This plugin is a MUST HAVE for all developers. | 10+ Plugins in One | Yoolurs Builder v2

When developing my game I sat and thought about things I could do to increase the speed of development without reducing the quality of the game. I want my game to come out as soon as possible but I obviously don’t want to rush things. Thats when I came up with the solution to create a plugin that would automate and speed up a lot of the tasks that’d take up time while developing.

I honestly didn’t intend to distribute this plugin at first and just made it for personal use but I think every developer could find use in this plugin.

This plugin contains an incredible 10+ plugins in one and I am going to show you just how you can use it and go through all of the incredible features with you. I guarantee that at least one of these features will prove useful to you and your development. Once we go through all the features I will be telling you just how you can get your hands on this plugin yourself. Make sure to pay attention and read this post!


Settings and Configuration (Important)

Just because this plugin will potentially be used in all types of experiences I wanted to leave a lot of options for developers. I am going to go through the settings now with you.

  • Spawn Parts Anchored: Makes it so new parts added to the workspace will be anchored by default. I often forgot to anchor parts being inserted in the workspace and I think a lot of you can agree more often than not you want your parts to be anchored. Idk why roblox doesn’t do this by default. This is unchecked by default so you’ll have to enable it if you want parts to spawn anchored.

  • Show Selection Data: When you select a part it will show you how many things you have selected, the total part count of all the things you’ve selected, and the amount of scripts. This is unchecked by default so you’ll have to enable it if you want it. I took heavy inspiration from blender for this. Also being able to see the amount of scripts inside something can be very useful ESPECIALLY when inserting models from the toolbox. Here is a video of selection data in action! (Look at the bottom right)

  • Tag Name: The name of the tag used with the Tag Manager feature. You should avoid changing this at all costs unless you absolutely have to. I only added this option just incase you somehow use the default tag name already in your experience. I tried to make it as unique as possible.
    Note: Changing the tag name will make it harder to share tags with team create so keep that in mind.

  • Prop Folder Name: The name of the prop folder being used by the Props feature. Just like tag names you should avoid changing this. The only real downside to changing the name is that it’d be harder to share the prop folder in team create since everyone has to change it to align.

  • Keybinds: The rest of the settings menu allows you to change the keybinds
    the prefix by default is ‘ALT’ and it cannot be changed. If you want to remove a keybind you can just leave it blank and that keybind wont function anymore.


  • Reset to Defaults and Studio Time At the very bottom you’ll be able to reset your settings to the default if you wish. (Requires you to double click to confirm) You can also view how long you’ve been in studio.



The next feature in this plugin is the custom prop folder feature!
Simply have a folder named “YBprops” by default parented to ServerStorage and fill it with all of your props! No more flying across the map to drag your props over to where you want to build. You can change the name of the prop folder in settings if you want a different name to be used.

Video of prop folder in action:

Tag Manager

The next feature in this plugin is the Tag Manager. Tag Manager uses collection service to tag specific parts. Tagged parts can also be used as a filter in Selector Pro v2 which will be shown next.


  • Tag New Instances: When enabled all new parts (or things duplicated) will be tagged.

  • See Tagged: Highlights all tagged parts so you can see whats tagged and what isn’t.

  • Tag Selected: Tags all selected parts.

  • Untag Selected: Untags all selected parts.

  • Select All Tagged: Selects all tagged parts. This is useful if you want to group all parts you placed in the last X amount of time. Simply turn on tag new instances then when you are done building select all tagged and group! When combined with the ability to see selection data you can also see how many parts you placed within the last X amount of time.

  • Clear All Tags: Removes all tags

Selector Pro v2 (Personal Favorite)

This is by far one of the best parts of the plugin. Selector Pro v2 is what personally benefits me the most and I think its the most broad by the fact that it benefits literally everyone.

  • Setting Color and Material: At the very top you can see a color and material feature and you can press a button to set it. Simply select one or multiple parts that have the desired colors and materials you want and press “Set Color/Material”. You can also select models and it will add all the colors and materials used within that model. The colors and materials can be used with the Selection Filters that will be shown later in this category.

  • Incremental Moving and Scaling: Using the move and scale features lets you move and scale on an increment. Unlike the default move and scale draggers. When you drag it will only move the increment once and you have to release and drag again if you want to move the increment again. The reason I added this is because its very hard to use Roblox’s scaling and moving if you have a large part with small increments. This is only for a rare use cases but if you’ve experienced it before you know just how useful this is.

