Enable bubble chat?


Hey how do I enable the bubble chat for my place? I look through all the place settings and game settings, but I couldn’t find it…
Didn’t it used to be in the ‘Permission’ settings?


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Can't find the enable bubble chat option

Not sure about where the website setting is, but there is also a setting in the chat scripts that you can use. Here are the instructions:

Play your game in studio and then copy the ClientChatModules folder from Chat. Stop playing and paste this back under Chat. Remove everything from this folder but the ChatSettings module.

This settings module has a good amount of ways to customize both the look and functionality of the chat. The setting you are interested in is:

--- Replace with true/false to force the chat type. Otherwise this will default to the setting on the website.
module.BubbleChatEnabled = PlayersService.BubbleChat
module.ClassicChatEnabled = PlayersService.ClassicChat

You can simply change the BubbleChatEnabled setting to true.


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Can you make a video tutorial on this please?



Here’s a more detailed step-by-step:

  1. Open Game in studio

  2. Click Play Solo

  3. Under the Explorer (open using View -> Explorer), find Chat and then copy “ClientChatModules”

  4. Exit Play Solo

  5. Paste “ClientChatModules” back into Chat in the Explorer

  6. Delete all contents of ClientChatModules except ChatSettings

  7. Open ChatSettings and replace lines 25 and 26 with this code

    module.BubbleChatEnabled = PlayersService.BubbleChat
    module.ClassicChatEnabled = PlayersService.ClassicChat


You can also enable bubble chat without forking the chat script. Create a LocalScript (preferably in ReplicatedFirst so it runs first, once and on the client - a warning/error gets thrown when ran on the server but it doesn’t actually seem to hamper the functionality of the code):

local ChatService = game:GetService("Chat")
ChatService:RegisterChatCallback(Enum.ChatCallbackType.OnCreatingChatWindow, function()
	return {BubbleChatEnabled = true}

I’m not sure what the bool for classic chat is, but I’d assume it’d be ClassicChatEnabled.


Can't find the enable bubble chat option

This needs to be updated to the new methods put in command line


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