What's Your Roblox Story?


Everyone has their origin story, their own background and history on the Roblox platform. The stories all start at the same place: Discovering Roblox. What comes next? For many developers, they begin building experiences on Roblox for fun and, well, what comes after that can be lifechanging.

We’re beyond excited to share stories from two Roblox developers, CJ_Oyer and Zoebasil, who have each offered to share their inspiring journey with us!

Take a look at this short preview of CJ and Zoe’s stories.

You can watch the full videos of their stories by clicking each link below:

We hope you enjoy watching these tales of self-discovery and that you feel inspired to share your own #RobloxStory :heart:

Thank you!


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I started playing roblox early 2018 and fell in love the game.

I found out that roblox isn’t the one making the games I am playing, but it is others, ever since then I always wanted to be a roblox developer, I made a few terrible games with free models and for the whole of 2019 I stopped developing.

But then 2020 came and the quarantine happened, I was pretty bored and remembered my dream of becoming a roblox developer, I immediately opened studio wanting to become a builder, unfortunately I realized that building is very hard for me because I lack creativity, so I decided to learn scripting, I didnt struggle that much and I really enjoyed learning it.

Almost 7 months later, I have learned a lot and I am continuing to learn. I have done things I would have never imagined I would a year ago.

Roblox has been great for me, thank you.

edit: lol then i stopped playing for 6 months


GollyGreg used bad wood grain in a game he made in 2010 and he refused to fix it after I pointed it out so I vowed eternal vegence on him until he does



I started roblox officially in 2011, I used my brothers account that was made in 2008 and then eventually moved onto my own when I was old enough.

Roblox is a good enviroment to OOP and new developers. It’s family friendly (in some aspects of course) But ROBLOX has always brung me back no matter what. It’s honestly heartwarming what roblox can do to children, and a lot of the time; adults.


You can do either one or both if you’d like, for the video version though I believe they’re wanting it to be posted on another platform along with #RobloxStory . The written one if you choose to do that can be posted on here, or on another platform with the hashtag if you’d like.


I first heard about Roblox back in either early 2009 or very late 2008 from a friend of my older brother who played the game. Eventually, I made an account on January 18th, 2009. We both started playing it; sometimes together, sometimes individually. Seemed like fun, I guess. Then later found out that we were able to make games ourselves. After messing around with free models for a long time, coding caught my eye. But of course, I didn’t know anything about it since I was just a little kid. I always looked at free models trying to figure out what does what in it instead of ever officially learning about Lua. With that and until the Developer Hub came to be a thing (or at least maybe I found out about it way too late), that’s the only way I ever learned to code. I’m far from a professional, I’ll readily admit that, but it was kind of fun to learn it that way. Seeing how other people did it. I still do it now (coding, I mean) and am content with it. I don’t know how much more I’ll improve, but I’ll keep trying.


Started fooling around on studio when I was about 9, I didn’t really get into game development until late 2017 when Jailbreak came out.

I took about 3 coding classes, but the best help was The Advanced Roblox Coding Book, by @codeprime8

I saw what Roblox was capable of so I wanted to push it to it’s limits, that’s why I’m making the game that I’m making rn, I can’t share much about it but it’s a mix of a showcase and adventure.


I found Roblox from my sister, she told me about it and I loved it. I found that a thing called “Roblox Studio” installed on my computer. I was obviously curious what it was so I clicked on it. It was confusing at first but after a few tutorials it made since.


let’s see. I don’t remember when I joined exactly but I do remember a majority of what kept happening to me. getting banned for ridiculous reasons, getting bullied for being furry, getting told I wouldn’t succeed, etc


I actually showed up in April of 2015, but I’ve been playing since at least 2014 as a guest. I started on Ultimate Driving and similar games, and a few months ago I got around to learning to dev.

I learned to develop clothing from NJSP_101 with Emergency Response Customs (and am still learning under him), and I got some decent building chops too. Over five years after I joined, I’m working on my own game.

I’m still learning and growing, slowly but steadily. I hope I get to finish and publish my game eventually.


The player:
My story begins with Roblox. I’m just a kid whose friend showed me a game called Roblox. I play a game called Zombie Rush. I like it, but we obviously have to move to other games. I played Bee Swarm Simulator, Bubble Gum Simulator, and other games. Then came 2019, the year that changed my life forever.

