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FoodMate | Alpha v3.0.2


Why pay 1k+ ROBUX for ordering systems when you can use one thats free, open source, community ran and has all or more features than the paid ones?!

FoodMate is a free to use, open-source system that is open to contribution, user friendly and looks fantastic in all games with our customisation!

FoodMateV3_Patc1.rbxm (105.0 KB)


Please test it out for yourself here instead.

Welcome Pages

Order Handling Pages


  • Exploiters cannot tamper with the system in any way, unless they are a staff member and are authorised to use the system, but even then, they would need some advanced tools to break into the system and would need to know what they’re doing, a youtube tutorial most likely wouldn’t cover this and you’d be looking at exploiters that understand scripting, so there should be no worry surrounding this :heart:
  • Modern UI
  • Frequent Updates
  • User Friendly
  • Easy Install
  • Custom UI themes
  • Discord Logger
  • Order Board (for those that want to show their customers or chefs what orders are available - ALL CHEF TASKS ARE MANAGED BY TABLETS SAME WITH CASHIERS BOARDS ARE FOR DISPLAY!!)

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Before asking a question on this post, to avoid bumping it when there are no new updates, please read the following...
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  • Question: Why does every player get a tablet, I’ve configured my group in the settings but all players still receive a tablet.
    Answer: The idea with FoodMate was that the users that decide to implement it into their game are still doing some of the scripting. We also found it hard to cater to every groups needs and decided to leave it up to each group to choose what they’d like to do, this is what we imagined you guys would choose to do.

Tablet Givers: A pile/stack of tablets that staff go up to and either click or hold a button on their keyboard (ClickDetector/ProximityPrompt) to grab a tablet.

Group Locked Items: Upon a member joining, the game checks their group rank and if it it right, it will clone the tablets that those users require into their inventories.

Part of the reason we didn’t add this by default was because some groups wants certain ranks to only have certain tablets, such as kitchen staff cannot use cashier tablets (prevents easy point cheating) or cashiers cannot just use chef tablets.

HOWEVER: Do not worry, even if any player gets the tablet, they will not work. The reason you added your group rank was so our system would authorise certain users to be able to send/recieve requests from the system and also would only give the interface to those certain users making it close to impossible for exploiters to even just view the UI however the server would turn down any request that doesnt involve an authentication key + a the user has the correct rank for the request being sent.

Security is our NUMBER ONE priority.


✏️ Groups Using Foodmate

Want your group here? Reply to this post with your group link! (Group must have 2k+ Members)

Aloha Dentist - 3.5K

✏️ Contributing

Create pull requests on our github.
Allow us some time to review your contribution and push it in future updates.

🐛 Bug Reporting

Create pull requests on our github if you with to fix it yourself.
Otherwise please report it on our discord or just bump this post by replying below!

🤔 Suggestions

Reply to this post or ping/dm and developer+ on our discord.

🙏 Credits

Below is a list of all of the people that have contributed towards FoodMate!

@tozzleboy @Trisxcal

Please tell us how we should improve below, especially if you are voting below a 6.


Do not rate the product based off of colours shown in the testing game. Our system offers themes, or if people want to get really fancy, they can make their own!

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Licenced under Apache License 2.0

Subject to change without warning.

⚠️The github page is currently not serving the open source code, we are fixing this.

❤️ Our Supporters

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Thank you to all of these people, they are the reason we are who we are!

Become a supporter by donating in our testing game.

@forcsates - Thank you mate, you donated 1k when you can’t even donate that amount meaning you manually and tediously paid 50 robux 20 times. :heart:

@RobloxRedGamingRBLX @masc_n @SK3TCHYT44444 @Antoine_N @auroraxelle

We would LOVE to hear your thoughts, please give us feedback below on good things and especially bad.


So far so good! I xpect more features to be added i.e we can finish orders (now) without actually completing them so an order dropping station and automatic cross list ticking would be a better option.

If this UI would pop up by clicking a computer screen or a proximity prompt, that would be better than having a tool because if someone is off-duty, they can still access kitchen stuff.

Thank you!



Thank you for your kind feedback, it is appreciated!

I built the tablet system in a way that many people can just rip the script out and make their own claiming register system and trhen make it so the claimee can just press open UI and it fires the remote.

Eventually I will be releasing a 200 ROBUX Pro version which includes all the worthy suggestions as last time I got so many and lost much motivation into making the system. This system that should have taken 5 days took 30 because of procrasination, sad to say it but it’s the truth.

The pro version has a few fun features planned, I won’t say them all but the main ones are:

Have a website dashboard to view all orders, your average times, most popular items, and much more!
Possibly also a feedback system for customers and the reviews go to the site.

A system where instead of just having categories and items you have items with sub choices such as Fries, then you select the seasoning, then you select the size etc.

Right now, I have so much school work, if we get more devs, I will do this all free but at the moment @Trisxcal has been doing so much and I’m so happy I found somebody who can help. Major shout out to him and any future devs.

I will take your feedback into consideration, and I’m also looking for beta testers, you seem to be a worthy person of that!


Thanks a lot for thinking that I might be a good tester! I have used FoodMate since v1, this is evolving fast and better!


Thats awesome, I had no idea that there was anybody from the original foodmate still here!
(FoodMate is the new name fyi so it’s normal that you had no idea what the name of the system was prior)

I just want to add, you are the reason I made this new system.
Your little suggestion sparked me to re-make the system.


I tried this system and it is really cool. I definitely consider using this.
But I have an idea, make terminals.
So basically they dont order from the PlayerUI but from the terminal itself. That would make it more realistic


Oo, lovely idea! Will consider adding this in our major update :slight_smile:


A quick suggestion:

Once a chef claims the order of player2 let’s say, they get a UI at the side with checkboxes and all of the items requested, it’s automatically validates the items and at the end, when all of the items are done, it’s shows where the customer is only for the chef. That way it’s would be useful to track progress.


Nice idea however, problem is configuring auto validate to always know what tools link to what order items which in some cases groups have custom names for tools that change depending on the status - which can get pretty tedious to configure and we also already have a little indicator as to where the current order’s customer is at.

I will add this as an idea though

Should we start working on the first major update of FoodMate?
  • Yes
  • Not yet

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Not sure if this is a feature already, but is there an option to only let certain roles in a group to have access to the Chef Tablet & Tablet? If there isn’t, I recommend it is added as I can see this ordering system being used for a lot of upcoming restaurants.


This is a feature, you can set the minimum rank required for all tablets and a minimum rank for access to the chef tablet. (assuming you want all staff to use cashier and only certain to use chef)


Major bux fixes

And a ground breaking bug has been fixed which would break the chef tablet from loading orders, we apologise for the inconvenice.

Download the new file
FoodMateV3_Patc1.rbxm (105.0 KB)
or re-insert the ROBLOX model

All you need to do if you have pre-installed the system is delete the FoodMate folder in server script service, and replace it with the new FoodMate Package server script service model.


Dear Foodmate Users,
It’d be greatly appreciated if you could answer the following poll to help me and the team decide when it’s best to release the next version of FoodMate!

Do you currently use FoodMate?
  • I currently use FoodMate.

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We’re also looking for groups that actively use it to put their link on the FoodMate post, so if your group uses FoodMate, reply to this post with your group link! We’ll consider adding it :slight_smile:
Regards, Christian


My group ‘Aloha Dentist’ uses FoodMate for appointments. Let me know if you need the group link!

Wow thats innovative and amazing!

@tozzleboy i setup foodmate so that only certain ranks have access to the tablets yet guests still have them, do you have any idea what the issue is?

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Is the tool for the tablet in StarterPack?

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That only stops people from accessing the UI, not having the tablet.

You’ll need to give out the tablet to certain ranks manually, ask your dev to do this.

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is there any way that instead of tablets for cashiers i can make it a literal register, so that they claim it and stuff? and also how do i setup the chef board

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