CFP & Roblox Research Panel: What You Need to Know

Hello Creators!

Many of you have been critical in providing feedback over the years and you probably noticed that we have a couple of different ways we connect with you. We realize that this has at times been a bit confusing, so we want to clarify!

Roblox Research Panel

The Roblox Research Panel opens its doors to all Creators. It aims to gather insights from a diverse range of both Users and Creators on the future of Roblox. This panel will be guided by a team of trained user researchers rather than hosted directly by Roblox.

  • New feature concept and user testing.
  • In-depth exploration of core challenges and opportunities.
  • Strategic surveys and studies to understand the overall Creator community.
  • Must be 13 or older to apply.
  • Creator must reside in the US.

Community Feedback Program

For those unfamiliar - our Community Feedback Program is aimed at creators with unique attributes and capabilities that position them as experts in specific domains. This panel is hosted by Roblox and managed by Developer Relations.

  • Swift collection of product feedback from you by Roblox staff.
  • Collection of specific pain points and concerns.
  • Collaborative brainstorming sessions.
  • Must be 13 or older to apply.
  • Open to creators worldwide.

Ultimately, both programs converge in their mission to channel creator feedback to Roblox and build a platform that Creators love. Through these initiatives, we strive to make informed decisions, enhance community interaction, and empower individuals by making them an integral part of our platform’s development.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you!


Can I participate in both programs?

  • Certainly!

Is the Research Panel limited to the United States?

  • Currently, the panel is only available to US-based creators. However, we are actively exploring options to expand its reach globally.

How can I sign up for the Roblox Research Program?

  • You can sign up for the Roblox Research Program using this link.

How can I sign up for the Community Feedback Program?

  • Click here to join the community.

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It is always good to clear things up. However, both of these ways to give feedback seem to be rather hidden and exclusive to a small group of all Roblox developers. Roblox should listen more to the responses they get on the developer forum, since that is what the development community is already using.

Consider creating a category on the devforum dedicated to community feedback.

I know #roblox-surveys exists, but developers can not create their own topics there.

Love that irony:

You should also make people aware that is the official and trusted email address for the Research Panel. Many people have been asking about this:


Both programs are extremely interesting to be a part of, and they each play a very important role in Roblox’s development.

It’s great to see Roblox being transparent with their steps with new features and insights as it gives us room to give our inputs and feedbacks which are actually heard :slight_smile:


It’s very important role of part research panel in roblox development and most with new features are good it giving a new feedback they can’t believe it.


The fact creators must reside in the US is one of the stupidest things I’ve seen when it comes to “connect with every creator”, if you want to understand the behavior of US-resident creators, that’s what you should have written directly.

I know you were not the ones to send the email, but since lots of people outside of the US received it and tried it (including me), there’s a general disappointment ongoing and I hope you can understand it


Will our responses actually change anything there? Whenever we post our opinions about bad updates here, they get taken down and ignored, and the update goes out anyways.


I’m very sorry to say this but I have personally flagged a ton of different issues with this research panel, the main one being the region-lock… While it is promising that you “are actively exploring options to expand its reach globally”, it is deeply concerning that this panel is still being run with possibly a slightly biased sample (due to US creators being the only creators eligible) to have “New feature concept and user testing”. Excluding international creators from this, even if only temporary, has the chance of hurting international developers who cannot have their “insights” taken on board, possibly leaving such creators with features that don’t match their needs.

I have also discussed many other issues with this panel in my topic which can be found here:


As a member of both programs, I would like to have something like a Quarterly Roundup to look back at how our feedback was used.

At Community Feedback, we get a big load of feature descriptions with a Calendly link, but we never look back at changes we made as part of contributing.

Also about the region-lock Abcreator mentioned, if that’s related to being unable to pay out, keep that aside then.

Rather open it up internationally for unbiased results, then work on expanding rewards from US to global. Most contributors aren’t voicing their opinions for monetary compensation.


I previously applied to the Research Program, and later I received a message on the DevForum stating I received an email inviting me to it. However, I never did. I can’t even attempt to reapply because the application won’t proceed past the first question.


I almost finished filling out my form, but then it displayed :,Please wait" for half an hour and I updated it. After that I couldn’t fill it out anymore. And may not be able to record it again. Please help me!


Are you living in the US? I waited 1h and ended up closing the page (knowing I’m not a US resident)


I have determined that there is an arbitrary character limit for responses on the first question, and it is quite low. Clear cookies and submit a much shorter response, yes, you can’t do as the question asks and submit a detailed response as such will be denied by the backend.

The second question will ask for US state and deny you if you aren’t in the US, the first question will submit if you are not in the US (as long as you fit under the arbitrary character limit the backend has) but it is pointless to try since you’ll get denied on question #2


How long did it take before being accepted? I’d love to help within the CFP as much as I can.


Thank you! This was the issue for me :slight_smile:


Bingo. What is the point of a developer forum if you don’t listen to responses on it?

This seems like an interesting opportunity but, to signup for stuff rather than use what we have (is this forum no longer important?) is a lot of work and switching around.

No hate to OP but, honestly, if you want to use my time or make money off what I give you, I rather be paid for it. Life is expensive and y’all take enough money from what I make on this platform.


The CFP has existed for over a year at this point and as far as I know just serves as a more focussed way to gain feedback directly to the desired team, feedback is still read from the forum afaik


Roblox is becoming more and more outsourced, and frankly that’s insulting.

This stock could be a lot higher if they start actually listening to developers as well as do stuff natively and not sourced outwards. Invite that company into our dev forums with their own group instead of the other way around.


I still wish the team would implement OAUTH like studio or devforum, I dont feel safe (even though its official) entering credentials on any website other than, It just feels wrong if that makes sense?


Hey, that’s me :wink:

Anyways, I definitely agree with this. Locking the feedback purely to the US seems pretty ironic, especially seeing as Roblox has been growing outside of the US rapidly for years now. The email was also being sent to people who had registered outside of the US and weren’t in the US at the time either; you can tell by some of the replies on my topic (which seems strange).

I definitely think developer feedback is one of the things that would really help Roblox as a platform, and that it needs to be more open to the world.