Animation Editor has moved out of Beta again

Not sure if this is the issue you are having, but there was an issue with IK described here:

There is a fix for this on the way

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Thanks for the solution on that!

I had another question, why does this pop up everytime whenever I import an animation?

Even though I republish the animation after I click “Align all keys now” and republish the animation and import it again, this still pops up, and the animation FPS changes. It this an expected behavior?

Plus, is this also an expected behavior? Thanks :pray:


Sure, so it depends on where this imported animation came from. When you import an animation into the new editor, we run an algorithm to determine the best fit for a framerate to edit in. If the animation came from the old editor (where you were able to key everything in fractions of a second), it’s possible that a reasonable framerate could not be detected. So instead of messing with your animation, we give you the option to keep keys unaligned to frames, or to force all your keys to snap to frame boundaries. Ignoring the warning above will keep your old animation intact. But the second you start dragging keys around, they will snap to the closest frame number.

See post here for more about how it works: New: Set Custom Framerate in Animation Editor Beta

Now as for your overwriting export issue, I am able to reproduce this as well. Although I have yet to determine if it’s an animation editor issue or an issue with publishing itself. I will continue to investigate


Glad that it ain’t the problem of my animation or something else, hope it will be fixed asap! Thanks for your reply. :wink:

Please add the toggle hotkeys back, idk how to change from rotation to transformation. i don’t know how to change the increment or the world space too. why did you guys hide it?

This also applies to world/local space toggle, which is now Ctrl + L


Yeah I noticed. Sorry I should have clarified that more. Thank you for the response!

Thank you for saying this, the rotating 45 degree limit was actually the problem i had!

ho ho ho

All i did was replace the 45 with a 1, and now it’s back as it was before!

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I certainly dont like it in its current state, I much prefer Moon Animation Suite

Having issues copying animation id to import it in the animator.

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I always enjoy updates to the Animation Editor since I use it most frequently.

However, the new editor will not let me animate my previously made custom models, giving me an error message saying that I cannot animate a model if there are multiple parts with the same name.

I actually often give parts the same name on purpose so they animate together at the same time (Like toes or eyes), but now, since all of my old models have some parts with the same name, it will not let me animate them at all anymore, and changing the names of the parts will break the animations that I have already made in the past.

Would it be possible to allow a model to be animated, even if there are parts with the same name? The previous version of the editor allowed it and it worked great. But now I am not allowed to add more animations to my models that I have animated in the past.


While using the animation editor whenever I move/rotate a part it doesn’t do anything and deletes the Motor6D object in that body part. Any advice what is happening?

Erm, I found a new problem.

You cant anchor poses or do anything while the Animation Editor is open. The auto-pausing feature on the plugin is sorta annoying to people who make GFX or copy and paste animations.

More detail here:

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Would selecting both joints using CTRL + Click and then just manipulating them to get the same transformations on all selected parts at the same time solve your problem here?

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Any concise repro steps or a video would allow me to help you better!

How do you copy keyframes between 2 different animations with the new editor?

Why does it keep reverting the time changes I keep putting into it and why doesn’t it have the grey box that shows the world space/local space and the amount of increments being changed?
Also, is there a way to return the CFrame of angles of how the arms or other body parts are changed from the Dummy? I’d like to just apply them to a character by cframing the C0 of their shoulders or hips, etc.

Not sure which time changes you are referring to, but if it’s the box to change the timeline length:

As for world/local space toggle and snap increments:

If you expand the joint in the track list, it reveals the values of its Transform property on its associated motor. That is the only CFrame information that is exposed


This used to not work or work sparingly in the previous version of the animator.

I understand why the animator would prefer you to have differently named parts, but for the people who like work that way, it would be better if the new version let you do it anyways instead of not allowing me to animate my old models at all.


Hey, whenever I try to rotate or move something, the whole editor gets really glitchy and makes doing anything impossible. Is this a bug?