(0/2) OPEN! | Itsyourdriver | Building, Scripting, GFX, + More!

Commissions are Closed, I still haven’t moved to the talent hub yet

I do intend on moving there and finishing my portfolio so I can accept more work, though all of that depends on my time.

GFX Game Icons will be 10% off for around another week :woot:

:wave: Hey there! I’m @Itsyourdriver and welcome to my portfolio. I do pretty much everything here, so I’m not the best with all of it.

Important Notes For Possible Customers

- When you pay with T-Shirt/Gamepass/Shirt/Pants/Non-Group fund payments, you will pay the tax.

My Work Examples

Scripting (CLOSED)

The framework for a simulator game:
bare-bones simulator framework. - Roblox
I’ve scripted a full lag test game, feel free to check it out. (this was made a while ago.)
make your device explode simulator - Roblox
I cannot send you any more examples as most are private / are hard for me to show you, once I get my game out then I will have more examples.

Building (CLOSED)

Depending on the map/level, I will model a tree or a rock for the map. :smile:
Obby Stages:

A Cafe / Restraunt For Spaced Coffee

You can view the above build here.
A homestore built for “DAYBREAK”. (one of my old clothing groups.)

You can view the above build here.
More Props and Stages!


I’ll add more examples here soon.


Did you know? You can add on a logo for 100 robux if you order a game icon/game thumbnail!


Spaced Coffee
skated, my old clothing group

Group And Game Icons:



More coming soon.


Bigheads United Ad


All of my icons are either from flaticon, or made by me.

Game Logos:

Group Logos:


Clothing Designing (CLOSED)

Pants Examples are coming soon.

Shirts (All of my new examples.)

I own a clothing group called Nostalgic Aesthetics

Here are my detailed examples:


purple retro cardigan - Roblox
green retro cardigan - Roblox
blue retro cardigan - Roblox

Others (I messed around with shading here.)

roses crop - Roblox
rainbows crop top - Roblox
white crop top - Roblox
roses - Roblox

UGC / Hat Shirts / Pants

Bigheads United

| Bigheads United | - Roblox

Here are the clothes I’ve made for UGC items and other items:

Boil And Trouble Bighead

Boil And Trouble - Roblox
Boil And Trouble - Roblox

Bigger Plush Noob

Bigger Plush Noob - Roblox

Bigger Plush Noob - Roblox


Biggerhead Shirt - Roblox

Biggerhead Pants - Roblox

Biggest Head

Biggest Head Shirt - Roblox

Biggest Head Pants - Roblox


Bighead Shirt - Roblox

Bighead Pants - Roblox

Gamepass & Badge Icons

Icons are either made by me or from flaticon.

I’m available most of the time on weekdays & weekends.

Payment Types:


Keep In Mind, You can negotiate, I’m open to negotiating prices. :grin:
Prices are below.

Logo Pricing

:checkered_flag: Group or Game Icon: 150-250 Robux
:compass: Gamepass / Badge Icon: 75 - 100 Robux, (can be ordered in bulk for 35 each when ordering 3 or more)

GFX Pricing

:upside_down_face: GFX Game Icon: 400- 900 :robux: (10% OFF ALL GFX ICONS)
:framed_picture: : GFX Game Thumbnail: 2,000 - 5,000 :robux_gold: (depends on complexity & lighting)
Advertisement: 600 - 2,000 :robux_gold: (depends on effects and editing)
:coefficients: GFX Profile Picture: 600 - 900 :robux: (depends on effects and editing)

Building Pricing

:world_map: Whole Game Map: 9,000 - 30,000 :robux_gold:
:city_sunset:: Game Level: 1,300 - 1,700 :robux: (etc: tower obby stage, or a small zombie wave defence game level.)

Scripting Pricing

:robot: Full Game Mechanics: Depends on complexity.
:desktop_computer: Scripting a small item (etc, a shop, kill part): 100 - 1,500 :robux:

Clothing Pricing

:tshirt: Shirt (etc, group merch, streetwear, crop top, all that): 200 - 500 :robux: (per design)
:jeans: Pants (etc, jeans, skirts) 250 - 525 :robux: (per design)

Contact Options:
:roblox_light: Devforum Contact: @Itsyourdriver
emojisize Discord: Itsyourdriver#7497 (dm first if you can to let me know where you are coming from)


My Commissions are open now! :partying_face:

(Offer Closed.) Doing 1 Free Quick Group Logo, Contact Me ASAP!

Hey, I am interesting. Please contact me for the group logo!

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Hey! I’ll contact you when I get the chance. Thanks.

No problem. Happy to work with you.

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I really recommend this guy! He won’t get mad if you don’t like something. He would change it until you like it! He is a very hard worker.

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I really like your work, you seem super creative and have awesome pricing! I’m not interested in purchasing anything right now but will definitely consider you when looking for work.

And it’s also nice to see someone using my banner template from my portfolio post How to make a good portfolio

Have fun!

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This artist took only about 10 minutes to make a top of the line game icon! And for that Awesome Studios thanks you!

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10/10 Recommend him. He did what I asked him to do proficiently and quickly. Great working with him.


would you be able to make something like this
Very simplistic kinda thingy

Possibly, You’d have to tell me exactly what you’d like. (because my gfx rig doesn’t support random body parts and packages) Dm me here or on discord. Remember, next time, please dm me instead of putting more replies here.

Hey everyone, a little update: I got around to making my own banners! :partying_face:

And this portfolio may get redone in the future, stay tuned!

Hey! Please add me: 卄ㄩ几ㄒ乇尺#3768

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Redoing my portfolio, still closed. (No, I won’t be reposting.)

Finished redoing my portfolio, enjoy the new banners & updated dropdowns.

:tada: I have opened up commissions again.

I am now only doing GFX, Logo Design, and gamepass icons for now.

psst, 10% all gfx icons :slight_smile: