FBX Exporting Option

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to export complex 3D geometry from Roblox.
OBJ is simply too limited.

  • Can’t Export Bones.
  • Can’t export complex Geometry without large file sizes.
  • Many Duplicated Verticies.
  • OBJ Exporting is broken.

You can see a full list of FBX VS OBJ below.

This would be incredibly useful to many who export geometry from Roblox for Renders etc…


I wish to revive this feature request as the addition of .fbx export would be greatly benificial to me and other 3D artists.

A lot of clients i work for send assets through .rbxm files. Some of these contain .fbx meshes with vertex color data. If i were to export these meshes from Studio, all vertex color data would be lost, since i have no option to export as a .fbx. A lot of my time is spent coloring them again.

It seems odd to me that we’re able to import .fbx files, but not export them again. Having .fbx export would be fantastic. and i hope it can be brought on the table.


This is something we are looking into. Hold tight.