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So I have currently started using Roblox Studio and while I have made some models, I’ve noticed that they could be better. They are very basic and I’m just looking for advice/videos/etc to become a better builder in general. It would be very useful if some of you can explain it in dept and such.


Practice, practice, practice. Generally it comes down to exploring Studio and other programs/tools like plugins, Blender, etcetra, and constantly asking yourself “How can I make this better?”. It takes some time to become a good builder/modeller and it always comes down to exploration of your own abilities and the tools that are available.


Wow! Thanks for the information! I will definitely use this now when I continue building.


Honestly, probably the most useful tip someone could give you would be use plugins! There are hundreds of plugins out there that are so useful when it comes to building especially if you want to improve. Studio Build Suite, F3X and qCmdUtl are all plugins that provide more options than the Roblox tools. Also for creating more parts that are more difficult or would be considered hard, it can easily be fixed with helpful plugins like Gap Fill, Triangle Studio, ozzledraw toolbard which all allow you to create something different. The way you install these plugins is by opening Roblox Studio and going to the Plugins Tab > Manage Plugins > Find Plugins and checkout the plugins I listed as they are one of many useful plugins that will improve your building and time efficiency. Goodluck!


Thanks for the plugins. I haven’t heard of these so I will check them out.

You can also find plugins that fit you best to speed the time it takes to build it, like qCmdUtl (or F3X plugin), to make your builds a little more helpful.

Finally, you should look up some few decent tutorials there are to improve. Your building skills i would suggest! Blender Guru, Hyden, Biomatic Studios. And always remember building does not come easy. It can take you weeks, months, or even a year or more to perfect your style. And keep on practicing every day to improve your skills!


I made a list a few weeks ago on my favorite plugins here:

Edit: I deleted Twitter lol here is the list:………………


It’s something you will learn over time. Look at other builds too as inspiration it helps :slight_smile: Something I started that really helped me progress was to try and find details that are missing. For example you have a door. Did you build a frame around it? Did you build the metal the doorknob is attached to? Some details in the actual door itself? Hinges? Just when making something try to remember all the details that come with it. Hope this can help!


Building is very similar to programming when learning. They both take lots of practice and dedication to get good at. When learning to build their is a few tips I have:

  • Try and plan your builds before making them. Having a rough idea of what you want to make will make the building process a lot easier.

  • Try and not compare yourself to other builders that are better than you but instead use them as inspiration. Having inspiration may make you more determined to get better because you want to be as good as that person.

  • Try new building techniques and programs out like blender. Knowing how to build models in blender will certainly help a lot as in blender you can make really models that you can’t even think about making in studio.

You may want to read over these threads:


I made a post here that you might find very helpful.


Thanks for all the advice! This truly will help me for the game I’m currently working on. This is all very useful.

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Hey BlitzPower1000!

I remember when I first started and was asking the same questions!

I HIGHLY encourage you to pick up Stravant’s resize align plugin.

This plugin will do the math and scaling for you, you’d simply click on the two faces you want to connect and they’ll snap together with precision.

This will not only greatly improve your workflow, but give you more energy to execute your vision rather than getting frustrated with semantics.


(Notice how they connect exactly no matter how remote or irregular the angle is)

Plugin can be found here:

Here’s a continued list of geometry plugins:

Build Suite:
Archimedes ARC Tool:

If you’re looking for videos, I’ll reference two of my favorites: Crykee & Diesoft

EX [Start]:
EX [End]:

Goodluck! Hope I helped!

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