Extreme hanging when loading Assets/User Interface or entering an experience

This issue began within the past week and only affects the game engine. This issue doesn’t occur in Roblox studio or when testing games in the studio. In the video, I have an FPS unlocker enabled. However, I must point out that the issue also occurs when the FPS unlocker is disabled.

This issue isn’t hardware-related and is primarily Roblox-related. Every program/game on my PC, such as Overwatch 2 or Blender, works perfectly fine. All the hardware is top of the line with the NVIDIA RTX 4090 and AMD 9 7900X 12-Core Processor.

Visual Aid:

System Information:
DxDiag.txt (149.6 KB)

Reproduction Files:
No repro file is necessary; this bug works on any experience on Roblox.

Expected behavior

The expectation is for assets/user interface to load smoothly and not hang for an insane duration.


Roblox’s UI performance is extremely slow, in everywhere. Doesn’t matter if you’re playing a game or customizing your avatar or checking a group or adjusting a setting. It’s slow everywhere. Only the website has a fast and a responsive UI but the desktop and mobile apps have an extremely slow and unresponsive user interface. I hope Roblox puts a focus on improving the performance of Roblox’s UI. And as you’ve said hardware doesn’t matter and yes I am able to reproduce this exact issue in every device I got my hands on.


Thanks for the report! Could you include a microprofiler dump?

microprofile-20231207-121928.html (1.5 MB)

UPD: A new Roblox update that just pushed seems to have resolved the issue.

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UPD 2: The bug was gone for a bit, and now it’s back. Super weird

Any updates, I’m still experiencing the issue and it makes Roblox completely unplayable

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Talked with TypeDummy, it’s worth mentioning that his CPU is constantly at 97.5 degrees celsius. This issue is most likely related to his CPU overheating.

I have this issue all the time when accidently turning on my camera, it will crash my whole roblox for 5 straight seconds before FINALLY deciding to let me play at 6 FPS, and will slowly but surely go back to normal frames…


I did also realize, you CPU is running at a solid 97.5 °C (207.5 °F) Which is most likely the issues, as nothing at all can run well on a computer as hot as a oven, which is INSANE.


As stated above (ItzAidfoplays390). The roblox app and mobile app generally run slowly as heck, even if you have amazing CPU and internet, they aren’t made to handle the traffic caused. and when you joining a game. it’s using lots of roblox resources. Which could be a part of the reason why it’s caused

A bit off topic: How did you get studio bugs? When I try to post on studio bugs it doesn’t gave a draft button or anything for it

made a bug post about this recently too, still having the issue as of 12/26/2023

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Bought a new cooler that’s coming today

It appears the issue was related to my camera?

Open the Windows search bar and type ''Manage Cameras" Then, it should open up to your settings. Once you’re there, disable all of your cameras, and the issue should be resolved!


You shouldn’t label this as “Solution” because the issue itself is not fixed. This is still a bug on Roblox’s end, and you are using a workaround to avoid triggering it.


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