[CLOSED] QUALITY Gfx-Artist for hire!


Hi there! My name is kingpen_notch and I am a budding GFX artist and modeler! I love a challenge and always try my best and can use my texturing and modeling skills whenever needed in a GFX.

I am best at low-poly modeling and i mainly use r6 characters in my GFX.

Here are some screenshots of my work


*CLOSED TO WORK MORE ON MY SKILLS! I hope to come back better than ever and with much more realism and different styles. You can look in the waywoc category to catch up on my work!

I work on a per order basis, and once you have made your order I will notify you of your place in the queue. To further clarify, I will not start on your commission until those before you in the queue have received theirs.

(For example: You are 6/10 in the queue)

  • Officially available - from Friday to Sunday

  • Days you can contact me - Monday-Sunday but if not on my Official days it will take longer for me to get started

Orders can take anywhere from 24 hours to 1 week+

Please note that no orders will be accepted if posted after my portfolio has been labeled closed


Profile Picture - 100 :robux_gold: +

Icons - 200 :robux_gold: +

Thumbnail : 800 :robux_gold: +

Ads - 400 :robux_gold: +

Payment methods - Gift Card codes, and buying a shirt, my favored method is purchasing a shirt, but any stated will be accepted

You must pay 50% of the cost once I have finished the posing stage, the other half is to be given after you receive a heavily watermarked or blurred image of the finished GFX

  1. I have the right to cancel any order at any time, for any reason
  2. All prices are negotiable
  3. Do not rush me, I have a school schedule that can sometimes be unpredictable.
  4. Any harassment, bullying etc… will result in immediate cancellation of the order
  5. If I am deep into the project, but cannot finish it I will give you a refund(only exception)
  6. After I have finished the posing stage, if the order is canceled no refunds will be given
  7. I shall only use Roblox character rigs

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at: Kingpen_notch#7397

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


uh soooo cool you want work ! this is cool too! great ! :grin: :crazy_face: :money_mouth_face:


If you would like an order please feel free to show me what you would like!!!


ok i say if i need a help :hugs:


@DaFortKnight is a very talented GFX maker. He made a quality GFX for my game in under a day! I would highly recommend. 10/10.


Okay, so. Do I have to hire you and get a GFX for free?

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Do you do GFX without your credits? (I already have a GFX Maker but he is paid, so I could replace him)

Yess, you can order a Gfx by contacting me and stating what you would like!

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Please contact me privately, and we can discuss!

I worked with @DaFortKnight for some models for my group. In less than 12 hours, they were done! He also updated me on what he was working on through the process of making the models. 10/10 recommend!


Dang okay sure will hire him! He is such a nice person too!

Hi! can u make me a cover for my group? btw your art is really cool! Its the best iv seen in a long time.

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Hello could I have a cover message me if so thanks

@DaFortKnight did amazing work. He was fast, efficient, and produced-high quality GFXs. He was also very open to feedback. 100% recommend!

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Try this one, I am a Roblox Developer with a total of 3,513,883 Place Visits (as you can see on my profile)

Here’s my Roblox Avatar:

And can you implement something with my discord pfp:

reply to this message your masterpiece, when you done.

Can you give me more of an idea of what you actually want me to do? I’ts quite vague, or do you not mind?


I don’t mind at all, Just be creative!

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WOW!! he is really good guys! u should really hire him! He is nice, really good at GFX art and u should really hire him!

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How do you know did you get anything from him? if you did show me.


He did ik it promise he did he is not lying