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About Me

Hi there, my name is Fabiana & I’ve been participating in the Roblox Development Community for about 3 years now. I work extremely hard to perfect my work, and try my best when communicating with other people. One of my greatest strengths is finishing my work early, or on time. I enjoy being able to share my ideas with others, and enjoy being part of this amazing community. My builds are just part of what I bring to the table, and it’s something that I practice every day to try to improve! I love to learn new things, and I’m hoping that in the future I will be able to learn and try new things when it comes to improving, or adding on to my developing skill and passion.

Work & Highlights

You can view my Building & Modeling Work here! Building Showcase - Google Drive


I typically spend most of my time on Roblox Studio when it comes to exceeding the needs of the people that I work with, and my schedule during the week is plenty of time to get tons of work done! (Especially on the weekdays) If you’d like an exact estimate, during the weekdays I usually get about 3-5 hours, but on the weekends I do work for about 6-8 hours.


I do believe that the payment can be reasonable, but I currently do not take percentages. The pay can be by PayPal, or it can be through Robux. I usually discuss the details of payment after I’m notified of what would need to be done? But from there I’d say it could be negotiable!

Game Links

Here are some games where you’re able to find some of my previous work (& work that is currently in progress):


Contact Me!

You can contact me on these platforms:

  • Here, the Developer Forums!
  • On ROBLOX (By following me & shooting me a message!)
  • Discord! (Discord Username: Fabi#3723)
  • Twitter! (Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/fabianaRBX)

Notable Contacts that I’ve had a pleasure to have worked with

  • tomisnotawizard
  • mamatrad
  • felixmonopoly
  • exactcly
  • Phils59
  • DuckyEnough
  • Strafing
  • Zivao
  • InstanceChanged
  • Squidzyee
  • PostlyTiked
  • JustThunderr
  • F_rxd
  • Bobbysayhi

Really good work, I love the sharp designs with the colours used. The talent show “hall” also looks impressive although I recommend changing the colour of the buttons to red.

Contacted you via discord as I like your building a lot.


Your work is amazing! I especially like the lowpoly stuff, like the chairs and plants in this image. Colors go very well together too.


I can Vouch Worked with in past for tomisnotawizard, Great Builder, Works really well with Time, Got the Results that I wanted at the time, Even made it easier to Script.


Your portfolio is rocking mate, good introduction and insane well-made buildings! :fire::fire::fire:Hope someone will hire you soon! Good luck!


This is incredible. I love your modern architecture shown in the final two posts. I like it all to be completely honest. I think you will find that you are definitely going to be receiving a couple of DM’s from me - thanks for showing me this, really what I needed around about now. :grin:


The chairs & plants I did not make, as I’m still just learning how to use Blender! But hopefully in the future I will be able to make those things!

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Very very nice work, I actually tried to build a chair similar to yours in blender as I liked it so so much, thank you for inspiration I’ll be sure to credit you for that if I ever make a game with this style.


Really good work! I highly recommend.

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Hello everyone! My commissions are currently open, so if you need any small work done, you can read the ‘Contact Me! :telephone_receiver:’ part of my Portfolio to shoot me a message! :hammer_and_wrench:

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Very great builder, commissioned to make a hotel and is on daily and making sure the product is exactly what you want it to be, Highly Recommended,

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Worked with @fxbiana before and she did an amazing job at perfecting the models to my liking as well as doing it quickly and efficiently- highly recommend. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Portfolio has been updated! Some small work, & new work (with Smooth Terrain!)

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You might want to include that you did not make everything, it misleads people sometimes.

I’ve mentioned previously on what I did not make about 2 months ago? It was the only project I had worked on last year that had free models (which was the trees, office chairs, & grass) in it that is in my current portfolio.

Fab is one of the most the most hard-working, extremely talented animators! His work is truly amazing, and I do recommend hiring him for any Building you need done!

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Your discord did not work, contact me on discord Captain#1855

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Your discord tag didn’t work for me can you add me @ Sam,#1919

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Just updated my Discord! Discord Username is currently: Fabi#1111

Wow Phenomenal Wonderful Amazing Breathtaking Work.

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