The current handling of reports in the “Catalog Asset Bugs” category is less than ideal

As a bug reporter, I feel that the current handling of reports in #bug-reports:catalog-asset-bugs is less than ideal. This concern was first brought up by @Alpkurt2 in “The Big Bug Reporting Update”. I would like to build upon their concerns with communication in the following points containing reports for reference (some are used more than once).

  1. Some issues are partially fixed and then abandoned (1, 2). This is a big pet peeve of mine. I don’t understand why the issues aren’t fixed to completion in the first place. Leaving issues partially fixed will only contribute to the backlog of reports. If an issue isn’t going to be fixed further, then the report should be closed and locked to not give false hope.

  2. Gears have been deprecated since 2019, but the category’s description fails to state this (1, 2). However, I feel that an alternative solution should be looked into here instead of immediately closing the reports. I feel that the lack of consideration is disrespectful to the reporters.

  3. Radio silence when criticism emerges (1, 2, 3, 4). Sometimes an engineer’s response to an issue is controversial (e.g., closing when there’s still an issue, partially fixing an issue and abandoning it) and criticism emerges. Instead of being ignored, criticism should be embraced and responded to. Criticism should be fully addressed until the report can be brought to a respectful close.

  4. Lack of quality control testing (1, 2, 3, 4). Sometimes a fix is implemented, but it either doesn’t completely resolve the issue or causes more issues. Before a fix is applied to a catalog asset, it should be thoroughly tested to ensure it actually resolves the issue. This will save time by not having to implement further fixes and not having to go back and forth with users on the bug report. Also, this is often the cause of the issue mentioned in point 1.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience reporting bugs in the Catalog Asset Bugs category by improving how it’s handled in the situations mentioned. I’m not saying this to be rude; I just want to see improvement. I’m a little frustrated and disheartened by these issues with this category. Hopefully, this can be looked into.


This seems quite low impact (it’s just about differences in opinion on artistic intent, with maybe a few rendering bugs mixed in) but I’ve forwarded your thread for consideration.

I’ve closed out one of the threads you linked because there was no impact (I am unsure why the report was made in the first place since none of the people in that thread owned the item). Try to only report bugs when there is impact to you yourself so that we’re not just posting issues for the sake of posting them.


Thank you, I really appreciate that :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s understandable! If I remember correctly, I actually filed that report prior to the accessory being confirmed as a Make-A-Wish item. To prevent this from occurring again, I suggest stating that the accessory is limited to one user in its description. I’ll definitely take a mental note of this for future reports.


As a suggestion, maybe a program similar to Retexture Artists could be implemented. For example, a program where its members send their fixes of catalog assets to the team, and the team reviews the proposed fixes. As of 5-23-24, there are a total of approximately 110 unresolved bug reports in the Catalog Asset Bugs category. I understand that the amount of unresolved reports in Catalog Asset Bugs is overwhelming. There are a lot of users (including UGC creators) who are very passionate about Roblox-created accessories. The community could help this team address the backlog of reports.


Although I think some of my reports don’t get solved due to there being differences in opinion on artistic intent like you said, reports which have genuine issues that impact players that wear and play with players that wear said items also get thrown aside to not be fixed for years! I understand catalog reports are low priority compared to other types of reports but I wish there was more transparency as its unfair to have a genuine report left to rot for over a year. Let me show a few examples.

This first issue concerns 2 items which have their particle emitter placed in the accessory object instead of the handle object, this causes the particles to spawn at 0,0,0 instead of on the player. Not only does the particles not show on the item itself, this can cause minor obstructions due to the particles spawning in a place its not supposed to be. I reported this issue nearly a year ago.

This issue concerns a deprecated object still being used on some accessories to this day. Not only does this default to the hat attachment on accessories that shouldn’t have it. It also causes visual issues in games that do anything with the players accessories which I’ve listed in the thread. Developers shouldn’t have to account for an object deprecated in 2016 being used in games when it shouldn’t be used in any accessory in the first place. I reported this a year ago.

The final issue I’d like to talk about is several bundles that don’t have wrap targets. Not only does this create visual oddities which can obstruct players gameplay, it prevents players who want to use said bundles with layered clothing from doing so. The only saving grace with this report is that at least one of bundles I reported got fixed, but that wasn’t even conveyed to me in the report and I had to find out myself later on. I reported this a year ago.

