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Thank you to everyone that has contributed to this project in any form over the past 2+ years of development. This includes testers providing great feedback, community members offering thoughtful suggestions, and other developers for contributing technical advice. In the interest of brevity, this list only includes those who played a significant role in some aspect of development - single asset contributions, unless especially significant or distinctive, are not individually credited on this page.

Open sourced code/assets are an exception, as I strongly believe that their existence and further development elevates the skill, ambition, knowledge, and curiosity of everyone.

Core Team
Project Lead and Programming Lead: @https_KingPie
Building, Environmental Design, and Modeling Lead: @DevAhlvie


Clothing Design: @pixelrei
Initial Terrain Design: @Cosmoaxis
Music: @Blastii
Lore Team:

UI: @TheJuIiusCaesar

UGC Assets Used with Permission





Open-sourced assets:

CullingService V2 - Custom Client Sided Culling/Streaming Module
EZ Camera Shake ported to Roblox
Immersive Environments V2 - Advanced 'Package'-Based Audio and Lighting Control
Lua Signal Class Comparison & Optimal `GoodSignal` Class
Location Marker System
MathAddons+ || Useful functions all in one place!
Raycast Hitbox 4.01: For all your melee needs!
Replicate your states with ReplicaService! (Networking system)
Sampling Terrain Water Height at Any Position
Save your player data with ProfileService! (DataStore Module)
GitHub - boatbomber/SheetValues: Use Google Sheets as a live value updater for Roblox games
Slack API Webhooks
ViewportFrame Model Fitter
Yuruzuu's Open Source VFX

Miscellaneous SFX and music from the Roblox Creator Marketplace, Mixkit, and GameBurp

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