Dominus Formidulosus has character head poking through on left side

On the back left side of the new Dominus Formidulosus, there appears to be a slight imperfection, involving white streaks.

This should be fixed for aesthetic reasons, since the hat was 13,000 Robux.

Not particularly upset about it, but other people might be.

Link to asset:


There seems to be an orange streak that goes down the front of the Dominus. This is particularly noticeable on R6 avatars for whatever reason:

There is also orange streaks along the back as well:


Is it in the texture or is it your head sticking through the top of it? The mesh on this one is squished.


Just checked on it at the catalog,There’s no imperfection.

I do own this dominus and i feel like this need to be fix even tho is just 0.001 offset some people might be upset over this personally i dont mind it that much but it would be great if this get fixed since if you use bright color head under the dominus it would be abit noticable.


its head sticking out of the dominus not the textureimage


Can confirm this isn’t caused by a texture bug - it’s caused by my head poking through slightly.


While im in game ive take a close look at dominus face and i noticed a orange line in the center that cause by texture it is not my head ive checked this kind of bother me abit.


Noticed the line doesn’t appear with R15 characters but appears with R6.


huh weird my head color is not orange too im not sure what cause this line hope they fix it

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Yeah, I also noticed this when I bought it, I wasn’t very happy about it. If you join a game, from the back it looks extremely squished.

Proof of occurrence:


Hat seems fine to me. I don’t see anything wrong on the R15 character.

I can see the orange line too, it’s in the 3D preview, comes up as distance increases. You can see it very faintly in my avatar preview.


I am using the headless head so the clipping isn’t a problem for me, but it should probably be fixed. The awkward scale does bother me, though. I’d much more strongly prefer that the original mesh used on every other Dominus was also used on this hat. The series has a kind of name to it already. Changing one of its defining attributes isn’t something that sits too well with me. Now I’m not gonna be unrealistic and say it’s like some horrible offense to the “legacy” of this hat, because it really isn’t, but I would like to see some uniformity with the designs.


Temporary fix is to use headless head or a smaller head variant


Me and a friend made a discovery that may aid distinguishing the problem.

Left: Me, wearing multiple accessories on R6 which causes the orange line down the middle and distortion to some aspects of the Dominus such as the pumpkins looking more pixelated

Right: My friend, wearing no other accessory except for the Dominus also on R6 which made the orange line and distortion go away

Conclusion: Wearing multiple accessories causes the orange line and distortion on R6 ( Ingame )

We toyed around with this a little bit, and the only way we got the distortion and orange line to go away on R6 was to have no other accessory on except for the Dominus.


It seems to display differently in-game vs displaying on the website.


Can confirm that the orange line appears in-game with more than one accessory. This is very unfortunate for a dominus.


Updated the original post to include the orange-streak issue.

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Generally, Roblox’s textures have a bit of bleeding, in that if the edge of your UV map is too close to a sudden shift of color, that color will show up as it does in your example image. It tends to grow if your camera is further away from the mesh.

The reason it gets more noteworthy on R6 is because of how Roblox handles textures on a character. It generally tries to fit everything onto one texture. R6 is a lot more aggressive with this, shrinking textures massively to fit, which is why you’ll notice the example images also made the pumpkin emblems up front rather low-res.

Won’t be able to fix the matter of the pumpkin emblems becoming all crusty like that (considering the original TX is a 512x512, it’s no surprise they’re having problems) but we can help mitigate the seam issue. The simplest way to help fight it would be to remove that orange gap between the edge of the TX, and the top right and bottom sections, expanding those two portions outward as far as possible. If it still happens past that, there may need to be some work done to the UV map to give the edges more space, but I think it would be enough to help solve the problem, at least for R15.


Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I have found either a solution or explanation for each issue.

  1. Clipping on the back left side of the character’s head. This can be fixed by changing the hat attachment’s position property to 0, 0.771, 0.1. Without any changes, it doesn’t clip on the following head types: cheeks, narrow, paragon and chiseled.

  2. The orange line that appears down the middle of the mesh. As Spectaqual stated, some texture work needs to be done. No seams appear on R6 (while wearing multiple accessories) or R15 (while the camera is zoomed out) when the dominus’ texture is changed to this:
    Fixed Dominus Texture

    Credits to @YumCherryPies for the retexture

  3. For the distortion of the buttons on R6, I would like to build on what Spectaqual said with a post by TheGamer101.

All the textures for R15 are composited onto one 1024x1024 image, for R6 it’s a 1024x512 image but it supports fewer accessories (the additional accessories will be separate images).

I hope my post further clarifies the problem as a whole.


This issue has been occurring since 10/30/19!
This issue is still occurring as of 4/6/23!

I just wanted to update the thread that last November @Focia19 confirmed to me that a ticket has been filed to the internal database for this issue.

Could the avatar team at least fix the positioning and texture bleeding? From my understanding, the accessory would have to be completely remade with the classic dominus mesh to fix the distortion of buttons. This distortion is caused by the way humanoid textures are composited for R6.

Because Tixvalk was fixed recently, I feel optimistic that this issue can be finally addressed and triaged. By bumping this thread once more, I hope to get the attention of the avatar team. I am very eager to receive a response from this team soon!