Analytics Home: View Avatar Item Analytics and Monitor Experiences Across Groups and Your Account

Hello creators,

Today, we’re excited to launch a new Analytics Home that lets you monitor key information for your creations in one place, including:

  1. Avatar item sales and revenue
  2. Experience insights and stats across all of your groups and your account

To visit Analytics Home, click the link above or tap the new Analytics button in your Creator Hub left nav at the group or account level.

Track your avatar sales and revenue overall and per item

Avatar analytics are finally here!

On the Avatar Items tab of Analytics Home, you’ll see your top selling and grossing avatar items for the selected time period. You’ll also see a chart with your avatar sales and revenue overall and for your top 8 items. We have complete avatar data since June 30, 2023.

Below the chart, you can see a table that includes up to 200 of your top selling or grossing items. You can filter this table by category (e.g., bundle, hat) and sales type (e.g., limiteds, non-limiteds) and sort by sales or revenue.

Monitor your experiences across all of your groups and your account

On the Experience tab of Analytics Home, our new Watchlist feature makes it easy for you to monitor stats and insights for your experiences across all of your groups and your account.

  1. Add an experience to your watchlist by pasting the URL to the experience’s detail page or creator experience overview page.
  2. Drag and drop to rearrange the experiences or click the X to remove an experience.

Your Watchlist is unique to your account. If you lose analytics access to an experience, you will no longer be able to see non-public stats for that experience in your Watchlist.

Below your Watchlist, you can see a list of experiences for your selected group or your account. Hover over an experience and click the “+” button to add it to your Watchlist.

What’s next

We’re working on breaking down individual developer products, game passes, and avatar item commission revenue for experiences next. Go visit your Analytics Home today and please let us know if you have any questions or feedback and stay tuned for more updates!

Thank you.


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Nice update (AI generated icons tho :skull:)


An interesting section to visualize the analysis.
I take this opportunity to add that, with the addition of the new interface aesthetics, the “My community” tab no longer appears. Has it been moved to another section or is it a mistake?


It’s great to see that Roblox is working for Roblox creators and improving day by day!


This is a very good update, a first step to something I’e been wanting for a while now.

I work on a game thats owned by an automated account, and have teamcreate permission to this game. Because of how teamcreates work, I am unable to view the analytics, error, etc. dashboards for the game. Loading the game into the “watchlist” in this dashboard shows that I do not have analytics permission for this experiene.

Theres no mention in the original post about what this means for users who work on a game in a teamcreate. Is there an option to give people “Analytics Permission” for these games? Or is this something that we will need to wait on?


Will this expand to include tracking marketplace items like Plugins, Models, etc? Especially with the upcoming improvements to the Marketplace announced at RDC23, it’s important to have tracking for our products beyond just experiences and avatars.


our prayers have been answered! analytics team is lowkey goated, can’t wait to see what’s cooked up next


So glad to finally see this go live!

Analytics team continues to be the gold standard for what transparency and listening to community feedback should look like. Thank you for continually delivering helpful updates in response to the needs of the community!


Next time you make a change to the creator hub, please give some sort of notice. The documentation page was broken for around 45 minutes today.


With existing products you can change how an Experience is owned so that you aren’t limited by TeamCreate collaboration permissions anymore:

  1. Create a Group and create role sets with the appropriate Analytics permission
  2. Add everyone who has TC only permissions to the right group and role set
  3. Ask the Experience owner to do an Experience Transfer to the Group create in (1)
    -Full rollout of Experience Transfer is still in-progress

Will you guys also be revamping the user Ad’s page? Currently it sents you to the old website to do the ads


Massive W that you can customize which games appear on the analytics homepage! The normal homepage is just filled with my old testing places with zero activity.


User ads will likely no longer be maintained beyond major bug patches as they are to be removed in early Q1 2024.


Very glad that I can view sales again, but I can’t seem to view lifetime sales for my clothing group, Super Salty Peanuts.

When I select the custom range, the earliest I can go is October 31st, 2022. However, I made the group on July 28th, 2021, and I have sales dating back to that year that aren’t accounted for by this range. Is this a bug or intentional?

The only suggestion I really have is a page simply there to view the lifetime sales of anything sold through my group and maybe the sales over 7 days, kind of like how you used to view them through the old create page. I’m really only concerned with the lifetime sales, as I need them for a feature in the group’s work-in-progress homestore. The graphs and custom date range are good and all, but I just want a more straightforward way to view sales

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Is anybody going to talk about the A.I. generated thumbnails?

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nah what, roblox is using ai thumbnails? bru


This is not a viable option for us, as we need the game to be owned by our automated account in order to buy models. Because of this, no one on the team is able to view any of the analytics which makes it hard to evaluate what we need to do.

Can we expect this to expand to team create in the near or far future?


This is a nice update!!

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I am so happy to finally see avatar item analytics!! I just have a couple of issues I’d hope to see addressed:

Earnings from reselling other creators’ items shows up in the analytics, which is fudging the numbers a bit. As someone that interacts with the Limited item economy quite a bit, this is an issue because this revenue does not correctly reflect the amount of Robux eligible for DevEx that I am earning.

It also seems that the 10% creator split from resales of Limited items that I created is not tracked in analytics. Seeing as in 2024, resale revenue will became a major part of every avatar item creator’s earnings, I would think that it’d be here. I would love to be able to see how much revenue I am earning from the resales of my items. Edit, I managed to make the items that resold appear after messing around with the page for a while. I still wish that there was a way to view resale commission earnings separate from other earnings.

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