[CLOSED] Looking for a GFX artist to create adverts (5k Robux)


Hello there, my name is Concurrental and I am the Vice-Chairman of Epik Clothing Designs, a group which has amassed well over 13,000 members and is growing rapidly. You may have seen my post yesterday, you may not have - but I’m back, and I’m looking for a person to fill another vacant position.

Our store:

About The Job

We are looking for a talented GFX designer to create three ads for the Epik Homestore, our homestore. One banner, one skyscraper, and one rectangle. The ads will be festive and used to promote a Christmas event. Details of what we want will be discussed on Discord, should you be accepted.


You will be paid 5,000 Robux, which averages at 1,666 Robux per advert.

Contact Us

We will be hiring the best for the role. Therefore, you must be professional and have a great portfolio.

Reply to this with your portfolio attatched and also your Discord #. I will be in touch if I wish to work with you. Myself and EpikShadowz look forward to working with you for this special moment in ECD history.

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Hello, I wish to contact you on discord and we can talk further! :slight_smile: Tege#6314

hey, im down to do some work for you. here’s my portfolio! Behance (it includes every roblox work i did in it)

and u can hmu sc00v#8829 (i got other info if u wanna talk about it)

this is my devforum port too

(includes my commission sheet and terms of service)

Hello! I’m Aaron and I am interested in applying to become your GFX artist! I have had lots of previous commissions and all with great experiences (most ending up with a new friend). I do my best on every commission to try to make sure that I can create very visually pleasing works, despite the style!

You can check out my portfolio here:

You can also check out more of my work at:

As always I hope and look forward to working with you in the future, If you are interested you can reach me through:

DevForum Messages
Twitter : https://twitter.com/4aar0n
Discord : 4aar0n#0004

Hello there, I tried sending you a friend request on Discord, however it appears to be incorrect.

Here is mine, instead: Concurrental#4360

I look forward to hearing from you!

I’m interested!
Portfolio : Zaq's portfolio

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yeat 2#0829

Hi, I’m interested in the gfx position. I’m a professional and all my jobs are professional. I would like to do that job. Contact me at discord: Ronald_YT # 4379

mason!#3783 [OPEN] Mason’s Graphics | GFX Portfolio

Hi, I am Manvir. I am interested in working with u and here is my portfolio attached and Discord #.

Discord - Manvir#8432

Hii! I am interested in your DevForum post! I am a developer with 6 years of experience. I specialize in all areas of developing including Scripting, Meshing (Blender), Building, GFX Designing, Animating and Graphic Designing! If you would like to see some of my work please head to my portfolio: | Uniques' Portfolio [6 Years Experience] |

Not sure if you still need someone but I have a team that can do this:

To contact me on discord: Captain K#8256

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