Do not prevent upload of meshes/images/etc with "inappropriate" names

As a developer, it can be extremely hard to upload meshes to the platform when the filter incorrectly flags the file name as inappropriate. Roblox doesn’t just upload with the name “######”, but prevents uploading entirely. This requires developers to painfully find a name the filter will accept. Here are some examples of this happening:

If Roblox is able to address this problem, developers will not be forced to spend time trying different names for files until the filter accepts one.

Roblox should upload the mesh with the name “######” instead of blocking upload. This would make inventories harder to navigate due to a number of meshes with illegible names, which I imagine is the reason renaming is required. Instead, Roblox should still offer the prompt when a name is blocked, but it would be optional. I can take the time to find an appropriate name if I need it, or otherwise I can cancel and just use the mesh with a hashed name, identifying it by thumbnail in the Develop page.


Absolutely support. Nothing is more infuriating than having your development momentum squashed because you need to figure out how to please the ####### filter gods.


Yeah, please just hashtag them if possible. I’ve had meshes with names like “smooth cylinder” get rejected.


Yes please. Better yet, if not a hashed name, why not a generic “Mesh #1234” with the number being whichever mesh number you’re at for uploaded meshes? Third mesh is #3, 7th is #7, etc.

I believe they’ve done that in the past with models which haven’t been given names. Along with that, it would give some sort of label to the mesh, without going for something which looks as silly as a completely censored name.


numbers… get hashtagged…


It was an example, but looking up models now I see they don’t do such numbered systems any more. Guess that wouldn’t quite work out. Ah well, I guess just a simple “MeshPart” default name would be better than tags, even if it isn’t numbered.


Rather than upload it with the filtered name, the mesh name should simply show filtered to other users and unfiltered to the uploader, as this would make it easier to find uploaded meshes in the Develop tab especially with Ctrl + F.


Was about to make this feature request but found this thread, so I’ll add my own use case:

Few days ago I wanted to make a simple response to a dev forum post about collision geometry by making three versions of the same mesh but with slight changes (which needed to be identifiable with their unique name and because I don’t want a folder filled with keyboard smashed names) - with how I name things the mesh names were CollisionGeo01, CollisionGeo02, CollisionGeo03 - problem is the word “Collision” is moderated. So I changed the names to C01, C02, C03 which still didn’t work, so I went with CTheFirst, CTheSecond, CTheThird, except “second” is moderated so I had to rename that one to CTheFirstPartII (and then CTheFirstPartiii was another iteration).


How is this at all a good workflow for anyone??

What was supposed to be a 30 second upload to show collision geometry on Hull shapes turned into a five minute dance around dumb moderation filters. The meshpart names aren’t anywhere BUT the site - so what do I care if the name is moderated and replaced by “####” or “meshpart,” just let me upload the geometry.

It also doesn’t help that the “inappropriate name” flag is shown on output - a window that the large majority of builders/3D artists never have open, which causes others to make threads thinking this is a Studio Bug like this one:


Where were you uploading the meshes from? Properties window? This should be fixed if uploading through the Game Explorer (or maybe just Bulk Import)


I upload all meshes through the Properties window
It was an unpublished Studio place because I was only uploading these meshes to show examples of collision geometry - I shouldn’t have to publish my game just to show three meshes.