[$1000 USD] Builder/Modeler needed for Movie Theater Build

About The Game

The game will be Work at a Movie Theater where you take on various theater jobs such as: Concessions, Box, Usher, and more! While playing you’ll be able to rank up, and certain rank ups will unlock more jobs you can play as. I plan on multiple elements clashing together with NPCs who respond to certain situations such as if a theater is clean, or if the line is moving too slow. I have a google doc of my current plan for the game which is subject to change.

I have been working at a movie theater for 9 months so far and plan on using my theater knowledge to make a game out of my job.

The Team

ChuckXZ - Project Lead, Programming, UI Design, Music, Funding
[You] - Builder, 3D Modeler

What Will Be Needed To Be Done

Right now I plan on a basic structure layout with a box office outside, a concession stand, 14 theaters that can sit between 100-200 characters, an expanded food area, projection, as well as a few other areas. I have some brief sketches on the layout if interested.

Build Style I am Looking for

I am looking for a builder/modeler talented in the low-poly, no textures kind of building such as the reference images below.

Capture2 Drvp2OXXgAAnwyt

Work Conditions

My main condition is that all your work done will be done in a studio place that I will give you access to once you are chosen. The reason is so I can actively check on your progress, suggest any needed changes, and make any personal changes myself.

Communication is a must have and vitally important. One of the most important aspects. Discord is a requirement.

I am generally very lenient when it comes to working. I am not going to impose you work a certain amount of hours. All I care is that progress is being made, you can take as much time as needed. There is no defined deadline at the moment as there is too much work on my end keeping me busy. My current guess for a deadline would be 3 months but it could be extended if needed.


The payment for the entire job is $1000(why else even read this post). You can chose to wait at the end to be payed or we could negotiate certain checkpoints of things to get done and split the payment accordingly for when certain tasks are complete. Payment is in USD only via PayPal.

I am also offering a $50 referral payment in the event that someone I hire was referred to me by someone else. The referrer would end up getting a $50 referral bonus.


You can either contact me here on the devforums via DM, or(more preferably), you can contact me on Discord via Aidan#5633

There is no deadline to apply until I have confirmed found someone I am positive is a good fit.

Please not that I am going to be very selective with which applicant I entrust to the building aspect. I want my vision to come true, and I need someone who can help me bring that vision.


Hi, I’m a builder interested in discussing the job. My discord is Gravitydefier#0621, have sent you an FR :slight_smile:


The builder @AmazingAbs builds with the style you want, here’s his portfolio;

I refer you to @TrustMeImRussian, he will be a perfect fit for this! He does many different styles and could definitely do anything you need done, here’s his portfolio;

Trustmeimrussian - The most trustable builder for hire

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Hey there, here is my portfolio:

I have been mostly working on Low Poly style.

I work all days except weekends.


Hey man! Super interested in this job! Heres my work: [OPEN] DisturbedSinox | Builder

Extremely interested in this. My discord is Squidzyee#8896.

I’ve also made a much smaller cinema in the past which was just a theatre room.

Here is also my portfolio.

Hey! I suggest hiring @cadjonathan! He is very good at modeling and building.

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Hello!, i’m interested in taking this commission although feel as if you might’ve already found the person for the job, if this is the case ignore this ~ if not here’s my portfolio :slight_smile:

I’ma refer my friend @Formeru

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I agree with the work conditions and have sent you a Discord request. I am not familiar with the theaters. However, your brief sketches or any reference images you can provide me would be extremely helpful.

This is my Discord handle: Fomer#3002

(Referred by an excellent developer, @dispeller)

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