"ActivateCameraController did not select a module" warning in "CameraModule.lua"

This warning seems to have started to appear recently.
In my case, it always appears when I activate a free camera in my game.
Studio does not indicate a traceback.
Clicking on the warning, it shows this line inside the module “CameraModule.lua”:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Roblox\Versions\version-096c60fcfa5e4ca2\ExtraContent\scripts\PlayerScripts\StarterPlayerScripts_NewStructure\PlayerModule.module\CameraModule.lua


Debugging my code, I noticed that this warning appears exactly when I try to assign an object to Camera.Subject:


  1. Create an empty project
  2. Create any part
  3. Put this code in LocalScript
local Camera = workspace.CurrentCamera
Camera.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Scriptable
Camera.CameraSubject = workspace.Part
  1. Run

You’ll get the warning:



I’ve been getting this warning recently as well. When I tested my code, I determined that it did occur when setting the Camera Subject, but not always. In my game, I change the camera depending on the different game type that is occuring for the player. When I change the camera to match the settings of the game they want to play, there is no warning. However, when I set the camera back to the original settings, it will always produce the warning.

if changeTo == "Default" then
	workspace.CurrentCamera.CameraSubject =	CameraSubject -- produces warning
	workspace.CurrentCamera.CFrame = CameraCFrame
	workspace.CurrentCamera.CameraType = CameraType
	Player.CameraMinZoomDistance = MinZoom
	Player.CameraMaxZoomDistance = MaxZoom

	if CameraStates[changeTo] then
		local cameraData = CameraStates[changeTo]
		-- cameraData = {subject, position, max / min zoom distance}
		workspace.CurrentCamera.CameraSubject = cameraData[1] -- produces no warning
		workspace.CurrentCamera.Focus = cameraData[1].CFrame
		workspace.CurrentCamera.CFrame = cameraData[2]
		workspace.CurrentCamera.CameraType = "Scriptable"
		Player.CameraMinZoomDistance = cameraData[3]
		Player.CameraMaxZoomDistance = cameraData[3]

Same here @itsLevande, @rogeriodec_games

It’s really starting to get annoying at this point because I need to find some way to fix this without setting the camera type to anything else rather than custom.


Same thing here. Except this is happening when I set the CFrame. Been stressing out about this an entire day and couldn’t find anything on my end wrong.


I managed to fix the problem by keeping CameraType and not changing from “Scriptable” to “Custom”, I just simply kept it at custom.


Just to note there was a VehicleCamera module recently added so that could possibly be causing issues.


I require the Scriptable camera module though. There is no way around that.


I’ve debugged around with this, and this is definitely caused by the new vehicle camera update; the only step to reproduce it is to set your CameraType to Scriptable/update the CameraSubject.

I’ve also started to get this error within the past week or so… Whenever I set the CameraType to Scriptable in any local script this happens. The error killing my game’s performance. This problem immediately goes away as soon as I remove the lines below from all my scripts.

local camera = workspace.CurrentCamera
camera.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Scriptable

I’m not sure if this is related here but when I play my game in Studio, the camera will focus on a part the second the player joins (as it is meant to do). However, when I play the game normally, my camera stays on my character’s head and never focuses on the part. I got that warning in the console.


This is still happening, CameraType.Scriptable is completely broken. I have to use other camera types which screws up expected behavior.

Thanks for the report. Please expect a delay in progress due to holidays and we will get back to you as soon as we return.


I also got this error when trying to switch my camera to scriptable.

EDIT: I found out what was happening for me, and it was my own stupidity not studio. I forgot I had a transparent GUI element covering the screen which was causing all the problems listed. Once I got rid of that, everything worked fine. /edit

I’ve been having all sorts of problems in studio since last night, at least some traceable to something related to this. I originally posted here: Driving a better Vehicle Camera


This has been happening to me since the car camera update. This might have something to do with it.

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I’ve still got this problem :confused:


Can confirm that I’m still experiencing the problem when CameraType.Scriptable is set, I can’t find any accurate solutions to fix this problem.image


I’ve tested around with this for a while and I’ve noticed that if you add a wait() at the beginning there’s no warning and the script works fine.


local Camera = game.Workspace.Camera
Camera.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Scriptable
Camera.CFrame = CFrame.new(0, 0, 10)

You can do that or you just do this

Camera.CameraSubject = nil

That, or you can set it to something else. Either way it disables the warning.