[$400+ USD] Hiring Builder

You’re offering a large potential budget for your commission, which is great for most developers who would be interested. However I think that there’s two things that would be appreciated by everyone and would improve your appeal for this job.

  • More detail within the job offer, a better format which will make you look slightly more professional.
  • Some reference images so people don’t have to throw themselves into the deep end trying to make something they’re unfamiliar with.

Hopefully this helps you maximise the chances of finding the client you’re after. I would take an interest but medieval builds aren’t my forté.


oop, ur right. I should give more detail because it ain’t medieval. I’m looking for a 2 room, multiple tiered modern banquet hall like this. cq5dam.web.512.512

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Would also be helpful to drop in some information if there’s a deadline for your project too, sometimes that throws off developers from taking an opportunity.

If it’s modern style, I’ll take an interest. My discord is Squidzyee#8896 (slightly off the age limit but it doesn’t hurt if you like my work)

Drop a portfolio here please. I don’t like to deny developers because it makes me feel bad and it’s easier for me to ghost you here lol

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Sure thing…

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This is a really interesting offer, but also pretty vague…are 3D models made in other Softwares outside of Roblox Studio allowed? Or are you asking for everything to be completely made in Studio? And if they are allowed would texturing be required? Also as the hall it’s expected to host 200 players should we make it the most optimized we can?

I’d like to try applying for this job (and not to be ghosted lol) so you can see my work here.

Discord: 這當然沒有意義#9614

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I have years of experience working with medieval assets and as such, feel as if I’m qualified for said job. If you’re interested, please contact me at ParlousPlutonium#2652.

Portfolio: ParlousPlutonium's Portfolio - Environmental Designer, 3D Modeler, High and Low Poly Builder

I can provide more examples of my works in DMS if needed.

My apologies, misread the post and assumed it was medieval. I can make it in any style you wish.

I’m a builder, I could build things for you if you want. Here is my discord if you are interested:

Portoflio; N/A

Here’s my discord. Feel free to contact me regarding this development position of it is still currently open. Cheers.


Hi! If this position is still open, I’m totally interested. I’ve got 5+ years of professional experience behind me, and work for countless satisfied clients that I’ve commissioned for in the past on display here:

You can contact me at DreadNautical#7764 if interested!

Take Look at my Portfolio,If you liked it contact me!

Seems like there’s more images of this banquet hall, check out my portfolios here before we can put this same reference.

An excellent opportunity I feel a good fit for


Thank you for your time.

Hey might as well offer my services as well

(discord in portfolio)

I am still looking as I have not found someone that has made definitive progress on this game.

after thinking for some time, I finally am applying for this position. Although I am mainly a 3D Modeler I still got quite some experience in the building field. Here is my portfolio: ItzOnlyKairo | 3D Modeler | [Closed]

Hello, i’m interested.

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