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Hi! I am a GFX designer. I create game icons/thumbnails, profile pictures, and Twitter/YT headers with Roblox characters. I have been a graphics designer for a year on devforum. I have worked with several communities and gained lots of experience.

Note: I update the commission sheet constantly with my latest gfx.




Profile pictures




  • If you ordered a thumbnail you have to provide a part of the map because I will not make a map for you

  • Send me proof of your payment.

  • Do not resell artwork ordered from me as your own.

  • If I send the watermark version and you cancel the commission, you have to pay half price of the whole commission.

  • I do not work with percentages. I only do commissions.

  • No using a watermarked version if the commission is canceled.

  • If you didn’t read the requirements and problems occur, then the commission is canceled.


Thumbnails: image 1000 if paying through group funds | image 1430 if paying through gamepasses;
Icons: image 250 if paying through group funds | image 357 if paying through gamepasses;
PFP: image 100 if paying through group funds | image 143 if paying through gamepasses.

No price dropping sorry. I take payment before showing the non-watermarked gfx.


You can contact me on discord: Crilp#0824 or on Twitter:@CallMeDavit
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Nice showcase, 1 improvement could be lighting for the thumbnails because it looks out of place. Great job though!


Great work thats a vouch from me!


As great as your work is, I believe your prices are way too high for the quality of the products you guarantee. The lighting and setup are fairly basic and for 1,000 Robux, I believe you could spend much more effort on the details. The intent of this post is not to criticize what you do because I don’t believe your work is bad, but if you’re looking to attract more customers, it would be in your best interest to reduce your prices by a lot. Hope this helps.

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I updated the commission sheet. Thanks for feedback!

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I can vouch for DAVALEX,

Though he did scripting work for me, he was wonderful to work with and got everything I needed done.

I recommend him to anyone looking for either good GFX or scripting.

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I definetly recommend this guy.
He is fast and easy to talk to!


Amazing work from a great guy, definitely Recommended for the price! :+1:


I totally agree with that! I just bought a PFP from Davit and I totally love it! :+1:

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You’re good at VFX. hit me up if you could teach me a thing or two.

the gfx is really good! Im getting close to your talent beware :wink: Just Kidding. Keep it up the prices are insanely cheap!!

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