good spot to build.
  • Sketch or make a sloppy copy of the building.
  • Know what role the build plays in your game.
  • Build! Don’t forget to add decorations!

I like to assess current trends on Roblox or other games, shows, movies, and books in modern society, then decide either to take inspiration from those sources, or use those trends to do something out-of-the-norm.

Surfing the front-page of games, especially the Featured, RTHRO, Popular Near You, and Recommended category rows, can help you discover what concepts are trending in the community and what ideas other developers are working with. You can either take that as inspiration to make your own interpretation of an existing game design, create a hybrid of multiple ideas, or intentionally avoid those trends in order to pursue a project that breaks the mold.

Of course, the planning phase is crucial to any project, and there are many ways to go about outlining and planning your game. jordonh23 and ScytheSlayin have both provided links to insightful threads that can help with the actual planning process, but some of the tips I can list briefly are:

  • Decide whether your game will be monetized or not. If you decide to monetize the game, careful planning can make a significant impact on revenue.

  • Determine your goal with the project, and design your game around that goal.

  • Consider your target audience. Who do you want playing your game. Who will actually play your game? Player retention is critical and relates to this topic.

One of the wonderful things about developing is how much creative freedom you have. Take inspiration from anything you want. Create anything you want. However, make sure to keep goals ambitious but realistic so you can work comfortably and appropriately.


Inspiration & Team

Preparing the Funds, Marketing & Game Analytics


My ideamaking process is a mess. Whenever I don’t have an idea for something, I just play games, both on platform and off platform. If I see something I like, I note it down. Any ideas I have while I play also get noted down.

After I have enough ideas, I typically sit down, look at the ideas and concepts I noted down, figure out which idea is most interesting. I then go through three categories:

  • Needs: These are what a game must have to be that kind of game.
  • Shoulds: What should be included in the game to make it good?
  • Wants: What do I want to look at changing or doing to put my own twist on it?

Throughout this, I refer back to the concepts I have noted down. If they fit, I typically slot them in under shoulds or wants. After that, I make a design document or roadmap, that basically lists what needs to be done to make the game as well as a description of each thing.

After that, well, make your game!

Or realize that the concept would never work, crumple it up, and throw it out the window and start again. Whatever suits you.

Typically the result of all this is an idea that looks like many games and media I have experienced were all chopped up, tossed in a blender, blended, and poured into a rather dubious looking smoothie that (hopefully) still tastes good.

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