World Panel Settings Now Available

Hey Developers,

A new World panel is available in Game Settings. This panel provides an easy way to adjust the gravity and related avatar settings in one place, so you can fine tune how the player characters move within the world you build:

Different gravity settings will affect how players perceive your world, from a smaller, toy-like world, to a realistic world. The lighter gravity settings make the objects in the world feel larger, as they fall more slowly to the ground.

Currently, there are 3 Presets to choose from as a starting point for your game:

  • Classic - the current Roblox default, includes stronger gravity
  • Realistic - real world gravity and human movement
  • Action - Hollywood action movie/game, the character can jump higher and farther than a normal person

If you are used to the Roblox default, the other 2 settings may feel a little floaty at first. We encourage you to test the Presets and find the one that best fits your game. After selecting the Preset you want for your game, you can continue to adjust the individual settings listed below.

We have also added a new property. Previously, Jump Power was the only method to adjust how high and far your character jumps. You can now choose between 2 properties:

  • Jump Height (NEW) - how high the character jumps, in studs
  • Jump Power - the force applied to the character

The biggest difference is that Jump Height guarantees that the character will reach that height, no matter what the gravity setting is, as opposed to Jump Power. For example: build a 50 stud high ledge, and set the Jump Height to 50, and the character will jump to the top of the ledge, with any gravity setting.

You can see how all of these values interact with each other, by changing one of the values. For example, setting the walk speed or gravity will automatically show you the max jump distance.

When we add more ways to tune character movement in the future, we will add them to the World Panel for easy access.


The Roblox Team


Nice! Now we don’t have to put a humanoid in StarterCharacter anymore. Another quality-of-life change from Roblox, I like it :smile:


This is a definite step in the right direction for Roblox. The more customization, the better!


Thank you, I like this new update. It will now be easier to set those changes to our worlds. :+1:


I thought 196.2 gravity = 9.8m/s/s?


:thinking: I hope this is backwards compatible with adding humanoids to the StarterCharacter (and that the StarterHumanoid would load after these settings, overwriting these preferences). On first glance it seems that this may defeat the purpose of having these values controlled through code, despite being a quick way to set up world values off the bat and in a good, clear interface. Could use some clarification on that…

Awesome work in any case, absolutely loving the new assembled interface and I think this allows for newer developers the perfect tools to create cool, unique features without breaking a sweat! Good stuff!


I would love to see checkboxes for enabling/disabling jumping and climbing, as well as being able to change settings across all places in a game and also individually instead, however I really like the layout and addition of this!


How did you calculate your studs to meters conversion?


If I have to be honest, I am failing to see the use for this World panel. All of these settings are already properties of existing objects like Workspace.Gravity and Humanoid.MaxSlopeAngle. Most of these aren’t singleton either (like all the Humanoid properties) and could be different per user depending on the gameplay the developer wants to provide.

In my honest opinion, I think this feature is only going to add more confusion for new developers.

Am I missing something important here?


I think making a proxy menu for these properties is more user friendly, but why are jump settings under StarterPlayer in their own category, shouldn’t these be under the Character category? This is starting to look stupidly overcomplicated.



thats a really awesome panel the game settings are looking better and better by any new release!

Keep up the work! :smile:


If I hold down spacebar with the Realistic preset, I do something like a double jump for some reason.
Seems like a bug.


Seems like a great feature to help a ton of people. Wish there was an easy toggle for bubble/classic chat.


I personally think it would make things easier for new developers. That being said, the point is that as Roblox plans on adding new character settings as said in the post, it will be easier to have everything gathered together in the game settings.


Something very useful. Roblox should’ve added an option with player no-packages or with-packages; where you can choose what package what your game wants.

Overall, this is a good update. This should’ve of been tested with people in the beta program because the realistic preset like @qqtt991 shows in his experience that it looks very awful and needs to be fixed.



Jokes aside, this is a pretty nice update! Great to see Roblox making setting up stuff like this easier


Classic roblox gravity isn’t 9.8m/s^2. However, the new realistic preset is.


In roblox scripts can change or control almost anything, I highly doubt that roblox would remove the option from a script. If you take a look at some obbies that have a block to change the jump hight of a player, then if backwards compatibility were to be removed then it breaks a whole lot of obbies and makes them less interesting in some of the obstacles you can make.

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Another beautiful addition I love it, this would make it easier for people to change a humanoid setting. For say without a script or editing the StarterPlayer to make some pretty cool game. :cool::heart:

but i’d go with Zomebody and say this is adding more ways to change the same setting.

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Very thankful for JumpHeight; JumpPower was hard to work with because it didn’t seem to correlate nicely with real world units. This will definitely help me in the future!