DevRel Virtual Prize Series

You all did so good :clap:
I had a closer look, the accessories are very well made!

Can you please explain the steps you did?
edit: i checked and joined the russian speaking group and i had no clue wat they typed :confused:

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It was a very long time ago.
The challenge concluded like a month or two ago.
You can no longer get any of those items.

EDIT: it concluded 7 months ago, time flies man

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Oh i thought the ones you said was from the prize pool
edit: its still a mystery how to get the prizes in the prize pool

There not doing those anymore. People abused the system.

Yes, they’re not doing those anymore but the last update we got on them was “we’re revamping”. Please make sure you read up on something before you answer.

all the free item collectors. Sharkblox will most likely make a vid.


This is very cool. I hope to get the Achievement Medal.

At least after July 1 and Roblox is still alive, and he saw this topic…

Honestly, I cannot wait for an opportunity to earn achievement medal I already have dev dream medal so I want both lol

I have 4 questions:

1. So I can still get the medal?
2. When is Phase 2 announced?
3. Do we need to just join or get a degree to get these accessory(s)?
4 How long it will take? When will we be able to get the last award?

Let’s hope Roblox is still alive…

Any planned dates for the next Devrel challenge using this?

No idea.

Very much hope theyre doing one soon, but…

Lets just hope sharkblox does not make an video on it.

Past two DevRel’s were swamped with free item collectors due to his videos.

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DevRel Virtual Prizes FAQ

Hey everyone!

We noticed some of you have questions about the DevRel Virtual Prizes Series.

Is the DevRel Virtual Prize Series an event?

No, the DevRel Virtual Prize Series is a collection of items that can be obtained in DevRel events. This announcement is not referring to a specific challenge or event. The items in this series can be used to award winners and/or participants in future DevRel challenges.

What are DevRel Events? What are the requirements to participate?

DevRel Events are events organized by DevRel, which can be challenges, workshops, etc. Events are usually announced on the Developer Forum with all the details and participation requirements. Some examples of past events:

How do I get these accessories?

You can obtain these by participating in DevRel events that list the DevRel Prize Series as rewards. Please note that if the event announcement does not reference the DevRel Virtual Prize Series you won’t be awarded the items for the event.

When is the next event to use this series?

Right now! The Talent Jam started on July 8 and will run until July 13, 2022:

If I still don't have the Achievement Medal or the Crown of Knowledge, can I still get them?

Yes! The Achievement Medal and the Crown of Knowledge are now part of the DevRel Virtual Prize Series.

Are the DevRel Virtual Prizes going to be obtainable forever?

The DevRel Virtual Prize Series is a limited collection of items. This means they won’t be available forever - but once you earn them they are yours to keep forever!

Please let us know if you have any more questions.


I got a question that intrigues me, @bri9adeiro, as you mentioned more about the DevRel items, I quite questioning why another DevRel medal was created for a specific community event, nonetheless of “Roblox Developer Dream Jam Medal” in the first place as we have already one from the series, “Achievement Medal”.

In my personal perspective, I believe shouldn’t exist the Roblox Developer Dream Jam Medal, and yes re-use, the old SpecialMesh’s ID (6572882433) to a new update version, (8981515059).

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I have an interesting question, this post mentioned how this is a limited series suggesting that there will be another series (most likely). What is the process like for submitting items for these series? I myself, as a 3D Modeler am curious as I would be interested in such submission.

In the talent jam challenge, we had to choose between building, scripting, UI design and Layered Clothing.
Then in the submission you had to put your username, the link of your profile, your talenthub link (with an experience of the talent jam) and the link of the place you did the challenge.

Question. If I did a few game jams, and got all the participant prizes, what would I get next?

When will the next DevRel challenge begin? I’m really excited!

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