  • Quick Pivot: This is one of my most-used features just because its so useful. I used to run a command in the command bar to do this before I made this plugin. Select two things (If you don’t know how just hold down CTRL and click two parts or models). This can be used to center a part to another part. It simply pivots your first selection to your second. You can make models and set the primary parts to really take advantage of this feature. You can see a video of Quick Pivot in action below:

Heres another example of Quick Pivot being used with primary parts and models

The keybind shortcut to use Quick Pivot by default is ALT + Q


You ever build in dark areas? Pro tip: You can always turn off GlobalShadows under Lighting in the explorer to not see shadows. But this plugin also has a feature to see in the dark via a headlamp!
Headlamp in action:

Hide Parts

You ever build inside a cramped building? Its the WORST which is why I built a feature to hide parts like walls and ceilings. This makes it so the parts basically dont exist (Parents them to ReplicatedStorage). Don’t worry about publishing or closing studio with hidden parts I designed this in a way that you can save, close studio, open it again, and you wont lose the parts you can always unhide them again. Here is part hiding in action:

Auto Wedge

Auto Wedge speeds up the development progress by automatically letting you make wedge details like this:

Here are some examples of what you can do with Auto Wedge:

As of Oct 17th 2023 you can now automatically check off a property to apply the same size as the part.
Here is a video of that feature in action!


Grass Generator

As I am currently building the map for a large project I have planned. I was making this grass detail and it was taking FOREVER to manually drag all the little grass parts to create this detail

I decided that enough was enough so I made a command that can generate this detail FOR ME!
I made it FULLY customizable so that you can use this for all types of details. You can make it thicker if you want something like snow, thinner if you want a more mild effect, you can effect how low it droops down and more! Here is a video of the Grass Generator in action:

Note: To set the color and material just select a part with the material and color you want then press “Set Color/Material” to set it!

Also something I found out by accident, you can make a pretty sick path by putting grass on two sides of a part like so: (You can edit the thickness of the grass if you want it more buried!)

NEW: Mesh mode (added December 31st 2023)

I’ve recently added a mesh mode this uses sections of mesh instead of individual parts. I HIGHLY suggest using mesh mode for all your generations. It gives you an extreme performance boost as it reduces the amount of parts used for grass generations significantly. Mesh mode only uses the presets in the box which also means its a lot easier to customize since you have less parameters to adjust.

Here is a side by side comparison of mesh mode and regular mode. Can you spot the difference?

Well I’ll tell you, using the selection data feature this plugin offers the one on the left (mesh mode) contains only 7 parts meanwhile the one on the right contains a whopping 102 parts!

For larger maps I highly suggest you use mesh mode. The only reason I didn’t replace the part mode entirely is the fact that some people have been using it for a while and may prefer it so I left the option open.

Check out the saving presets section if you want to know how you can save presets with the grass generator!

Brick Generator

Using the fully customizable Brick Generator you can make brick details like this:

As you can see in the video below you can EASILY add bricks and corner bricks to walls to make your buildings look infinitely better.

Best part is that these bricks cannot generate on top of each other so you can spam it as much as you want on a part and wont have to worry about overlapping bricks!
Because of this its recommended you generate corner bricks before generating normal bricks because the corner bricks will skip a layer if theres a brick in the way. You have full control and you can change the thickness, amount of bricks, the distance between bricks, and more!

Note: To set the color and material just select a part with the material and color you want then press “Set Color/Material” to set it!

Check out the saving presets section if you want to know how you can save presets with the brick generator!

Mountain Generator

Another thing that took FOREVER to make and I’m sure you can tell just how painful this is to make by hand when you see:

For these mountains I had to manually drag and rotate all these rocks and it was super tedious and took a lot of time to create. I finally had enough and made a mountain generator that can make these for me! This is fully customizable and you can make all types of things with this. Here is a video of mountain generator in action!

This only generates mountain walls so you have to break off sections and rotate them and connect them to get the desired result but that only takes a minute or two while making the actual mountains by hand can take hours.

Here is some terrain I made with the assistance of the Mountain Generator, this personally saved me possibly hours of work. I use it all the time for my terrain now.

Note: To set the color and material just select a part with the material and color you want then press “Set Color/Material” to set it!

Check out the saving presets section if you want to know how you can save presets with the mountain generator!


Are you working on a large map? Isn’t it just the worst when you have to fly from place to place on such a large map and it takes forever! Well I got the solution for you! You can set and teleport to waypoints with EASE! And you can teleport back from a waypoint with a shortcut (ALT + B by default)

Heres an example of the waypoint system in action:

Save Generator Presets (NEW!)

This is a newer feature to the plugin! You can now save presets with the grass generator, brick generator, and mountain generator! Just scroll down to the bottom of the tab and you’ll see this!


Once you have presets set that you want to save, simply type in the textbox the name you want to set and press the plus button to add the new preset! To remove a preset simply double click the trash icon. I made it a double click to avoid accidental deletions. To load a preset simply click the checkmark!

You can save presets for the following:

  • Grass Generator
  • Brick Generator
  • Mountain Generator

Now that you know this plugin is useful with its abundance of features I have one simple question for you. How much is a plugin like this worth to you? What do you think is a fair price for a plugin like this?

