Emulation - New Custom Device Manager

Hi Developers,

Did you know that Studio can emulate devices to test your game experience? It won’t play NES ROMs but it’s pretty powerful. Studio comes with a bunch of built in device targets but we also allow you to create your own devices. This functionality can be accessed via the Test > Device > Manage Devices path.

Here you can create and edit custom devices. You can pick a target platform and set resolution with a handy visual preview. Devices can even be cloned to quickly make several with minor variations.

Create, clone and emulate away! Er, well…create and emulate away! Clone within reason.


Thanks for the update!! This looks really useful testing several devices for updates. I actually didn’t even know this was a feature initially.

I would just open roblox on my phone to test something or resize my window to get a different perspective!


Foreshadowing? :eyes:

Great to see easier custom device support! Looks a lot cleaner than the old version.


Looks really good. Looking forward for testing it out. I’m sure everyone else are too!


Roblox Nintendo 3DS emulator, thank you!


Awesome! I’ve been waiting for something like this for a while now.


Finally, this was really needed this will speed up the process of testing my game on other platforms or devices. :slight_smile:


Amazing update! Finally I’ll be able to emulate my Samsung Smart Refrigerator: Family Hub Touchscreen Fridge.


Awesome update! It looks much cleaner. Would love to see other improvements regarding the mobile emulator such as this:

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Finally, I can replicate my wonky android tablet. Thank you!! Awesome update :slight_smile:

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whats this update seems like a good idea to me.
I thought this was a thing for a long time because i didn’t notice anything change

I know that you can emulate devices, but i really am impresioned from the new update, thank you very much!

Oh boy. I can’t wait to play Super Robloxian Bros on my Bloxtendo DSI Emulator!

On a serious note, this update is going to be really beneficial, as we can finally replicate any desired resolution and device as needed without having to use a physical device. Gotta love the workflow improvements Roblox has been introducing lately.

This is actually great! This will definitely improve my emulation workflow.

Great update! I can’t wait to use this to work on devices such as my samsung-lg combo all-in-one dishwasher washer/dryer 8-bit touchscreen!


Wasn’t the Roblox Developer App for testing Mobile features? I still have the app on my phone but the code pairing isn’t in Studio which was removed when Device Emulation was added, i don’t think this was the best decision. It’s always better to test on the device where the game will be played on since PC isn’t a touch-screen we cant emulate quick touches or multi-touches on a PC…

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Won’t play NES roms? Broken can’t believe you roblox oh my god

Jokes aside this is helpful for testing, thanks.


This’ll be efficient & useful for optimizing the game experience on our games for pretty much any device, thanks for this!

Talking about emulators, portrait mode emulators? For mobile devices, because some games are better in portrait mode.


I’d really like to see in the future the ability to limit the amount of RAM, CPU speed and/or cores and even artificial bad network connection (high ping, packet drops) being used to really emulate a typical mobile device performance. Only in this way can I really ensure optimisation is executed carefully and precisely.

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