Animations not loading but still playing

I’ve made a post about this in the past and it seems like Roblox broke animations yet again (well, for my instances that is).
From a foreign perspective, the character’s limbs are animated, however any external Motor6Ds are not animated. In the client perspective, all seems to be looking fine.

Here are some examples.

The way I load animations is simply using the Humanoid:LoadAnimation() method from a localscript.
Did roblox release yet another animation breaking update? If any of you have leads, it would be appreciated.



Oof, yep sorry but that’s deprecated Humanoid:LoadAnimation the reason why is because of the current issue you are having I believe. The solution should just be to replace humanoid the Animator because of this replication issue noted in the update:


I’ve seen that post in the past actually, and I initially didn’t perform the switch because the roblox scripts kept messing with the serverside Animator.

I’ll first give it a go and see how it runs. Thanks for the headsup.

It still does not seem to work.

On my localscript, I have switched animations over to the Animator.

local Animator = Humanoid:WaitForChild("Animator") --assume that Humanoid was properly referenced
local IdleAnimation = Animator:LoadAnimation(SwabAnimations.SwabIdle) --assume swabanimations was also referenced

local CleanAnimation = Animator:LoadAnimation(SwabAnimations.CleanBarrel)

local RamAnimation = Animator:LoadAnimation(SwabAnimations.RamBarrel)

I didn’t make an animator on the serverscript because it would seem to break the animations had I done so anyway.

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Hmm, the problem also seems similar to this other post, are you modify omg the C0 and C1 of the motor by any chance while creating the tool grips and stuff?

Negative, the only code I’m doing is making a motor6D, setting the Part0 and Part1s, and parenting it.

Noticed I was mentioned, so gonna ask some stuff. Where is the Motor parented and which script (server or local?) creates it?

As long as you’re doing this from a Server script, and the Motor6D names are correct, it should be compatible with animations.

Any Motor6D instances you create from a LocalScript will only exist on your client. Likewise, changes to parentage, C0, C1, Part0, Part1 of any motor also have to be done on from a server Script to be seen by everyone.

Motor6Ds are being created from a serverscript, the localscript is not doing anything to them. It seems to be a roblox-wide bug; my friend Andrew_Hanover also has similar assets that are facing the same animation bug.

In your aforementioned post involving the Motor6D fix, it seems to work on Studio but I haven’t tested it out yet on client. Roblox with their unlisted updates breaking everything… this has already happened before, lol.

have you found a solution to this yet? I’ve been having this issue for a while now too.

I have this same exact issue. The animations only load when players when they are close to each other. It must be a motor6D issue as I’m using UIS to play animations for my tool and they load fine.

I know this post is quite old, but we were having the same issue at Men of War. The fix was … rather silly but it works fine. On every other client, make a childadded connection for motor6Ds. When the motor is added, immediately enable then disable the motor6D. For some reason, it randomly fixes it up.

What I think is happening is, the animation is replicating before the Motor6D’s existence is. The animator thus, when it replicates to other clients, plays the animation without the Motor6D’s keyframes being applied. You can wake up the animator by changing a property to tell it that it exists, atleast that’s my theory.


This works fine for humanoids, which is great! Thank you so much for this fix!
Does it work for non-player Animator-based models? Such as horses? I’m trying this on my horse model and it still doesn’t want to replicate.