Analytics: View Home Recommendations Conversion Rate and Recent Icon Updates

[Update] December 11, 2023

Hello creators,

To help you understand where new users are coming from and how well they covert, we’ve updated our Acquisition page to show you:

  1. Home recommendations conversion rate chart
  2. Annotations for recent experience icon changes
  3. New user metrics for all acquisition charts and tables

Home recommendations conversion rate with icon changes

Home recommendations conversion rate shows you the percent of users who play your experience after viewing it on Home recommendations.

  • You can see recent icon changes on this and other acquisition charts to see if they had an impact. Note that we only have icon update data since October 9, 2023.
  • You can filter by platform to see how this conversion rate changes.

Remember that your Home recommendations conversion rate is just one of many signals that drives the discovery of your experience. It’s also important to monitor if users stick around (Engagement and Retention) and invest in your experience (Monetization) using Insights and your other analytics pages.

Please see our documentation for more details on how discovery works on Roblox.

Focusing on new users on the acquisition page

We’ve also updated the rest of the page to show you new user data only for these charts:

  1. New users with plays per source
  2. New users with impressions per source

Finally, you can use the new users funnel (cumulative) table below to understand what source:

  1. Is driving the most new users to your experience
  2. Has the highest new user conversion rate

Check out our acquisition documentation for more details about each source.

What’s next

Next year, we plan to work on showing:

  1. Relevant benchmarks for home recommendations conversion rate
  2. Per user down-funnel metrics (e.g., playtime) for each acquisition source
  3. Improving external source tracking

Happy holidays and let us know in the replies if you have any feedback!


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I love all of the analytics updates we’re getting! It’s interesting going through it and seeing what’s affecting my game’s performance.


The analytics looks even better now! Thanks for those cool updates Roblox :smiley:


These analytics have been so helpful! This is really going to help to identify what images or styles our fans prefer the most

Are there any plans to bring this out for new thumbnails?


Thumbnails will probably be difficult to analyze even if you’re given analytics for it. The reason being is because you can have several thumbnails, and as a result it becomes near impossible to pick which thumbnail contributed to the playercount. Even if one thumbnail is bad, you can still have several good thumbnails.

For thumbnails I recommend asking the game’s community and reaching outside of it for feedback. That will more likely be meaningful than analytics for thumbnails.


The UX for the dropdown boxes is a bit confusing - the box on the left lets you multi-select, whereas the box on the right does not. I think for best utility they should all be multi-select on all the dashboards!


This analytic update is so helpful!, also I didn’t encounter any problems or bugs


The analytics team is Santa in disguise :disguised_face:

Thank you for the holiday gifts!


It would be great if you could define “Home recommendations” more precisely. Does that refer to the “Recomended for you” sort only, or any impression on the Home page? Are the impressions in the “Continue”, “Sponsored”, and “Favorities” sorts counted? How about the Discover page, is that inexplicitly included in Home impressions?
Also, can pls shed light on what is a New User With Impression, and how can we get a new user without an impression. And if they did not actually play the game (since New Users With Play are shown separately) I would not call them “users” from the point of view of my game.
It is great that Analytics data tools are growing, but many of them are poorly defined or decsribed, so it is hard to grasp and work with.


Will we be getting analytics for plays on specific game discovery areas?

for example the subscriptions tab?


The only place you see thumbnails would be on the game page itself.

I’m pretty sure the reason why they use icons here is because that’s one of the first things of your game a player would see (e.g. on the Home and Discover pages).

The image that shows the usage of icons in the data even says “Home”


These new analytics updates have been great! These help tons with understanding more about how our experience performs to others. To add onto these recent analytics updates, a personalized discover page or an improved recommendation page would help tons of getting our games to the correct audience, would allow for these analytics to be expanded more as well.


It’s really cool to see this getting worked on!

One issue I’m having with it right off the gate though is it only displays 1 icon per day.

Often times I will switch to an icon and then switch back (whether that be for an update or because the icon I switched to wasn’t performing the best).

This new system only indicates 1 per day (and it’s not even the latest one or the longest one set for the day).

This essentially makes it useless for me unless I set 1 icon in a given day and don’t touch it after that.

CC: @signal_zzz


I took a look at Harbor Havoc and see multiple icons being shown for a 1 day change. So you will see the multiple icon annotations, but the metric itself is only calculated once per day.

wrt changing your icon multiple times per day, for many experiences you might not see a statistically significant change if you’re changing your icon every few hours.


Ohh, I may have misdiagnosed here, the problem I’m having is that the latest icon change shown doesn’t reflect the latest (on the example game you mentioned my latest change is a Thanksgiving icon rather than the current one which I’ve had set for weeks [I set it the same day I set the thanksgiving one])

Last Shown

Latest (Set the same day as the last shown one)

There are also occurrences like this one below, where I went:

Icon A [Original] - > Icon B [Test] (set for ~1hr) - > Switched back to Icon A

and the panel only displays the Icon B (not the revert to Icon A after)

This icon below was only set for a brief period (1hr or less) and then reverted, however the panel makes no indication of the reversion.


You can zoom into the chart by picking a time period doing a left click and then dragging to the right to zoom in even more in the case of multiple icons that overlap

We’ll invesigate


Just inspected the page in dev-tools and it looks like all of the icon changes are rendering, they’re just so close together that they overlap.



We’re going to change the z-index to prioritize the more recent icons


Thanks Kovar, this is great feedback.

Please see our documentation for definitions for each source (e.g., Home Recommendations, Friends, Search).

New users with impressions means they saw your experience icon and new users with plays means they played your experience. This data helps you monitor how your unique user conversion rate (plays / impressions) changes if you test different icons as an example.

I do agree we can make all this simpler so will discuss more with the team.