The new developer:
2019 was the start of developing for me. Since I started playing on a computer, my friend said I should get Roblox Studio. We make some dumb game together, and start planning for a game which eventually got moderated for having bad content. I soon make my own group called Pinleon Studios, and on 8/14/19 at 3:35 pm EST, Ghirardelli Factory Tycoon was born. It was obviously a tycoon. I released it 2 days after development, and then started working more on it. Halloween came, and I made some broken Halloween event. Then thanksgiving came, and I made a Thanksgiving tycoon. Same for Christmas. I released a game in Alpha called Sweet Empire, a sandbox tycoon. I then decided I should have it in development more before release.

The better developer:
Then came Inquisitors, the simulator game that currently has potential if I make it correctly. Suddenly, COVID appeared, and I was able to develop more often due to remote learning. May came. May was when I created this topic, which was when I’m pretty sure I changed the name Ghirardelli Factory Tycoon to Chocoblox Factory Tycoon. Summer then started, and marked a period of a lack of motivation. I thought I was gonna release an update like early July but that update happened on the Anniversary, 8/14. September came, October came along with the Halloween event.

Present day: Now we fast forward from day one (May 31st, 2019) to day 539. I have many plans for the future, and my story has only just begun.

Short story: I come to Roblox, then in 2019 I start developing, then I make a game that gets moderated, then I make a group game, then I develop that group game, then I make some other games that I closed, then COVID appeared, so I developed more, then I come here.


My Roblox story begins with a simple Google search for “Club penguin” when I was 10 and then there was an ad for Roblox.

And from there, I spent like 3 years doing nothing and then an additional 5 years doing nothing and now I’m here, also doing nothing.

It’s all fine though because I enjoy the games and community. :smile:


I’ll still give you a brief story.

  • First started building in 2015 with my friend, we were working on my old and abandoned game concept, ‘The Prey’.

  • Friend got my account deleted for reasons I’d rather not go into.

  • Took a year off from playing Roblox, came back in 2017 to try again, when I came back in 2017, I came back to a game and community that had change and evolved.

  • Moved around in games for a while trying to find a purpose inside the community.

  • Found some people who needed some dev help, built for them and had fun, and that’s what led to that.


This is actually a pretty interesting story for me, given how this platform has dramatically changed what I want to be doing long term.

I always had this interest in tinkering with things. Back when I was very young, probably around 4 years old, I would constantly try to play a Minecraft demo on my moms phone. I even recall sitting in my room around this age and just playing with a table and train set I had gotten. Eventually after I had gotten a ton of viruses on her phone she got fed up and decided to buy me an Xbox 360. I never connected this to the internet and just stuck with the vanilla Minecraft.

I was first introduced to Roblox by a friend in early 2015. I had only started out playing as a guest on his phone every now and then. Later that year I ended up making an account. Ever since then, I was only playing games. I would end up playing these sort of police roleplay games and did so for a very long time. Fast forward to late 2017 and I had probably played hundreds of these types of games. I ended up wanting to make my own and I created these sort of games up until early this year. This was when I really realized that the projects I were doing were solely passion projects, but I was losing passion on them.

Fast forward to the present, I am working on a project with a very close friend. This project not only has me very motivated, but also has the opportunity to financially support me.

I decided to pursue this professionally and plan to make a career out of working on this platform. Previously, I would have thought I would have gone into medicine or law enforcement, but this platform offered me something that you can’t find all to often; a job that you enjoy doing, a job that you are good at doing, and a job that pays well.

TD;LR I started on this platform in 2015 playing games and eventually started using the platform as a creative outlet after school to make games. Present day I now pursue this professionally and plan to make a long term career out of it.


I started playing around 2013, on an old laptop. It got a thousands of viruses so my parents took it back, unfortunately I didn’t get another one. I came back in 2015 and created this account. Took alot of breaks between 2015 and the around July 2019. Between those times it was just casual, non-development ROBLOX content. Got into some gameshow communities and learned about scripting. Was instantly hooked on it. I had a few games, no seriousness or scripting just fidgeting around, but when I learned about scripting I instantly knew it was my passion. Learned about Lua, played around with it for about a year or so? From July-Now. Along the way I learned Python and NodeJs in the beginning phases, like syntax, and understanding of the language. Still not to an advanced state in language, hopefully I can achieve that in Lua. Learning c# for a school project, and have a personal project. So far, I think i’m on track and hopefully my journey will pay off.


