Automatic Translation Now Available Between 16 Languages!

Hey Devs!

We’re excited to announce that automatic translation is now available between all 16 languages we support! You will be able to easily translate your experience into 15 other languages and make it available for users worldwide.

Roblox strives to provide localization tools that make every experience available to any user, regardless of language. Previous to today’s update, our in-experience automatic translation system only enabled translation from English to other languages.

How To Use Automatic Translation

To enable automatic translations, go to Creator Hub, hover over the experience you want to translate, and click “Manage Experience.” On the left-hand side, scroll to the “Audience” and click “Localization.” Here, you’ll be able to add supported languages.

Once you add support for a language, you can turn on automatic translations for it. Experience Information refers to the name and description of your experience, and Experience Strings & Products refers to text that appears within your experience.

How to Use Automatic Text Capture

Roblox provides an automatic text capture system (ATC) that scrapes your experiences for strings. This means you don’t need to manually add strings to your localization table; instead, they will be added automatically when they are encountered by a user. To enable this tool, go to the “Settings” tab in your localization portal and turn on the “Automatic Text Capture” setting.

Once the tool is enabled, strings will be added to your localization table once the ATC scrapes the experience, within 1-2 minutes of a user encountering them. You can speed up this process by playing the game yourself and viewing/opening any UI elements that need to be translated.

Reviewing Translations

You can review the strings and translations in your localization table by clicking the “Translate” button in the top right corner.

You will see three tabs: Information, Strings, and Products. In “Information,” you can see translations for your experience name and description. In “Strings,” you’ll see translations for any in-experience text. In “Products,” you’ll see any game passes or badges you’ve created for your experience. In each tab, you can see the translations that were generated for the text in those categories.

Give Us Your Feedback

We’re always looking to improve translation quality and our translation tools so that Roblox is accessible to people all over the world. Let us know if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns. Thanks!

Creator Translation Team


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awesome feature, thanks so much


Nice! It takes a lot of work to put this together, gives thanks to the whole team!


The only thing I would add is the ability to “select all supported languages” in the drop down list because right now you have to add each language one at a time. Not a big deal, but it would be a good time saver for those that have a lot of experience or places to work on. :wink:

Add to this, the ability to turn on the “auto translation” sub-settings all at once. Right now each language has to be done one at a time. Customizing each one, I understand. I figure though most of us are going to want to enable this in mass, all at once. :tada:


awesome feature, thank you so much :smiley:


I dunno if this is possible yet. But like some method that allows you to translate stuff yourself.

Something maybe like




I’ve said it before, remove this feature and bring it back when you do it right. I don’t know if it works well for other languages, but I’m saying for the Turkish language, it’s absolutely terrible. I understand English better than automatic Turkish translation. Please don’t say having this feature is better than not having it at all. Those whose native language is English can’t fully understand what I mean.


Roblox chat translation is a major improvement!


There are still a few issues with automatic translation;

  1. Products that are created before you add translations aren’t translated, I’ve tried everything to fix this, however it seems to only work if you create a brand new translation. Which considering the amount of products I have for this game is incredibly inconvinent.

  2. Once a translation is overwritten by a person, you can never set it back to being controlled by automatic translations, even if I want it to be

ALSO modifying :Translate() (or making a new API) to add translations to the cloud table from a game server if they are not already in it would be a godsend and would make my life so much easier


Awesome :star_struck:, Very nice idea Roblox.


When is Dutch coming for auto translations? (If it is even planned)


Amazing update, can’t wait for more.


When they fix the moderation bug it’s much harder than first first I can fine translate it but now it moderate almost every word


In the future, will there be any PT-PT support? I know Brazil and Portugal are two different worlds, and that’s why it’s kind of weird to read Brazilian Portuguese with Portuguese Portuguese. I hope it is already dealt with to provide more par localized experience.


i can’t translate my game into my own language (Dutch from the Netherlands) since it isn’t supported and probably never will.

This has alot of isues like simple words being tagged and moderated and bad words are allowed.

Same goes for roblox text chat. You can swear in Dutch but not say something like “also” cuz thats getting tagged

Hope it will be supported one day or atleast better moderated so i can normally translate my games and normally talk in chat.


This is a very good update :heart:. I can’t wait when Roblox will add even more languages for automatic translation!


100% agree. being able to interact with localization in code would be super helpful for something like calling the translation service when a user clicks a ui element to set language. most, if not all games with language options manually change every single ui element, which while not a huge deal, could definitely be streamlined with something like this


Arabic higher than 6 language and don’t add the language? Why

  • Arabic Roblox Players-20m World Speaking-467m

1-Vietnamese Roblox-15m World-95m
2-Polish Roblox-5m World-40m
3-Turkish Roblox-15m World-80m
4-Thai Roblox-10m World-70m
5-Korean Roblox-15m World-80m
6-Italian Roblox-15m World-90m
[Numbers From Gemini Ai ]


Adding a new language that works on all fonts (Website and Studio, Including different versions of fonts), finding enough staff that actually speak Arabic, the demand, etc, aren’t really easy and is why theres 16 languages instead of all of them.

AI isnt really the best for verifying numbers