Unable to upload to certain models using the new configure asset window

What issue are you having?
As of the new asset configuration window announced here I can no longer upload to certain modules in groups as the new asset upload window refuses to scroll down far enough (I’ve scrolled all the way down in the following screenshot):

Does the bug happen 100% of the time?

If so, are there steps that reproduce the bug?
Right click on a model, click “Save to roblox…” then “Overwrite an existing asset…” then select a group with more than 4 rows of assets and try to scroll to the bottom of the asset list

Where does the bug happen? (www, gametest, etc)
On Windows 10 1809

Is it level-specific? Is it game specific?
Happens in any place I edit

When did the bug start happening?
Started happening with the release of the new asset window


I agree, this happened to me too, if this was on purpose then it was a bad idea.

Please fix this, I can’t update my older assets because they dont show up on the Asset Configuration page.


I’m working on a temporary fix atm and I’ll upload it here for anyone looking for it. The scroll box most likely doesn’t rescale automatically so to fix this I’ll need to write a secondary plugin/edit the one responsible for the GUI.

After a ton of trying to modify the GUI via CoreScripts, plugins, etc I think that I’m stuck. I guess we’ll have to wait for a fix from Roblox :man_shrugging:

It looks like the GUI is not created by a plugin and CoreScripts don’t seem to be able to do anything except enable/disable the GUI. No children are listed via GetChildren (and GetDescendants), ChildAdded isn’t fired, etc, and there is no way to save the GUI to a file for inspection. There’s a FFlag to allow you to show the RobloxPluginGuiService but that doesn’t get you far since the GUI locks focus to studio and completely freezes it.


I am having this issue as well, I cannot update any of my older models because I’m unable to scroll down further than a couple of rows. I hope Roblox fixes this soon!


I replicated the exact bug and yes, it can also happen in macOS too if you think about updating any of your older models. In the meantime, I’ll be patient until Roblox fixes it. :+1:


I can confirm this does indeed happen as it is also happening to me. Very annoying.


Also happens to me, can’t scroll down or upload larger part/poly count models.


This is also happening to me, I am unable to scroll down to view all of my models.


The studio plugin responsible for the new upload UI is Toolbox, though it uses Roact, which I’m unfamiliar with. Hope this helps you though.

I know this because I removed the Toolbox plugin before launching Studio, and the Save to Roblox context menu item stopped working.

Oh, and toggling the ToolboxWithCMSV2 fast flag reverts the upload screen back to the old one, which can be used if you must upload to an old model.


Ah thank you. The behavior of RobloxPlayerGuis are very strange. It actually looks like they attempted to solve this issue already: (Toolbox.Core.Components.AssetConfiguration.PublishAsset:145)

The bug is due to Toolbox.Core.Components.AssetConfiguration.OverrideAssetView:191. ItemList is a part of the item meaning the changed event is connected after the object is created.
I’m not sure how to fix this since Roact doesn’t have an event for when the item is parented and events are connected after parenting.


Each time I try to overwrite a model, the menu does not show anything. This prevents devs from updating their models, which some are necessary because their game may use insert service.

Here’s what it looks like:


We took a brief look at what’s going on here and we can reproduce this for some inventories, but not consistently for all inventories, so it does not seem critical. We were able to publish models for personal and group inventories across several accounts. It might have something to do with the number of items that you have in your inventory – our teams will look into it more during business hours.

If anyone else also encounters this issue, please let us know and denote exactly which inventories/models you can/cannot access from the drop-down list. This will be helpful for our engineering team to find out the cause of the issue.


I am experiencing a similar issue. It is not so much that models don’t load completely, but rather only a small subset appears.

In this image, exactly 9 models are loading, and nothing else. I cannot look further into my models to update any of them. This means I cannot update any assets that are older than that ninth asset.


When saving a model to Roblox then choosing “Overwrite an existing asset” the list will not load beyond 6 assets.


Oh. I forgot to mention I can confirm it’s an issue for me.

I can only scroll through the newest 16 models (4 rows each with 4 models), and I created a lot more than 16.

The last I item I can reach is [ForbiddenJ’s Park] Warning Sign, but I have items I created before it, but cannot see, such as Multi-Arrow Sign.

I also have an issue where the inventory dropdown lists groups for which I don’t have asset management access, but that’s for another post.


Though i am NO developer, scripter, of any sort, i play Void Script Builder, and i was trying to update my MainModule, that in the game requires 1 day old to be played in public servers, it didn’t let me update my model, or any of the sort because of this update.


I’ve gone ahead and edited the Toolbox plugin to show more results. The issue is that the Roblox service used to get the override assets has a limitation of 100 assets per page. The plugin only gets results from the first page then filters them to the owner. I’ve modified the plugin to loop through the first 100 pages instead.

Toolbox.rbxm (461.2 KB)

Install it here and replace the original toolbox.


I’ve been having this problem too, but it also seems a little weird for there to be no scrollbar after this update (I swear there was one in the old asset configuration window).


For developers that have important models that need to be updated, this is problematic. If the issue is being downplayed to “Developers can’t update a couch model” or “Developers can’t update a sword model” (common examples intended to be unimportant), this isn’t the case.

My inventory does not render in its entirety as of this toolbox update, and as I hinted at previously, I needed to make an important update to one of my models to address an exploit vulnerability as soon as possible.

I tried poking around at the toolbox plugin, forking it, and modifying it (Roact is confusing, but that’s a different topic), and was unsuccessful. I ended up toggling the ToolboxWithCMSV2 Fast Flag that @ForbiddenJ mentioned earlier, and was able to publish my model.


If it does then this shouldn’t have passed the QA check before shipping this update to the public.

There will always be updates that weren’t tested fully, or an issue went unnoticed, or was overlooked, and was shipped anyways. With that being said, there should always be a way to reverse the update to a previously working state for some time after being shipped, for those that do experience these problems.

I’m not sure if there’s always a Fast Flag that can do this, such as ToolboxWithCMSV2, but there should be, otherwise I would’ve been left to wait who knows how long (because this isn’t considered “critical”), or to fumble with Roact and fix it myself.

I mean after all, this was a pretty fundamental change to the system that publishes models, it wasn’t like updating a font or the style; it was an overhaul.


Hey! My previous post was made on Sunday morning when we had to evaluate whether this issue needed immediate investigation by engineers (since it was labeled roblox-critical). This is why I’m saying “it does not seem critical”, and we cleared the tag. Not because we think the issue is not important!

I also mentioned here:

Which is currently happening since the week has now started. So the issue is not being downplayed and it is receiving appropriate attention.

Hope that clears up the confusion!