Workspace.FilteringEnabled property should be deprecated and hidden

Right now as a developer the workspace.FilteringEnabled property is useless as turning it off does nothing except put a message on your game that it might not function as intended. I feel this will be confusing for new developers as having an option available that does nothing, or doesn’t behave according to legacy documentation, is not intuitive. I feel hiding this so it can only be set through scripts and not through the UI, and setting it to true by default, will remove this confusion.


I feel like this should still be done. If not the deprecation, then the hiding of the property at the very least. This feature request is still somewhat relevant.

The FilteringEnabled property currently does nothing except control the display of a potentially inaccurate message under your place’s Play button (Filtering-compatible games may still have the message if they don’t tick off FilteringEnabled). It also tricks some developers, somehow, into thinking that FilteringEnabled is still a opt-based feature.


Bump, i’m still confused as to why the property still isn’t deprecated, nor hidden. It no longer serves a purpose as all games are forced filtering enabled.

If its in because of the "This game may not function as intended" messege, than i suggest adding a replacement property, like; Workspace.ExperimentalModeMessageEnabled or something like that.


This unused property as well as AllowThirdPartySales are still visible in Studio, confusing new developers. It’s pretty silly this has been there for over a year doing nothing, and that the other property just never did anything in the first place, and is still there doing nothing.

Can we clean up these old dead Workspace properties sometime soon?


Still supporting this feature request. If it may cause problems for games that need to convert, then giving it the treatment that part surfaces got would be ideal meaning that only games with the FilteringEnabled property set to false can still see it for the sake of checking it off but all other games with it checked off have the property hidden.

Somehow in 2021, 4 years after the new client-server model was announced and 3 years after it became the forced default model, there still seems to be a number of developers who don’t know that the property does not have any effect on the DataModel (toggling it does nothing). That’s at least developers we know of; not hard to imagine developers off the forum still have this misconception. It’s also just pointless to see a property that doesn’t do anything in the explorer.


For posterity, this is done: FilteringEnabled Property is Being Deprecated - #100 by Subcritical_alt