Grass Generator | Easily generate grass on top of parts!

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Hello developers! I made a plugin that allows you to create grass details along the top of parts like this:


You can even use it to create cool paths like so:

I made it FULLY customizable so that you can use this for all types of details. You can make it thicker if you want something like snow, thinner if you want a more mild effect, you can effect how low it droops down and more! Here are some examples of the Grass Generator in action:

To set the material and color you want you simply select a part with the desired color and material then press “Set Color / Material”. The reason its done this way is to future proof it in the event that new materials get added. Its also better and faster than a dropdown imo. Here is an example of setting the color and material.

When you set presets you also get the ability to save them and name them. So if you have specific presets for a jungle biome and other presets for a snow biome you can save them and easily load them whenever! To remove a saved preset you must double click the trash icon.

As of December 31st 2023 I’ve added a mesh mode


This mode can reduce the part count significantly and its FAR better for performance. I highly recommend you use mesh mode especially with larger maps. For reference the same sized grass generation without mesh mode takes 102 parts to make. With mesh mode it only uses 7 parts! Mesh mode simply uses sections of mesh instead of individual parts. It also has less parameters which makes a lot more user friendly and easier to customize to your liking!

If your concerned about mesh mode looking different. Here is a comparison of both modes. Remember that one only uses 7 parts while the other uses 102. I bet you cannot even tell the difference.

The presets do work a little differently but I personally prefer mesh modes customization.

If you want to get your hands on this plugin for yourself, simply click on the blue download button below and enjoy!

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If the grass generator has been of great use to you, I highly recommend also checking out my Brick Detail Generator Plugin which allows you to generate a very clean brick detail that instantly improves the quality of all your builds!

This plugin is a feature taken from a multi-tool plugin that includes over 10+ plugins all in one. I decided to make it its own plugin as a cheaper alternative for those who only want this feature specifically. If you are interested in the plugin it came from (which offers a much better deal) you can view it here: Yoolurs Builder v2 (10+ Plugins in one!)


A plugin that helps with making blocky styled terrain, you think there could be a way to use textures in some ways for the edges?, I feel like making the details with individual parts can probably get performance intensive.


This is actually not a bad idea, unfortunately that would limit the potential for being able to set your own presets though. I do have a built in performance mode u can enable that makes all the parts (except for the top one that you’d be standing on) have canquery and castshadow off.

I dont suggest using performance mode at the moment though due to a this roblox bug:

( I did message staff because this post was closed and it said it was solved, this is the response I got)

You can get away with performance mode if your map is smaller but until this bug gets fixed we cant use it for larger maps which sucks.

If it does help, I have a very massive map for the game I’ve been working on (contains over 400,000 parts and its not even finished yet.) I don’t experience any lag in my game and I’ve been using this plugin for my terrain. I do use streaming enabled as well.


I’m suprised about the fact that the bug report is a year old and still isn’t fixed


Me too, theres another gamebreaking bug that effects my game as well that hasn’t been fixed in like 7 or 8 months. Unlike the canquery bug which only effects studio this one actually effects the game when playing.

I’m sure staff are working on these issues and have many priorities. Hopefully they can get fixed sooner than later though.

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This is cool, is it possible for you to add an option that automatically unions the parts together?

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If the reasoning is performance I am looking into possibly adding a textured mode as suggested by @EvilVSCPlays only downside being less control over parameters which is why it’ll be a secondary option for larger maps.

I’ve been told both that unioning parts together is both better and worse for performance so idk what to believe on that end. As for adding a mode to specifically union it together, probably wont be added. Its not too difficult to ungroup and then press union once u generate grass.

However considering that all the grass is named “GrassPatch” you can very easily run a command in the command bar that either makes every new grass patch get automatically unioned when created or union every already existing grass patch. Thanks for the feedback!

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Thank you for the response, I understand and can do it manually. :+1: (BTW, I wasn’t concerned about performance, but the textures at the edge of each part.)

Multiple parts:



Ohh ok I see what u mean. Yea that typically happens with the generated materials and its pretty annoying.


bro, this is so good! now i can do islands (mountains, etc…) so much easier!
Tysmm for releasing this plugin! :grin:

Edit: just saw that the plugin was 175 rbx and i cant buy cuz i’am broke


The plugin looks so fun but i’m broke :(


So to update you on the textures.
I tried making grass details using textures and run into a lot of issues. One of the main ones being that you can notice its a texture very easily. Unlike the top grass part the textures dont get the suns reflection or any glare which makes it cut off and look weird.

I do have another idea to significantly reduce the part count on the grass details however and thats to have large sections of meshparts and try to fill it in using those instead of a single part for every single dip.

An example would be having a meshpart thats 100 studs long, one thats 50, one thats 25, etc and fill in the detail with as many of those as I can.

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what a shame. until roblox releases a way to draw textures on things using PBR i guess we are stuck with low performing grass, i mean one could create a meshpart with PBR for this but it defeats the purpose of making it automatic.

Either way the plugin does what it says and its cool.

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What if instead you could add a mesh part, that is grass? Then it adds it to the surface of the part, and you had 3D.

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I’m still fairly confident that the meshpart idea will hold up very well. Especially with 100 and 200 stud options it can turn a grass detail with hundreds of parts into single digits easily.

I have a massive (unfinished) open world map. I’m likely going to print all the parts the grass details use to get a before and after. I’m likely going to go through with the meshpart idea. Will keep everyone updated on this post with how that goes when its complete.

wait im an idiot, I JUST REALIZED YOU COULD MAKE MESHPARTS IN RUNTIME WITH THE NEW EDITABLE MESH AND MAKE THEM GRASS MATERIAL!, However not sure how complex that would be (Idk anything geometry related sounds very complex to script)

But hey the possibility still exists.

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I wasn’t aware you could make meshparts during runtime. I’m more so thinking of pre-made meshes. I already have them made here is an example of what they’d look like:

(These are currently just unions but I am going to convert them into meshparts through blender and reduce the tri count to the best of my ability for maximum performance.)

basically it’ll try to fill in the part with the largest possible sections first (the biggest one is 200 studs long)
then as it runs out of room it’ll rely on the smaller sections. This way the part count is as low as possible.

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Update on the matter. I’ve successfully made a command that generates a mesh mode.
This is a side by side comparison of mesh mode vs regular. Can you tell the difference?

Well I’ll tell you, one on the left is the mesh mode which only contains 7 parts. Meanwhile the one on the right contains 102 parts.

Will be implementing this soon.

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Can you have an option to choose what meshes to use from a list of IDs that we can change?

also perhaps being able to change the mesh color and transparent settings… like maybe we would want it semi transparent…

also maybe have a depth size that can be changed like if you want it thin or thicker

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The only thing different between the meshes are the lengths.

You will be able to change the color and material, transparency seems pretty niche though.

You’ll be adjust parameters with the mesh mode to make the grass details droop lower or be bigger in general.