Well let me help you make that decision. If you want just a single feature that this plugin offers I actually split up some of the popular yoolurs builder features into their own plugins if you just want to buy a single feature for a smaller price.

Features turned into their own plugins

If you were to buy all of these individual plugins it would cost you 1574 robux. Do you think this plugin is worth 1574 robux? This is over 10+ extremely useful plugins all in one. Consider how much this plugin can speed up your development. How much is cutting down on development time without reducing the quality of your game worth to you? Well I wont be charging you 1574 robux today. Listen
not every single yoolurs builder feature has been turned into its own individual plugin however if I were to price all of those individual plugins at the minimum possible price do you know how much it would cost to buy them all? It would cost you 900 robux. And thats not even all the yoolurs builder features! The even crazier part is that I wont even be charging you 900 robux! Thats right you are getting an insane deal today because I am going below what would even be possible if this were just individual plugins. Remember when I said the total of all of those plugins is 1574, and that doesn’t even account for all of the features of this plugin? Well as you know I wont be charging you 1574 and I wont be charging you 900, I wont even be charging you 800 robux. For the small price of just 725 robux you can get your hands on the yoolurs builder and speed up your development today! Thats more than a 50% discount from the 1574 robux you would spend for all the individual plugins! So what are you waiting for? It’s a no-brainer!

P.S: The price of this plugin may increase in the future as I add more features!

Act fast! Look below this message and click the blue download button to get your hands on the yoolurs builder v2 for yourself and speed up your development today!

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Thank you for taking the time to read my post and I hope that my plugin proves to be useful to you! I would love to hear your feedback, suggestions, questions, and recommendations for this plugin in the replies below! I’ll try my best to answer any questions or concerns.

Newest Update (December 31st 2023)

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
I love this
Edit: But unfortunately im not buying it


10 plugins in one🫨

But of course like everyone else I’m dead broke so well yeah. I usually take a whole day just to do some of the stuff that this plugin makes easier lol


wOw. This looks promising.

As for the terrain in the image’s backgrounds, have those been made with this plugin as well, or a separate one/default Studio tools?


600 robux is wayyy too much

Also, I’m a scripter. I dont really see how this is a “must have” for me.


Looks cool, however F3X is still my beloved.


HOLY THIS IS INSANE. For a price of 637 (7.96 USD) it’s pretty cheap! You’ve done a lot of hard work, and I find this useful for other developers!


Me too, Why would the OP think it’s useful to everyone but there are people more intrested into programming


The grass detail yes, the actual mountain walls no.
I mention that in the post

For these mountains I had to manually drag and rotate all these rocks and it was super tedious and took a lot of time to create.

I am going to 100% use it though for the rest of that mountain as its not finished.


Thank you I appreciate the feedback! I did spend a lot of time on it and I hope you can find use in it!


great plugin, highly recommend!
even if you’re not a builder, some of the functions are insanely useful for generating detail you’d usually miss out on. there are also a lot of quality of life improvements that scripters will find very handy, like the Show Selection Data option that lets you see part & script count in a model that you want to optimize - you’d have to run a command every time to do this otherwise.
everything is very modular and customizable. you can change the parameters on almost everything, especially in the generators and Selector Pro, and get more functionality out of the plugin than you can imagine. this plugin is guaranteed to make your life easier and save so much time spent on tedious tasks, no matter what kind of dev you are. just read through the features and you’ll see how much time can be saved.
i imagine the dev will continue to add functions to the plugin too - it’s not a plugin made to only accomplish one task. the potential is limitless. this is a steal for 637 robux in my humble opinion.


It’s pretty good. Has a lot of features and is pretty helpful.


Fixed a bug where if you had anchor parts by default it would run during play tests and consider parts streamed in with streaming enabled as “new parts”. Update the plugin to fix this issue.


Great plugin, the show details is an ingenious idea and almost worth it just for that. I even noticed that it works without the plugin enabled, nice touch. I did notice some issues with undo history, at least for the brick generator. It undoes the brick change along with whatever you did right before that. Excited to see what else may be added!


Yea unfortunately changes made via plugins wont work with roblox’s undo. I don’t believe there is anything I can do about that part unfortunately. I noticed it too. Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoy the plugin.


Great plugin! Bought it and like it so far. I think it’s well worth the price for how much potential time it saves. Definitely will benefit those who has uses for these tools.

To make undos work with the plugin, you should look into ChangeHistoryService. Looks like it was updated since I last looked at it, but still seems straight forward to implement.

Hope that helps! Thanks for the plugin!


Thank you for the feedback! Will 100% look into ChangeHistoryService when I get the time.

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The props thing is super cool but I’d rather program it myself than spend Robux on it since it’s the only feature I’d use. Cool plugin, I just would rather make it myself


10 free plugins all in one, now just for 637 robux!


You could just use the brushtool plugin
it is basically the same as the props tool but then allows for some extra features