AutoWelder Plugin (A dockable weld widget) 100+ installations

Hi Guys!

I started to rework my Roblox Studio plugins into dockable widgets.

The first one is the dockable AutoWelder plugin has been released! This is a complete rewrite of my free NAAP plugin’s Welder feature with some new functions.


AutoWelder plugin gives you a quick real-time overview of the selected model (# of objects/scripts/welds, if it has PrimaryPart or no). The plugin let’s you (with one single click):

  • Weld parts to PrimaryPart
  • Weld parts to closest part
  • Weld parts to parent part
  • Remove all existing welds
  • Remove scripts
  • Unlock objects
  • Replace/Add PrimaryPart
  • Anchor all parts
  • Anchor PrimaryPart only
  • Create backup, see Help and more!..

In fact, there are some free welder plugins out there, but I’m not satisfied with them that’s why I made my own version. May you haven’t found your welder plugin yet but still looking for one, give AutoWelder a chance!

May you have any question, feedback or suggestion, feel free to share with me!


AutoWelder Update v1.01
In-window help page added (instead of printing the text to output) + some small fixes.

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v1.02 mini update to AutoWelder plugin:

  • the plugin can be enabled/disabled even when you edit scripts (not only when you edit workspace).

Over 100 installations, ty guys!
May you have any request, put a line below!

Feel free to check out my other plugins, like NAAP, Clock & compass GUI and many more!

v1.1 update:

  • Widget gui object has been renamed, it is easier to find it in Explorer

Thanks, this is a really cool and useful plugin, this is gonna save me so much time! :smile: