As a developer, how do you plan your games?


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How do you plan your games/development?

I personally create a sheet of everything I need to do, then order from 1 to any number.

i.e. 1. Create Terrain
2. Add Plants
3. Put in buildings

Have you got the same as me? or have you got a different way?


This is my story :slight_smile:
Open World Game Design Process and Execution


Interesting, I too like to take inspiration, be it a tree house making it something more than what it is, like giving the average tree house a twist


Usually i start with making a proper pallette for my game, after that i make models suitable for the game. Finishing it all off with the ambient (music effects etc).


I usually write a ‘Concept Document’ for my game outlining everything that the game is and will be about. The systems, the gameplay, and various details on the lore and mechanics. This allows me to collect all my ideas and to share it with friends so I get their opinions.


Although I’m a scripter and not a builder, the way I plan stuff is with a Trello board and Google Drive programs. (Sheets, Docs and flowcharts.)


create draft
add detail


I follow a similar principle to yours. When initially starting a project, I’ll write down everything I can think of, including ideas, tasks to complete, people to contact, etc. Something like this:

Overtime I always find myself expanding on this list, adding in ideas and notes that pop up along the way.

Having another person or even a team of people to bounce your ideas off is also really useful. I’m fortunate enough to have a twin, but it can literally be family, other developers or even friends you met online. This adds a second perspective to your project, enabling you to create, adapt and knock-down ideas you initially wouldn’t have done by yourself.


Usually I’ll just make a standalone prototype of a concept then forget about it.

However for full game designs, I’ll instantiate a script into the explorer root with;"Script",game) -- ran on command line

Then write the code concept, dependencies, links, interactions, mechanics, guis, etc in this script in a format similar to @ForeverHD, which works well if I’m in a team create session.

In team create I may also write a second script for development logs or to do list.

This actually gave me an idea for a Plugin…

Would anyone use a trello style Plugin for managing projects?
Trello with a Kanban page sounds useful.


Why do you use the command line to insert a new script?


In order to insert it as a descendant of game, not workspace or server script service.
As you can’t directly create a script on the root. Only descendants.

Makes it easier to find and identify.

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There’s actually a whole thread about this topic here:


Oh I see, clever, although I usually put these kind of things in ServerStorage.


My order would be something like this.

  1. Brainstorm. Think of things that would make sense for your game. Try to vision it in your mind.

  2. Start planning. Make a layout of a map. Think of how you can place things in your map and where you have extra space. Plan out your map so that when it comes time to placing, that step would already be done.

  3. Start building prototypes. This really depends on your thought of your creation. Does it meet your standards? Would it be considered a prototype to develop of of in the future? Would it be considered a map asset and be directly added into your game?

  4. Complete. Complete all building and finish all map assets.

  5. Final arrangement. Using a map plan, or personal judgement, place your assets around the map where you please.

These are some of the things I do when preparing a map or a game. It really depends on what game you want to make.

Best of luck to you and your creation!


Don’t want to rain on your parade but this topic has been discussed multiple times before- make sure you search for existing threads.

Here are similar threads to this:


I have planning that is a long shot.


  • Brainstorming
  • Concept selection
  • Creating a mess
  • Applying hammers on monitors & builds
  • Funding; establish investors is optional
  • Hiring; establish a team is optional


  • Pre-made assets, making them in advance.
  • Default maps
    • Especially grey boxes
  • Scripting core elements
    • Mapping
    • OOP plans goes here
  • UI mapping
  • Major bug fixes
  • Initiate community(Discord, Reddit… etc.)


  • UI polishing
  • Maps polishing
  • Add rest of the OOP scripting elements that are other features
  • New features & maps(or map features)
  • Debugging(also anti-exploit patches are optional)
  • GFX is introduced; might be upgraded
  • Introduction of the selling gamepasses and all that for profit
  • Upgrades of sub-major systems
  • Keep the community busy(might as well check for feedbacks or bug reports)


  • Ultimate stage of one entire game, time ranges from complexity.
  • New contents adding up
  • Overriding some mechanics may be optional here
  • Slight modifications & adjustments

Of course, I have never executed the plan yet. It is the current idea I have. If you have something to add, I’ll edit the post.

In a nutshell, it’s a basic skeleton for how to develop your game.

How do you begin making a game?
What game ideas do you have? How do you come up with them?

I am familar with all these, other threads, but I want to know about YOU plan your games


The way I plan is by writing my ideas on a whiteboard, this way I can visually see the ideas all in one place.

Next I choose what is and is not possible and put them in will do and wishlist lists.

Once i know what i will do i then map out how i will do those things so i don’t get stuck; i then work on said things and if i get stuck i go back to the whiteboard to see what i missed.

This was just my way of making it work for me, and maybe it can be useful.


Planning? Psh who even does that.

Jk, this might seem odd, but I go and take a shower. While in the shower I normally plan the whole game out in my mind. I think of the modules that I will need, and the organization. I think of important
features that I want to add. Once out of the shower I message multiple friends about the idea and features. I do this so I don’t forget anything and so I can get some approval about the idea to see if it’s a good one. After that I just get to work.


Yes, indeed great ideas do certainly come from the strangest of places

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