[OS Game] Ruddev's Battle Royale Open Sourced

I’m not going to spend too long explaining this, as I feel like people already know what they want from this post after reading the title. Quickly, our intentions here are to make our previous project, Ruddev’s Battle Royale, completely open source. It is a battle royale game that was focused on movement and fast action… and it didn’t do so hot. Luckily, by the time of the release for RBR, the battle royale genre had gone past its peak and we were working in the accelerator program, already making Bad Business. Our focus has been on Bad Business for awhile, and we’re very lucky to have it be taking up as much focus as it is, but we want Ruddev’s Battle Royale to have a future too. By releasing it open source, we are inviting everyone to download it, republish it, mod it, or just learn from it.

Here are the 4 test links:
Menu: https://www.roblox.com/games/2608963374/NEW-GUN-Ruddevs-Battle-Royale
Main game: https://www.roblox.com/games/2609028954/RBR-Main-Game
Test zone: https://www.roblox.com/games/2492620148/Ruddevs-Battle-Royale-Test-Zone
Animation zone: https://www.roblox.com/games/3757502695/RBR-animation

So seriously! Please go do something with this. We are so excited to see what (or if) the community decides to do something with it. Thank you! :heart:


quick edit: animations are funny and sounds are not our own, we licensed them, and we had to remove them when we open sourced the project!


Quick note: because of licensing, the sounds are not able to be shared and have been removed from the game.

Animations can’t be shared yet so you’ll have to reupload them as well, they can all be found in the animation zone.


So are you going to start focusing on ruddevs more? It’s an amazing game and I want to see it go far!


I think open sourcing games is a great idea, it allows developers both new and experienced to take a glance at how other people do things and learn from their implementations. To see a game of such quality open sourced is amazing, and I hope others follow suit with this to even further aid the developer community and show that not everything needs to be so secret or mysterious. Hats off to you guys!


I’m always impressed when I see others take the time and effort to create an open-sourced project. It greatly helps the community learn, and is definitely a resourceful article; amazing from you. :tada:


I think you guys are super generous to allow others to open source your project this is a great opportunity for others to learn.


This is a great opportunity for someone to learn how to program!

I remember I used to use open source/free models to self teach, however they were nothing as good as this, this allows for many people to learn from your game.

Good on you and all the developers, thank you.


You’re a legend for this! I’ll 100% be looking at how you guys do avatar editors, datastore2, and guns! Thank you so much for this! This is a great opportunity for me to learn. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m a little bit suprised on the fact you guys just opensourced your own game, but at the same time glad too. It really does help new developers learn and grasp the ideas on how to make a battle royale, although I am an experienced developer, thank you for opensourcing this to a lot of the new people who want to make battle royales but don’t know where to start.


Thank you for this!

I looked through the code and the style was similar to mine. I always thought that the way I coded was “wrong”, seeing that many professional programmers I’ve seen here use some sort of OOP where there are classes for everything and whatnot. I’m glad that my style of programming is what professional scripters use too!


This will help me a lot to learn new things, thank you very much for this initiative, I imagine that besides me you helped several here.

Thank you! :laughing:


Thank you for making this open source! It will help new developers like me!


This is just awesome, You guys putted so mutch effort in this game and now open source it!
Thanks, I will learn a lot of it.


Yes! This is so cool, I love to explore how other developers organize their code. Thank you so much for releasing this I’m sure it will serve to inspire a lot of future developers.


Awesome release. This is great learning resource and awesome for me to be continued on as I have already 5 awesome new Taunts ready for the game :slight_smile:

Me and my buddies already added Duos and Trios to the game.


Is it ready to be played? Me and my friends always wanted to do duos!


This is such a home-hitting post because Rudimentality’s love for open sourcing (at least from what I know) is what kicked everything off for me. I taught myself how to write in Lua using Ruddev’s projects and expanded over the years. It also helped me determine what direction I wanted for my career. Something that’s going to be relevant soon as I go through my last year of high school.

I owe my progress here on the platform, no matter how much, all to Ruddev. Without access to their open source materials, I don’t know if I’d ever have been been a longtime Roblox member or programming enthusiast at all. Maybe I would be, but I’d be elsewhere and not on Roblox.

Being able to see the workings of their newest creations pulls me back to the time where I couldn’t do a single thing in Studio. Today, I feel like I’m going to have some extra learning to throw onto my plate and I am excited to get started.

In case anyone’s ever curious, this is the first OS Ruddev project I opened which got me into coding:


Yes its already ready to be played!


There you go!


I’ve played the game before it was open sourced and I’ve always been wondering how some stuff were made but not anymore.

Thank you.