Builder Challenge: Submit Your Work

Hey Developers,

A couple of months ago we announced our first Builder Challenge. Now you can submit your showcases!

You have until September 7th to submit your work so don’t worry, you still have some time left.

When you’re ready to show us what you got, submit it here:

We look forward to seeing what you built!

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Is there a specific time that the survey will close at? Say at midnight, as soon as it’s September 8th? Or will the survey still be open, but you’re not taking the late submissions into consideration?

And what time zone? I’m guessing PST?


I am very happy to see all of the work to be submitted, I’m so excited.

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Awesome been waiting for this. Good luck to everyone participating!

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Can this challenge be created with Meshes? Also, are we allowed to use and plugins and Team Create?


I’ve been making my entry for little over a month now, and I must say this has been incredibly fun to do.

The limitations I thought I would dread, but instead it’s been exciting to find ways around the roadblocks.

Would definitely suggest if anyone is doubting if they want to do it or not, to give it a try, because there is still plenty of time to build a submission!


Refer to the post for the challenge for a full list of rules. The use of plugins is ambigious, though.


Aw man. I didn’t have the time to create that much, but I’ll still submit it though. Good luck to everyone!


Hi. I want to know if people have been working on this for a long time or is this when people will start working. Because I just heard about this now.

Its been going on for a while now, the original was posted on June 10th. They really should have pinned it or something to let as many people know.

Oh. Do you think I have a chance if I start right now?

Yea, It would be nice if they allowed us to use plugins but I kina understand.

I think it’s low-poly. The original post also said

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Depends on you really, like how fast you can build, how much time you put into it, and your level of detail and map density.

I missed the opportunity but good luck to everyone who’s participating in this challenge!! I look forward to the results, and a second builder challenge!

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I’m going to submit it right now, I just wanted to say thank you for holding this challenge, before I couldn’t even build an average map because I just couldn’t plan anything out. This challenge taught me how to build, so thank you.

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You can use team create but you no have premission to use meshes and plugins :frowning:

Just a few days left. Don’t forget to submit! Good luck all.
Wondering if edits can be made to place after it’s been submitted (prior to deadline). :thinking:
I’m assuming submissions need to be made public… May want to make a note of that.