Cannot vote on any games

At some point in the last few months, I haven’t been able to vote on any games. Votes I had cast before this point show up, but if I try to cast any vote it reverts back as soon as I reload the page. I’ve tried in the desktop app and I’ve tried multiple browsers on the website.

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It vote for games you need to have a email address connected to your account. It could also be a internet problem.

One time I got bugged and couldn’t vote for like a full year and then it randomly fixed one day.
This isn’t very helpful but… it happened.

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Hello, could you please edit you post to follow these guidelines? How to post a Bug Report

Are there any specific edits I should make? I think my original post is a clear description of the bug.

Already reported a few times. This bug has been going on for years, and it’s known but never officially fixed.

Current thread on this issue (use this): Game Ratings Not Saving
Previous/original/first thread on this issue: Unable to Rate Experiences

clearly they aren’t responding to either of those, so I see no reason to use them.

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I believe he is telling us that you need to edit in the format of an overall bug report, for instance: Reproduction Steps, Issue Area, etc.

All of that information is conveyed in my report.