I still remember when I got my first Computer, I was so excited to get it & learn new things. Yet though, I was confused on what I wanted to become when I grew older. Nearly a year passes, I go to school, talk with my friends, play normal games and such. Then a day at school, a new guy came in, we introduced each other, later became best friends, nearly talked every single day and yeah! And then, one day he asked me, “Hey, do you know Roblox?”, I was like, “Roblox, what in the world is that?”. He told me it’s a platform which has lots of games to play, we can become friends in their and play after school. I mean, I was really hyped when I heard about it, so told him yes, we’ll play after school.

A year passes, we goof around, play games in roblox. Then, all of a sudden, I thought, damn, how are these games even made…?? How do people make “games”. Later did I know that Roblox has a feature where you can make anything which you imagine. Oh man, I still remember that day, I hoped into studio & had no idea what I was doing. My best friend was like, yo, lets play Prison Life, I was like, “Yoooo dudeee, you know what roblox studio is?” He was like, “No, lets just play a game”. Welp, I told him yeah sure, lets do it, but in my mind I was like, “Welp, I’m coming back in here in my free time”.

After that, every day after school, got into studio, taught myself how to build, watched Youtube Tutorials about how I can get better in what I’m doing, etc. Year passes, I get better and better into Building. But then I think again, how does games really REALLY work, as in, how does the car move, how do you use the gun to shoot, how do you run? Then I realized, you can Script in Studio. Of course I got straight into Youtube, searched up how I can script. Soon later I got bored, I always had that negative thought that no, I’m just wasting my time and I’m not learning anything, let me just focus on my Building’s and yeah about it. But then, I thought to myself, you know, since I really like things about “Tech” why not I focus and be positive about it. Went back to Youtube, learned the Beginning of Scripting series, (Made by AlvinBlox :P), finished it and damn, I was really proud of myself! I understood the basics of the functions, variables etc.

And now, to the present, me and my friend, we both are working on our first project! I’ve also done commissions for Building (since that is what I was mostly good in), made some decent revenue off of it & now I’m focusing more into getting back and learning Advanced Programming and learning other languages as well as finishing up my Project. And man, I absolutely cannot thank enough to my Best Bud for introducing me to Roblox and ofc to Roblox for having an amazing platform!

Anyhow, thank you ROBLOX & my best bud, @Voxzt ! :heart:


Well anyway, my Roblox story is pretty short.

I originally joined Roblox off of just a friend’s recommendation, and we would just play GTA Bloxwood together. The good times… However, over the years I started playing more Phantom Forces, and my friend messaged me saying this exact message (I have saved)

I look at it from time to time, and remember the good ol’ days, robbin’ banks with the fam and driving cool cars.

After years of playing around, I played a game called “Arcane Adventures”, and discovered my love for magic. After the game got removed, broken from a roblox update- I was very sad. In fact heart broken. So I decided, why wait for others to make my dreams when I can sculpt them myself?

And that is where it started.

I originally discovered my love for development after miserably failing in studio multiple times. Because I really like a good challenge, learning how to make my own universe really gave me a goal. And from there I just used the Roblox API reference, trial, and error, and my friend @magicmage12345 to learn the basics of Roblox.

Long after, I revisited the idea to attempt a magic adventure game. And that is where I am now, continuing my story in hopes that I will one day bring back the fun I once experienced for others to enjoy as much as I did.


I found Roblox through my friend and together, in 2016, we created my account, and we played with each other for a few months before we split


Since my post got swarm by “wrong category police officers”, it’s time to tell my story again. Thanks to @Sergeant_Roach to moving the right category!

I joined Roblox in 2014 via an advertisment. I enjoyed it until now, i’m 14 years old! Anyway I started developing in 2018. It was hard at first, but started getting easier. Until now i’m still stuck at the basics. :joy:
My family never played it, but i love showing off my skills though. That’s my Roblox story.