I really do understand that engineers most likely have a lot on their plate and fixing catalog bugs just isn’t a high priority but there are many people who care so much about these items and want to see them in the best condition possible. If its going to take a while I’d at least like to see some transparency with some of these reports. Like Proven Right said I think it’d be cool to see a program which people who are passionate about said items can make the fixes themselves and have roblox implement them.


Those are actually handled by the artists at Roblox, like 3D Generalists and Art Leads :wink: But those artists probably have a lot on their plate, between working on new characters and new overhauled templates.


I don’t believe graphical bugs are intended mate.


Newer make a wish items do not have a catalog page and are not accessible except for the one designated user, so this shouldn’t be an issue

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With all due respect, could you please provide sources for your claims? I want to believe you, but you need proof. Specifically, I’m referring to these statements.

Only someone who works at Roblox could know this. IMO it isn’t right for a report to be unresolved without any communication from the team for over a year regardless of workload.

I believe Roblox’s last Make-A-Wish, Hallows Valk, is still accessible, so I don’t know where you’re getting this information.

Last public Make-A-Wish, this bug report is an example of Roblox’s ability to remove catalog pages for hidden/private assets, andnthe make-a-wish items most likely fall under this.

I’m speaking based on what I’ve observed from public sources. For example staff members like Klaugrana001 responding/most likely being assigned to catalog asset bug reports (1, 2), and MisoPonyo is a 3D generalist as noted in one of the Roblox Level Up videos. They most likely work on asset bugs due to their skill set and Roblox groups. We also know that there are most likely not engineers handling 3D art assets, as there are most likely dedicated artists that are not part of the engineering force. I also generalized a bit; if a catalog bug was related to rendering or the website, an engineer from those teams would be most likely assigned to the issue. My conclusion could be wrong, but I believe that there being dedicated artists that handle bugs like these are the most likely case scenario

I see your point, but your reasoning is merely based off of speculation without any official statements as you said. Even though Roblox has the ability to hide accessories, this hasn’t been confirmed to be used on any Make-A-Wish items AFAIK (appeals to ignorance fallacy). Also, we don’t know Klaugrana001’s exact job position, and MisoPonyo was last seen on the forum in 2022. However, I do acknowledge that you could be right.

@Hooksmith Out of curiosity, has anything happened in response to this feature request? I just wanted to follow up because it’s been a week since this request was filed. Thanks again!

Could you please check if this category still covers issues with accessories in terms of aesthetics? The reason why I ask: I recently saw this post on a report by a member of the team which states,“…we won’t be making any aesthetic changes”. Like the situation with gears, I fear this will set a precedent that will jeopardize similar reports such as this report about asymmetry with the Summer Valk. Currently, the category’s description states,”This category is for reporting issues with…Roblox-created catalog assets on the Marketplace…” Although examples of issues that are applicable to the category are provided, this statement is vague and makes it appear that both technical and aesthetic issues can be reported (as no limitations are stated). If aesthetic issues with accessories are no longer going to be considered, then the category’s description should state this.

Hooksmith, I really appreciate and respect you because you seem to care about this feature request despite not being directly responsible for this category to my knowledge. I think it would be very appropriate and professional if the team who is responsible for this category directly acknowledged and addressed this request. It has been over 2 weeks now which is plenty of time for this to have been reviewed and considered. I’m very eager and hope to see something happen soon!


Also, are issues with an accessory’s position considered obsolete due to the planned revamp to the Avatar Editor for custom positioning, scaling, and rotating of accessories? You might remember that I first voiced this concern with this post in “The Big Bug Reporting Update”. My report about the Timeless Valkyrie Helm’s position was closed for this reason. I feel that it would be nice to know which types of issues (e.g., aesthetic, gears, and position) with catalog assets are considered obsolete before I make a report. These are important questions that need to be answered because the response to each of them will set a precedent that will impact the state of similar reports in the category.

If this is a problem, I would suggest stating in the category’s description that it’s a requirement to own the asset in order to report issues with it. I feel that most users (including myself) report issues with a catalog asset whenever they see them regardless if they own the item or not.

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Even if it isn’t owned, the model asset can be used in games to increase the visual fidelity of the game or to make cool NPC armor and things like that. These are bugs, and they need to be fixed.

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