Animation Editor inserting blank text to the clipboard

Reproduction steps:

  1. Copy anything to the clipboard

  2. Press the Animation Editor

  3. Press ctrl + v to paste what we coppied before

Expected behavior

Expecting whatever we copied before to be pasted like usual

Actual behavior

It pastes blank text since pressing the animation editor inserts blank text to our clipboard

Here’s a real time clip showing the issue

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We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database for this issue and will come back as soon as we have updates!

Thanks for flagging!


I have had this issue for so long when trying to copy animation IDs from the asset publish window of the Animation Editor to an Animation object.

Now I wonder if I have just been doing it wrong this entire time, such a bug with such a core feature, it makes me think, seeing this bug report now, if there is an “intended” way to put animation IDs into objects after making an animation, or if I have just been doing it wrong all this time.

I just have a history clipboard (windows + v), so even if it inserts blank text, i can just use whatever was copied before, but this bug shouldn’t exist, it just hinders workflow.

It’s pretty crazy how some topics remain abandoned; this has always been a common issue for a while now & staff did know about the bug, we just never got an official response back from @JollySunbro6 :confused:

@Aspecky Just so you know, there have been relevant reports about this before & I would recommend supporting those ones first


This is less about the Animation Editor and more about a fundamental issue with how Studio manages clipboard access for plugins. This is why this has seemed like an “abandoned” issue for multiple years. The team that supports the Animation Editor are blocked by this issue. We have plans to address this in 2024 as a part of our Next Gen Studio overhaul and improving plugins architecture.

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Finally someone giving an actual update about it

Sorry for the lack of communication and not having better news :disappointed: But Studio is undergoing a lot of foundational rebuilding this year that will improve our ability to avoid these types of issues and, when they do arise, address them much more quickly.